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  1. For perspective. His record for us is actually better than most of his career.
  2. On the other hand,that was only the second time he played more than a handful of games in a season and he was in his mid 20’s. I’d love for a fit manny to stay. I’m confident our management team aren’t stupid and can see that a fit manny is a starter for us (which he is doing), but they have to be confident that he is up to it.
  3. Was a kid when I went to this, so went there far more optimistic than if I went as an adult. I’d seen us beat Tottenham so obviously we could beat Liverpool. We were port vale. A bunch of scallys offered to protect out car for a quid or two. When we returned the car nex to us had its windows out through. They hadn’t apparently been offered the privilege of having their car protected. At that age it hadn’t clicked at what services they were actually offering. I don’t think the fans sat down throughout the whole match. I spent most of it standing on my seat. The crowd pretty much didnt stop singing for 90 mins. I remember at one point the volume went down, I think they had a corner, and dean glover motioned to the crowd to keep going, so the fans must have been driving them forward. Obviously the crowd responded. I remember the van der laan goal but not much else apart from the emotion of the match. Great journey home in the boot of a hatchback of my dads friend, waving my scarf at everybody I assumed were Liverpool fans.
  4. The one part of the 20 man squad limit that I like, is that it will force teams to give younger players more of a chance.
  5. Is it worth contacting the supporters club?
  6. Is it worth sharing this on the fans sites of the other clubs he’s played for? Just read the update. So sad, it doesn’t matter who you are, you never know what secret battles people are going through.
  7. I see your point but with a finite budget you have to prioritise. If the budget says we can afford a starting eleven goal scorer or a right back to compete with gibbons then there is only one answer. We’d all like both, but doesn’t mean it will be possible.
  8. We’ve had one female referee in one match...ever. Let’s not sh!t ourselves. Men will be fine.
  9. Not related to the number of chances created by the rest of the team? Seem to remember our record scoring team spread the scoring about. No idea, we we were close to throwing it away when popes goals dried up. Luckily we had Lee Hughes as well. Obviously for a striker to be scoring, the team has to be providing, but he was scoring from places you would never expect at times. I just think that in this league you need to be organised, fit and have someone scoring goals.
  10. What happened to us when we last had a striker having a freak season.
  11. Let’s be honest. The chaps haven’t set a very high bar. She should be fine.
  12. I liked the look of bahamboula (not sure I spelt it correctly), when we played Oldham.
  13. I can only imagine Rodney, worrall and conlon are in the running. For me, we miss worral most when he’s not in the side.
  14. The Crewe site gets worse. https://boards.footymad.net/showthread.php?t=38274040&page=4
  15. Whichever media outlet that was just gave up any pretence of being journalists.
  16. Love how when that Crewe fan tries to defend Dario, Chris unsworth chimes in and shuts him down. I’d love someone to try, just to make them decide whether they are going to be journalists or not. Cutting the topic off will be a bad look for them.
  17. Interesting how vale knew about it so as not to employ him, but Crewe had no idea despite having a board meeting about it.
  18. The Crewe fan site is a disgrace. The worst accusation is Dario was naive. He was also a scapegoat apparently. Apparently we should read Peter morses newspaper article as that gives a fairer picture than the sheldon report. You couldn’t make it up. oh and we are judging him by today’s standards and things were different back then. And so it’s the presses fault really. I’m pretty sure everything that happened back the was as illegal as it is now.
  19. Apparently that’s not really a thing. After a bunch of losses your are statistically likely to get the odd win. It just happens that managers tend to get sacked after a bunch of losses. It takes longer for a manger to have an impact on actual results. And that depends on the players we bring in. We just have to get to the end of the season. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.fourfourtwo.com/amp/features/soccernomics-does-sacking-manager-actually-make-difference
  20. Scumbag. The welfare of any animals he has should be investigated, as I find it hard to believe he has any compassion for them beyond how much money they can make.
  21. Deserving of legend status, but has scored most of his goals in league 2. People like foyle, naylor etc did it in the championship. I chose Andy Jones as he was my childhood hero, but I can see the argument that someone like naylor should be ahead of him. Bridge Wilkinson couldn’t touch someone like guppy in terms of quality.
  22. Wish I’d got a few season earlier, then could have included southall and chamberlain, who must be easy picks for those that are older.
  23. Paul Musslewhite Simon mills Dean glover Neil aspin Darren hughes Jon mccarthy Ray walker Robbie earle Steve guppy Andy jones Tin foyle subs: Jim Arnold, Phil sproson, Ian Taylor, Gareth ainsworth, Tony naylor,
  24. Meaningless test. India should be embarrassed for offering that pitch as a test ground. They were literally sweeping it up with a dust pan and brush.
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