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  1. Port Vell in Barcelona
  2. Remember going that one, think the boat race was on during the match
  3. Also remember 2-6 midweek away at Wrexham and Connaughton asking the Vale fans to keep the ball as long as possible when it came into the away end
  4. I went. Saw quite a few away disasters in years around that time, Southend away Friday night 0-5, Huddersfield 0-7, Barnsley 2-6, Mansfield 0-5 (Kevin Kent scoring for them) Torquay 0-4 midweek bonfire night and snow showers , Wigan 3-5 after being 3 up
  5. An alternative is to look at the record of the top 8 and how they have fared against one another........we finish top, Swindon 2nd....Crewe 8th
  6. Some good soul stuff on this & updated daily https://www.facebook.com/WeAreSoulOnTrent/
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