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  1. I don't know if it's Garlick's fault but I completely understand the logic. In 2017 we went into arguably the most critical part of the season, the January window, with no manager. We had an "interim" in Michael Brown. He then went the rest of the season with no certainty over his position. A disastrous January inevitably led to relegation. Fast forward to the present day. We're making the exact same mistake. That's down to a method of recruitment. What is the only consistent between those 2 periods? Garlick. Carol was a fan during that time. She would have been fully aware of the reasons that led to such a catastrophic failure. And yet, here we are, making the exact same decisions. It's inexcusable. We have no permanent manager, we have an interim making long term signings, de registering players, manoeuvring experienced professionals away from the squad with an eye on next season. It's just unacceptable. It's as though the position of manager isn't valued at the club. There's no rush, let's give someone with no experience a crack. I'd get that, in August, or October. But January? It's just basic common sense, and I'm just gutted that Carol is making these shockingly bad decisions. If it is Garlick advising this approach, Carol should know, after the 2017 mess, that it clearly isn't the way to go. Unfortunately any new manager will be stuck now, with a squad devoid of confidence and desire, in a massive rut. We have to appoint experience, but I worry the damage is done.
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