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  1. 'Sone of Chi with Carla Brea: The Wetland Remixes' - ambient bliss, four twenty minute sides of bliss: sourced sounds and electronica to caress the tortured soul after each 90 minutes of elongated Port Vale havoc to one's psyche Points-with-Bone
  2. I can't hack 90 minutes of Bowers, so Brizzle away commentary it is - oh for a 'sound of the crowd' only option like they had on the TV during covid lock-outs Points-with-Bone
  3. I loved his appearances as a Shane Warne look-alike in the Aussie sit-com 'Kath & Kim' playing someone who is absolutely abysmal at cricket Points-with-Bone
  4. Easiest stadia to access on derby days in terms of how close they are together [closet two in the world] are Dundee and Dundee United's grounds
  5. Eriskay football ground; one of FIFA's '8 remarkable places to play football' On the isle of Eriskay, which was the siting for Compton McKenzie's 'Whisky Galore' The wind can be awesome..... Points-with-Bone
  6. Greenock Morton; Cappielow Park Open terraces behind each goal. A stand on each side, one which is really old school. Lovely playing surface Huge shipping Yard crane on the Clyde sticking up in the sky Pies, chips, scalding tea; what's not to like Points-with-Bone
  7. I certainly pay my tenner and watch the mid-week evening games. I'm not able to attend physically, but am glad to be able to contribute some money to the club and shout at the TV I'd be surprised if there wasn't more of us; so that raises the overall 'attendance' Points-with-Bone
  8. Didn't the Vale [back in the '50's?] once have to play a ridiculous amount of games in one week to complete the season? For some reason I've got 6 matches in my head and that 2 of them got played in one day Then again I may have just imagined it............. Points-with-Bone
  9. 'Money, money, money; in a rich man's world' Points-with-Bone
  10. Couldn't agree more. However, as Vale fans, it's ingrained in us to find summat to moan about. With that in mind, did anybody else have the home commentary? The main guy was fine, but the secondary commentator (the Geordie) sounded like a 17 year old pre-pubescent fan sitting in the stands screaming blue murder at every decision. I lost count of the number of times he screamed in a little girls pitch 'foul, it's a foul!' at every contact by a Vale player. Sounded like he was going to break into tears at one point Strangely enough I did have the home commentary on, as I just can't abide the Vale commentator's attempt at humour. There's only so much cringing you can do until your facial features fall off. And yeh, the main Rotherham commentator was good, he knew the Vale players and gave praise where due, read the game well and was informative. But his side-kick was so bad he was hilarious. Every now and then he'd scream out 'penalty!' or 'yellow card!' when no players of either team or the officials were in the least bit concerned at whatever had occurred. I did like how the main dude would try to calm him down or try to get him to consider that he might be a tad biased Overall though The Vale got the praise they deserved Points-with-Bone
  11. '10 pounds well spent' Couldn't agree more; it was pleasurable to watch. Good, competitive football from both teams, great saves by both keepers, no shenanigans, excellent goal from Rotherham and great 'never say die' response from the Vale They're unbeaten in 17 games and top of League One and they were matched Bodes well for next season, if the Vale can get out of League Two Points-with-Bone
  12. ...and Alf Tupper and his fish & chips; though I believe more healthy refuelling is now recommended Points-with-Bone
  13. Wilson of the Wizard [for those with long memories] Points-with-Bone
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