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  1. And to add to point 6. '....to be beheaded and their heads then stuck on spikes' for public display' Lovely man Points-with-Bone
  2. Couldn't agree more. Enjoyed the commentary on Tuesday night; actually learned things about the opposition e.g. there goalie was only 19, on loan from West Brom etc. Had enough today, turned the commentary off and slammed some appropriate vinyl on. Did the trick......... Points-with-Bone
  3. Yes, they interviewed Carol some time ago now - I recall her talking about providing food and being a servant of the community. I especially liked the comments today from David Worral about not knowing how to celebrate his goal and how he is motivated to play well by the fact that there are folk, with not loads of money to burn, who have bought season tickets even though they know there's a fair chance they won't get to use them Thank God it was the better Radio Stoke commentator doing the commentary for last night's game; they had a clip of him narrating the winning goal and he made it
  4. For a home game wouldn't that also be plus the first 500 from the away team [if they sell 500] - that would be an additional 4k Points-with-Bone
  5. Colchester's honesty/transparency is refreshing, though it illustrates starkly the abyss, economically speaking, some clubs are facing Anyone have knowledge of how much revenue is being lost through no sales of food/drinks/programmes etc? Points-with-Bone
  6. That would be an interesting figure People like me, who for geographical reasons, rarely get to see an actual game, can now pay to watch all games, so that's revenue for the club they wouldn't normally have got How that equates against the loss of 'usual income' I do not know Sounds like the Vale are better off than some other lower league clubs i.e. a good number of season tickets have been sold and hopefully a lot of folk are watching games for a tenner Points-with-Bone
  7. Glad somebody else thinks that; I end up turning the sound down he grates on my nerves so much Thought Griff was real quality though on Tuesday night; clarity of comment and some really good insights too, like his comments on the players not comforting the penalty misser Points-with-Bone
  8. Best wishes to Jak Alnwick, Vale's former keeper [now resident, and a firm favourite at St. Mirren]. He's unfortunately contracted coronavirus and is currently self-isolating Points-with-Bone
  9. Very true for me. It's only on visits to Blighty that I can actually visit games, so having the option to watch live streams of games and where a lot of what I'm paying goes to the club is very agreeable It's nice then to be able to discuss games on the OVF website having actually watched the action Points-with-Bone
  10. Sounds like more than a few stiff shandies were consumed, followed by a sudden urge to open up a laptop and start typing random words Points-with-Bone
  11. Sheffield Eagles thumping Wigan in the Challenge Cup Final Points-with-Bone
  12. To be honest I'm all for Mondays. Have to make work arrangements to do so, but I like the idea of watching a game at the same time as others. Couldn't do so if it was a Thursday Incidentally we didn't experience any 'gremlins' last night Points-with-Bone
  13. Years ago, back in the '80's [or '90's] there was a Channel 4 series called 'The Manageress' [Cherie Lunghi of 'Borookside' fame comes to mind] comes to mind The simple premise was that a woman runs a football club, endures setbacks and opposition and ultimately experiences success. It drew favourable viewing figures at the time, but many commented that it was pure fantasy and that we would never see the day But why not now, or soon? There are increasing numbers of women with experience of playing football and indeed management in the women's game. Men manage in the women's game, in
  14. ....and while we watch this game and delight at the skill and endeavour of one Gareth Ainsworth, the very man himself is currently shouting out tactics and encouragement to his Wycombe team as they try to win the first division play-off and get into the Championship ...and I hope they do too, especially for ex-BBC presenter Bill Turnbull who is a big fan and has inoperable cancer Points-with-Bone
  15. Funny isn't it. This result sent Stoke and Manchester City down to the third division and yet now this season everyone is cock-a-hoop to get a visit to 'mega-giants' Man City and are happy with a 4-1 defeat How football has changed in such a relative short period of time and not for the better really Points-with-Bone
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