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  1. Noticed ex Vale defender Lee Collins is also playing for FGR
  2. Are we talking about the same Adams that propped up MOLD? Adams has been part of the problem and should do one back to Sheffield. The Adams who was advising Smurfwaite very recently ? Did well at Tranmere when he didn’t have the best striker in league2
  3. Done deal on Talk sport as well. Club record fee for PNE
  4. McCombe is is similar standard to Kay. The main difference is if McCombe makes a mistake he won't be looking around to blame a younger teammate.
  5. Instead of criticising Pope just hope he doesn’t get injured. i Can’t see where the goals and assists are coming from to keep our club in the league if Pope isn’t in the team. I don’t see any other candidates for captain in our current squad. We have a lot of inexperienced players and quite a few well past their best type of players. I’m backing Pope for the job.
  6. You have to give him credit as a loan player for giving 100% when so many other players let the club down under the Bruno and Brown management. Other than Ben Whitfield you would be hard pressed to think of a more committed loan player than Guy.
  7. Can’t understand some on here having a go at Popey as he’s always given 100% for Vale. Some childish people on here have been voting him down on the player ratings on here recently is unbelievable.
  8. The biscuit tin delivered far more than the sweetie jar has ever done up to now ........
  9. i vale

    RIP Tom Petty

    Not confirmed yet but it doesn’t look good for Tom.
  10. Askey was Brian Horton’s assistant wasn’t he ?
  11. if we need to have a dof I would pick Rudge or Horton over Adams any day of the week.
  12. Smurfwaite will not fund a experienced manager like Horton, Adkins or Ainsworth so don't build your hopes up. Any protest needs to focus on the owner as things are unlikely to get any better if he doesn't sell up.
  13. The Stokies also tried to get at Peter Coates in the directors box back in the days before the Bet 365 money.
  14. Vale got promoted because Tom Pope was on fire and not because Adams is a decent manager. What has Adams done since leaving Vale ? I hated the way Adams treated the younger Vale players but would let older players get away with murder. Horton was the best manager Vale had since Rudge.
  15. i vale


    Eagles has the quality but you have to question the amount of games he has played in recent years. Definitely not a player to break the budget for
  16. No mentions yet about walk up prices or 10 game ticket prices or have I missed it ? I work a rota so the 10 game ticket suited me and probably a lot of other fans
  17. Don't fund the clowns mistakes as it will only make things worse.
  18. Not sure about the idea of Brian Horton coming back He was a very good player and ok manager but is 68. Don't think any decent manager would want to work with a dof anyway. Do we need another property speculator after enduring the current owner of the club ?
  19. He would have to find somebody unbelievably stupid to pay his crazy valuation of the club
  20. The owner needs to realise that his Separating the club from the ground is another big mistake. He just needs to sell the the full package of club, ground , shop etc as the value is going to just plummet as the club sinks further. Smurfwaite still appears not to realise that letting Pope go without getting in a similar level replacement has cost him big time. I just hope we dont bring Adams back.
  21. Noticed Bill Bratt sitting behind me in the Hamil end twith a big smirk on his face.
  22. I walked up 5 minutes before ko purchased a ticket and walked straight in the Hamil end in time for the start. The Railway paddock queuing backed up fair bit though. England were just lacking in front of goal and were otherwise pretty good
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