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  1. Didn't the Vale [back in the '50's?] once have to play a ridiculous amount of games in one week to complete the season? For some reason I've got 6 matches in my head and that 2 of them got played in one day Then again I may have just imagined it............. Points-with-Bone
  2. 'Money, money, money; in a rich man's world' Points-with-Bone
  3. Couldn't agree more. However, as Vale fans, it's ingrained in us to find summat to moan about. With that in mind, did anybody else have the home commentary? The main guy was fine, but the secondary commentator (the Geordie) sounded like a 17 year old pre-pubescent fan sitting in the stands screaming blue murder at every decision. I lost count of the number of times he screamed in a little girls pitch 'foul, it's a foul!' at every contact by a Vale player. Sounded like he was going to break into tears at one point Strangely enough I did have the home commentary on, as I just can't abide the Vale commentator's attempt at humour. There's only so much cringing you can do until your facial features fall off. And yeh, the main Rotherham commentator was good, he knew the Vale players and gave praise where due, read the game well and was informative. But his side-kick was so bad he was hilarious. Every now and then he'd scream out 'penalty!' or 'yellow card!' when no players of either team or the officials were in the least bit concerned at whatever had occurred. I did like how the main dude would try to calm him down or try to get him to consider that he might be a tad biased Overall though The Vale got the praise they deserved Points-with-Bone
  4. '10 pounds well spent' Couldn't agree more; it was pleasurable to watch. Good, competitive football from both teams, great saves by both keepers, no shenanigans, excellent goal from Rotherham and great 'never say die' response from the Vale They're unbeaten in 17 games and top of League One and they were matched Bodes well for next season, if the Vale can get out of League Two Points-with-Bone
  5. ...and Alf Tupper and his fish & chips; though I believe more healthy refuelling is now recommended Points-with-Bone
  6. Wilson of the Wizard [for those with long memories] Points-with-Bone
  7. Steve Brooker versus Brentford - FA Trophy final Points-with-Bone
  8. Good save that, seems a decent keeper; or have folk suggested otherwise? Points-with-Bone
  9. I think he used to room in 'The George Hotel' Mind you most folk would resort to crack if they had to spend an extended period of time in that place ...though I did see the Vibrators play there in 1977..... Points-with-Bone
  10. Didn't he eventually assist her majesty's constabulary after importing some fine herbal produce? Points-with-Bone
  11. Didn't he, in his retirement, and having beaten alcoholism, break the UK weight lifting record for his age group? Points-with-Bone
  12. Nice thing to have, and to hang in your darts room, but I'm wondering what the 'official' mementoes were for the Vales' triumphs. For instance, was there any memento issued for the first Football League Trophy win against Stockport? I'd assumed, being the Potteries, there'd be lots of ceramic mementoes for these occasions Points-with-Bone
  13. Well we're getting the best crockery and cutlery out and the dining table linen First time this season Nothing wrong with soya oatcakes either, especially the smoked soya Points-with-Bone
  14. They used to get just over 1,000 when they played at 'The Lawn' in the conference, so they have doubled their attendance Accrington only got just over 1,000 when they came up; they haven't done too bad since and have built up their home attendance Points-with-Bone
  15. At least, after that game, we never get over-excited too early, count our chickens before they hatch, start celebrating before the fat lady sings, join the people on the pitch who think it's all over, throw our hats in the air before the final whistle sounds etc Points-with-Bone
  16. Oh God, don't bring that up - 4-0 up at half-time, then a disallowed 5th, then I went out for run... ....came in, wife number two; 'She-who-Wiggles' says 'you're not going to like this....' Points-with-Bone
  17. That's the baby. Was there more than one then? There was just the one in the club shop when I saw it it [unless they wheeled a new one out every time they made a sale] Looking at that image, it looks really quite neat; well made, lots of detail. I don't recall it being cheap either I'm really regretting not buying one now; I've got this idea of trying to collect every piece of official Vale commemorative mementos and surely that'd be the main piece in terms of unusualness For the amount of time the club has been going, there's not been that many championships/promotions; I make it nine, plus the two Football League Trophies - so I'm wondering if there's [at least] eleven commemorative mementos I'd especially love to know if the club issued anything for being Third Division Champions in season 1929-30 By the way is that a record player to the left of the model? I do like a good deck Points-with-Bone
  18. I do recall that when I went into the club shop to buy my memento plate for the victory in the 2001 Football League Trophy, they had on sale a massive replica of the Millennium Stadium with an engraved plaque on it I presume somewhat eventually bought it, as when I went in on a later occasion, it was gone Points-with-Bone
  19. Have recently unpacked many boxes of dusty ephemera that have resided in the darkness of the loft for too many moons, I realized with some heavy guilt that my collection of 'Mementoes Triumphant', ' amassed to celebrate the zeniths of Port Vale's Zebran warriors', performances is, to coin a word, sparse I have a large white plate, embossed with the players' signatures, to celebrate the promotion to the championship in the 1993-94 season. Additionally I posses a smaller platter to commemorate the Autoglass Trophy victory in 2001 and a somewhat awful coffee mug that is fading and peeling, even though it has never been used, to celebrate the promotion to division one in 2012-13 Our lauded alumni Erzulie, who journeyed many aeons ago now to reside in Burslem Mother Town and drank of the sacred brews in the 'American', drops heavy occasional hints of his possession of other Mementoes Triumphant, but refuses to allow entrance to his sacred den [also known as the shed] so it is not possible to gaze with reverent eyes upon them Carved upon the trunk of the large Lib Rary tree central to the kraal, are the dates of the triumphs: Third Division champions 1929-30 [now League 1] Third Division champions 1953-54 [now League 1] Fourth Division champions 1958-59 [now League 2] Promoted to Division Two [ now Championship] 1993-94 Promoted to Division Two [ now Championship] Play-Off winners 1988-89 Promoted to Division Three 1969-70 [now League 2] Promoted to Division Three 1982-83 [now League 2] Promoted to Division Three 1985-86 [now League 2] Promoted to Division Three 2012-13 [now League 2] Football League Trophy winners 1993 Football League Trophy winners 2001 I would imagine there are acolytes who can recall all these occasions, though those recalling 1929-30 may be a little thin on the ground So, what Mementoes Triumphant were produced to celebrate these accoladed occasions? Does anyone have them all? Does the club even posses specimens of each? Points-with-Bone
  20. Livingstone have an interesting history They were originally Ferranti Thistle, a works team from Edinburgh, but when they got elected into the Scottish leagues in 1974 they had to change their name to Meadowbank Thistle [as they played at Meadowbank Stadium] because it was ruled that a team couldn't have a company's name [which was weird as there is a long standing Scottish team which has the name of a company in it] They floundered around at the bottom end of the Scottish leagues, until they changed their name to 'Livingstone' when they moved lock, stock and barrel to Livingstone. The new town had grown in size and importance through tech and pharmaceutical companies, but had no football team of merit They did really well, getting into the Premier league, finishing third and playing in the UEFA cup. They also won the league cup in 2004, but that was the year financial problems hit them and they nearly went out of business and got relegated into the third division Since then they've climbed back up into the Premiership and aren't a bad side Montano will be a good recruit for them and personally I'm glad he's been snapped up so quickly; gives the dude and his family a degree of security which he deserves Points-with-Bone
  21. Wow I'm amazed John was a really nice dude. His first wife died in tragic circumstances, but he soldiered on I remember once one of the paper delivery lads who fancied himself a bit, nicked a Mars bar when John's back was turned When we came back from delivering the papers, John handed out the wage packets. 'Oh' he says to the lad, 'by the way I've taken the money out for the Mars bar you forgot to pay for earlier' Class act That was just the first time he took me to the Vale; went to a lot of Wednesday night games with him Not sure if he's still alive Big debt I owe him for that Years later, when I was back in the UK on leave, I took great pride in taking my youngest daughter to Vale Park for her first ever game and I really remembered John Kemp taking me Points-with-Bone
  22. That was my first away game First home game was about 1974 against Blackburn Rovers, a Wednesday night game I was taken by John Kemp who ran the local newsagent; I was one of his delivery boys. Mr. Kemp couldn't make Saturday games due to running his shop and I couldn't go to football on Saturdays either, As I had my own sporting stuff to do It was a bit of an eye opener seeing weeds growing on the terraces and some parts of the ground looked like a decent storm would blow them away, but the football was 'honest' and the wit and so forth from the fans was infectious and that was me hooked for life Points-with-Bone
  23. Beating Notts County away 4-0 about 1984 Vale fans celebrating in Yates' wine lodge with a more than slightly drunk house violinist and lots of mean looking scantily clad ladies propping up the bar Points-with-Bone
  24. They are horrible, but it's their fans I feel for Points-with-Bone
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