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  1. Well I was up at 4am - though I did go out for an hour or so in the snow after the first session, else the dogs would have ripped me apart And yes I second the viewpoint that the artificial crowd noise is just, well, pants At least when the BBC put football games on [with even more irritating crowd noises] you can go onto the red button option and listen 'au naturale' Even worse though is those hotels who insist in piping in brain-rot music even at 5am while having your breakfast, oh and TV screens on everywhere with no sound BBC Alba play Scottish Championship matches live
  2. Get the orange balls out and some decent double thick socks........ Points-with-Bone
  3. STOP PRESS: Rafael Benitez leaves his managerial position at Dalian Professional in China with immediate effect He could easily take a pirogue ride up and down the Trent & Mersey every day He looks like he'd enjoy the odd oatcake or four too It's not like he needs a big salary Everyone's a winner... Points-with-Bone
  4. Just been watching Ross County v Aberdeen on BBC Alba after watching the FGR v Vale game earlier today Adam's Park [Ross's ground] looks so much bigger than FGR's ground Having been to Adam's Park, I know that it's a pretty much average sized ground as football stadia go So was it the strange camera angle at FGR's ground creating some minimizing effect, or is it in fact a postage-stamp of a ground? It did often seem like a basketball game, especially with FGR's generally basketball sized players Points-with-Bone
  5. That Synectic Hen Party certainly made some noise They can come again Points-with-Bone
  6. Vale 3 Grimsby 0 Stoke 0 Leicester 4 Think I'll get the good crockery out Points-with-Bone
  7. She would make a welcome change from all the poncey multi-coloured boots of today's game Points-with-Bone
  8. I'm watching on i-player. How do I get the Walsall commentary. Can't stick another 45 minutes of that drivel Points-with-Bone
  9. Couldn't agree more. Enjoyed the commentary on Tuesday night; actually learned things about the opposition e.g. there goalie was only 19, on loan from West Brom etc. Had enough today, turned the commentary off and slammed some appropriate vinyl on. Did the trick......... Points-with-Bone
  10. Yes, they interviewed Carol some time ago now - I recall her talking about providing food and being a servant of the community. I especially liked the comments today from David Worral about not knowing how to celebrate his goal and how he is motivated to play well by the fact that there are folk, with not loads of money to burn, who have bought season tickets even though they know there's a fair chance they won't get to use them Thank God it was the better Radio Stoke commentator doing the commentary for last night's game; they had a clip of him narrating the winning goal and he made it
  11. For a home game wouldn't that also be plus the first 500 from the away team [if they sell 500] - that would be an additional 4k Points-with-Bone
  12. Colchester's honesty/transparency is refreshing, though it illustrates starkly the abyss, economically speaking, some clubs are facing Anyone have knowledge of how much revenue is being lost through no sales of food/drinks/programmes etc? Points-with-Bone
  13. That would be an interesting figure People like me, who for geographical reasons, rarely get to see an actual game, can now pay to watch all games, so that's revenue for the club they wouldn't normally have got How that equates against the loss of 'usual income' I do not know Sounds like the Vale are better off than some other lower league clubs i.e. a good number of season tickets have been sold and hopefully a lot of folk are watching games for a tenner Points-with-Bone
  14. Glad somebody else thinks that; I end up turning the sound down he grates on my nerves so much Thought Griff was real quality though on Tuesday night; clarity of comment and some really good insights too, like his comments on the players not comforting the penalty misser Points-with-Bone
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