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  1. 16 minutes ago, jimbo57 said:

    I dismissed believing hardly anything the BBC said years ago.

    As for he story you quote, isn't the UK still a member of Interpol?

    Yes. Hence this line in the article:

    “And peers warned it would take much longer for vital data to be passed to frontline police officers.”

  2. 1 hour ago, Paul6754 said:

    HH, I'm sure Regal is referring to getting as close as possible to the original source of the information, ie a video of an interview so the interviewee can be heard and seen, a video of an "event" eg the videos from the BLM riots which clearly showed they were not peaceful nor law abiding despite what the left wing news outlets were saying to the public. etc etc. 

    The main stream media and social media are so positively biased to massively favor the left in the USA it questions the existence of any truthful reporting by them or even any semblance of democracy. Whether the bias is spin of what was said or protection of left wing politicians by not reporting/suppressing information/events, the whole spectrum of manipulation of the public is fully on display.

    You’ve lost touch with any semblance of what truth is, what constitutes evidence and what a legitimate source is. Sources are left wing rags when you don’t agree, but the truth when it does. 
    ‘The last source you gave was from pragerU.


    “Overall, we rate PragerU Questionable based on extreme right-wing bias, promotion of propaganda, the use of poor sources who have failed fact checks”

    BBC, channel 4, ITV, the so called biased main stream media are rated ‘High’. But I suppose that’s biased too in your world. But to support the lies told by trump and then claim such media reporting give no semblance of democracy is pretty impressive mental gymnastics, but you’ve become adept at that over the last 2 years.

    “Getting close to the original source” , says the guy who’s sources are often Fox News talking heads with their ‘entertainment’ shows. 

    For example, I wouldn’t use Huffington post as a source here as I know it wouldn’t be respected as neutral source, but you and others here have gone over the edge and consider any source that isnt a crackpot conspiracy theorist or random YouTuber that says what you want as fake news. We scoff at a YouTuber whose first line is a blatant lie. You scoff as court documents, journals, respected media outlets, academic studies and anything that doesn’t fit your reality. 

  3. 23 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:

    Setting up autonomous zones with armed borders is a pretty good start.


    Attacking courthouses and other Government buildings is another.


    I mean we've seen news stories of this on going for almost a year at this point.

    I said show me. And show me how it was an ‘armed uprising against the United States’

    seems like a Mitch McConnell, republican senate leader, agrees with me. 

    "They failed to attempt to obstruct the Congress. This failed insurrection underscored how crucial the task before us is for our public."

    Edit: And for the record, I’d criticise anyone who commits violence politically or not (and the evidence shows right wing violence is far more an issue than left, and I can source that if you like). But what you suggest wasn’t an uprising against the United States government’

    Be good to see where Biden defended any terrorists while at it. Never mind say he ‘loved them’.

  4. 4 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:

    It must be really sad living in a world of such bad faith that you constantly have to ascribe the worst possible outcome to something just to make your own bigoted views make sense.


    I've said to you a million times, please do not lie about things I've said and not said. You keep doing it. 


    Not only that but you then say I'm pretending when I react to it?


    You really should be ashamed.




    I’m sure you find such accusations ‘outrageous’ usually. What makes him a bigot?

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:

    No that's fine if we're using actual definitions.


    So BLM / Antifa are also insurrectionists.


    It's just funny that I don't see that word mentioned in relation to those groups though.



    Fine. Show me when antifa attempted insurrection.

    And downplaying what happened at the capitol as a scuffle just shows the laughable lengths you’ll go to for ‘your side’.

    And the reason those words have never been used elsewhere is pretty clear. I mean, thanks for pointing out why you’re wrong. Obviously the reality you live in is different.

  6. 44 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:

    Another good one is when people have used media articles from unknown journalists to back up a claim - such as the Brexit bus was a lie - but the EU's own website showed that the figure was accurate. 


    Weren’t you defending the use of a random youtuber as a source the other day?

    and I did engage the content. Ive challenged you to defend the journalistic merits of what he said and the facts he has unearthed. You mentioned gaslighting?

  7. 2 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:

    I didn't say that either Andy, what are you doing here?

    I’m trying to get to what you mean by democrats not wanting to investigate voter fraud. Do you mean legitimate voter fraud or any lies people make up with no evidence? 

    Just now, Regal Beagle said:

    aaaaaaand we've descended into the farcical make stuff up just to strawman and gaslight everyone territory again.



    Lol of all people 

  8. Just now, Regal Beagle said:



    Democrats do not want investigations into electoral fraud.

    Democrats do not want measures that reduce voter fraud.


    Looks very suspect.

    Making things up. Any time there is evidence of voter fraud, the police have followed it up. 

  9. 40 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:

    Hmm this is all very fishy.


    It's really easy, just get ID. If affordability or access is a problem then why are the democrats not sorting that out?


    I know why, because they profit from black people being oppressed and they profit from poor people staying poor. It's why they constantly need more oppression and they constantly need more poor people. 


    10s of millions of people suspect that the last election was fraudulent. How do you propose the USA regains their trust?




    25% of black Americans lack photo ID. 8% of white people. There are studies that show it will disenfranchise minorities. There are quotes from republicans that show they believe suppressing the vote will benefit them.

    You don’t pander to conspiracy theorists. They ‘believe’ what they need to in order to fit their made up reality that trump is the rightful president. Conspiracy theorists and seditionists shouldn’t dictate policy. Suppressing the votes of others to pander to them would be ridiculous. 

  10. 27 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:


    You called the scuffle an insurrection by terrorists.


    Yes the coverage of BLM protests was horrific. They lied about the whole thing. It wasn't peaceful. It was hijacked by extremists and the state broadcaster refused to cover it properly.


    Have you ever seen any other protest being assigned a percentage of peacefulness? I don't think any football lads or BNP style march would get that sort of coverage do you? 

    “An insurrection occurs whenever an organized and armed uprising takes place against the authority of the United States.’ 18 U.S.C § 2383

    I suppose we could use the term sedition instead.

    “sedition occurs whenever two or more people conspire to overthrow or destroy by force the government of the United States, or to oppose by force its authority.” 18 U.S.C. (U.S. Code) § 2384

    I believe that covers it better than scuffle. 

    The percentage was given in response to claims like yours. I assume it includes violence instigated by the police as well. 

  11. 7 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:


    not quite, as I don't think you can label all allegations of voter fraud under the same Trump conspiracies. It sounds reasonable to me that postal voting is more open to fraud. So if they're going to allow more postal votes moving forward then it's reasonable to have more checks in place. 


    We're talking about showing ID cards here by the way, as I've said already, it's something that literally billions of citizens have to do world wide to vote in their elections, including some UK citizens. It's not some heinous racist segregation policy that democrats are trying to make it out to be. 


    This conspiracy is working on two lies. The first is the dishonest assumption that voter fraud is not possible or is so miniscule that it's not worth guarding against. The second is that because of the first lie, the only other explanation for republicans pushing this is racism and or some form of gerrymandering style election rigging. 


    Will Voter IDs help prevent voter fraud? Probably. Does it prevent poor people or minorities from voting? No. It's weird that you lot are so offended by an attempt to reduce voter fraud.

    If it’s reasonable then there will be lots and lots of evidence that mail in ballots were fraudulent beyond a handful of the usual instances. 
    No one is saying fraud isn’t possible, you’re making that up to suit your argument. They are sayings it’s extremely rare. As for the second point, I’ve given quotes from actual republicans that admit suppressing the vote works in their favour. 

  12. 6 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:

    You have to make gigantic logical leaps to get from preventing voter fraud to supressing black votes. You haven't even began to show evidence for any of it, but for wishy washy correlational stats.

    You mean like the logical leap needed to believe trump about fraud fraud that stole the election that is the argument for such voter suppression.

  13. 6 minutes ago, Properman said:

    We should have held on, and seen if he could do the season. I am sure when we signed him from Aldershot he played 46 games that season for them. Did we miss manage him? And was his injury something that sometimes happens and he was on the way back, I know he broke down, but might have pushed him back too soon. I do know we will find it hard to replace him, best midfielder we had.

    For perspective. His record for us is actually better than most of his career. 


  14. 29 minutes ago, Fosse69 said:

    I wonder what the Chesterfield manager James Rowe  knows,  he was the Asst Manager for Manny`s last season at Aldershot  44 appearances and Player of the Year.  I assume he is aware of his subsequent history, but still thinks it is worth the gamble.

    On the other hand,that was only the second time he played more than a handful of games in a season and he was in his mid 20’s. I’d love for a fit manny to stay. I’m confident our management team aren’t stupid and can see that a fit manny is a starter for us (which he is doing), but they have to be confident that he is up to it. 

  15. 37 minutes ago, Tone said:
    “Arguments drag out because one is too stubborn to forgive and the other is too proud to apologize.”
    “Conflict cannot survive without your participation.”
    – Wayne Dyer

    I love it when we do quotes, there’s always good quotes.

    “When people wrong you, go after those people, because it is a good feeling and because other people will see you doing it. I always get even.”

    "Why do I have to repent, why do I have to ask for forgiveness if [I'm] not making mistakes?"

    "I fully think apologizing is a great thing. But you have to be WRONG ... I will absolutely apologize sometime in the hopefully distant future if I'm ever wrong."

    "When I go to church and when I drink my little wine and have my little cracker, I guess that is a form of forgiveness.”

    - Donald Trump

  16. 44 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:


    Very suspect when they dismiss people's opinions based on sources.


    Almost as if they're looking for a reason not to have to engage with the points.


    I wonder if GB news will be an acceptable "actual news source laying out the facts".


    I work on the assumption that whatever BBC/ITV/C4/Sky News say, the opposite is probably is true now. They've lied THAT much. 

    Like I said. The first point was just a ridiculous straw man argument. By all means argue the journalistic merits of the YouTube clip and what facts it has unearthed. But when all respected media outlets are lying and only YouTube tells the truth, then you’re living in a different reality. 

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  17. 31 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:

    How do you know russia interfered with the 2016 election?


    Is it because of some sort of investigation which was not shut down as a conspiracy theory before it even started? "EHRERES THER EVISENFISEN?"£$"£$"?!"£"




    go on tell me it’s fake news.

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