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  1. It's the "thereabouts" that gives me the heebie-jeebies. I'm sure the owners aren't remotely interested in being the 7th-best side in Division Four, nor would they see it as any kind of achievement or success. Top three has to be the outcome, and in reality there's only two spots left now.
  2. I'm wondering if something happened yesterday with regard to the stewards? I've been to nearly every home game this season and have often been bemused by the sheer number of stewards for a crowd of 5k odd. It has seemed completely disproportionate and presumably quite costly. So it was surprising to see just a couple outside the Railway Paddock entrance yesterday for what was bound to be a bigger crowd. They seemed to serve no purpose such as directing the queues, and l noticed any attempt at searching people had been abandoned (there were two bag-search tables left unmanned). One very simple effort might have helped, i. e making sure everyone knew that tickets could be presented at any of the three turnstiles. Unfortunately the league match signage saying "Season Tickets" above one of the turnstiles probably confused many people and resulted in people needlessly doing what British people do... join the biggest queue! We seem to have a staff of hundreds these days with all manner of fancy job titles....but the absolute basics continue to elude us. Time for someone at the club to actually get a grip of this nonsense.
  3. Allez, allez, allez ohhhh Scouse Ron-aldo Ben Garrity He's the one for me
  4. Pointless Questions by Graham McGarry.
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