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  1. Welcome to Bursley, Arnold.
  2. I think it's hard to build a buzz around Division 4 football, but what we can do is capitalise on the goodwill towards the club from current and lapsed fans. I'm hoping this can be done through a summer open day and creatively thought-through promotions and events. I'm sure the owners have plans for all this in good time.
  3. Plenty to build the buzz around there í ½í¸‚
  4. Yep, it's looked like a holiday camp for far too long. A prime example is the club shop - how on earth can that place need more than one person running it in the week?
  5. "This year" as in for next season? If so, that's really really poor but totally unsurprising.
  6. I'm hoping someone will be assigned the role of stimulating both season and matchday ticket sales, as it's clear this hasn't been the case in recent years. It's indicative of the mindset of many people that my pointing out the many shortcomings of the club in the past has been filed under "moaning"!
  7. Yep, all fairly obvious stuff and yet it's been beyond people whose role it is to use these methods and hopefully have some new ones. I think the problem for some people is they are that closely involved with the club that they can't or won't acknowledge the shortcomings of their pals.
  8. I dont think you need an email to persuade you to buy a season ticket,good results will be a bigger pull. OK, look at it this way. We haven't had those results last season so we won't sell many based on that factor. But we may sell more on the back of the new regime, and if we don't sell them this season we plant the seed of thought for the future. At the very least the club have your email address and can keep in touch periodically at almost zero cost. It may be the regular emails from the club that prompt you to bear them in mind for other purposes. Business is very often a random thing, rather like going to the supermarket to do your shopping and coming home with a 55" TV because the opportunity to do so was put in front of you.
  9. It's called marketing, an email costs very little to issue to thousands of people and shows people you want their business. You snooze, you lose. The marketing department has been in a deep slumber for years.
  10. Making observations and suggestions isn't necesasarily criticism, and we all know they've picked up a dog's dinner from that idiot. But it shouldn't be up to the owners to be proactive in trying to drum up ticket sales and interest in the matches. When I renewed again two years ago I casually asked what kind of things are done to promote sales. The answer was "Well we did put up some A4 sheets outside the turnstiles a few weeks ago". They seemed genuinely puzzled that they would be expected to do any more. So I really hope that whoever has this role is given scope to be more creative than that, and equally be under expectations to do so.
  11. I assume the owners haven't had the time or personnel to formulate an all-guns-blazing assault on season ticket sales. Next time round it would be good to see some genuinely imaginative promotion of sales and incentives to recruit new buyers.
  12. This Stadium Manager job sounds good. I'm assuming it's a part-time role? Every Monday morning; Terraces swept after the last home game - check. All stands still upright - check. Pitch being looked after - check. Job done!
  13. And you're sure this is literally true?
  14. I had to laugh at the article that described them as Vale "fans", with the inference of the speech marks saying they didn't fit the article writer's definition of what fans should be. I assume that until the 90th minute they were acceptable as fans but not thereafter!
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