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  1. Also remember 2-6 midweek away at Wrexham and Connaughton asking the Vale fans to keep the ball as long as possible when it came into the away end
  2. I went. Saw quite a few away disasters in years around that time, Southend away Friday night 0-5, Huddersfield 0-7, Barnsley 2-6, Mansfield 0-5 (Kevin Kent scoring for them) Torquay 0-4 midweek bonfire night and snow showers , Wigan 3-5 after being 3 up
  3. An alternative is to look at the record of the top 8 and how they have fared against one another........we finish top, Swindon 2nd....Crewe 8th
  4. Some good soul stuff on this & updated daily https://www.facebook.com/WeAreSoulOnTrent/
  5. The ad was for a portable TV and it's headline was 'a mini miracle '. Still got a copy of it.
  6. It wasn't the first time he made such comments. He did similar on a thread a while back
  7. I watched lower league football (Div 2B/3)) in Spain for 5 years. I'd put third division as Northern Premier North/South at best NW Counties Div 2 at worst
  8. Here's a stat. This season our record against the clubs currently from Crewe in 15th down to the bottom is Pld 9 w5 D4 L0 F16 A6 Pts 19. Should secure top spot if repeated over a season.
  9. Hope we don't end up with egg on our faces
  10. snow, sometimes heavy, now forcasted friday into early saturday.
  11. The management had been trying to arrange a bonding activity by visiting where Titanic ales are made but, as of yet, haven't been able to organise a pi.......in a brewery
  12. Even Hednesford a more attractive proposition for sought after players now:wink:
  13. Is 'wap' an appropriate term to use? http://www.kickitout.org/?gclid=CMDPpuKamNQCFWsz0wodJ24Ixw
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