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  1. Wow I'm amazed John was a really nice dude. His first wife died in tragic circumstances, but he soldiered on I remember once one of the paper delivery lads who fancied himself a bit, nicked a Mars bar when John's back was turned When we came back from delivering the papers, John handed out the wage packets. 'Oh' he says to the lad, 'by the way I've taken the money out for the Mars bar you forgot to pay for earlier' Class act That was just the first time he took me to the Vale; went to a lot of Wednesday night games with him Not sure if he's still alive Big de
  2. That was my first away game First home game was about 1974 against Blackburn Rovers, a Wednesday night game I was taken by John Kemp who ran the local newsagent; I was one of his delivery boys. Mr. Kemp couldn't make Saturday games due to running his shop and I couldn't go to football on Saturdays either, As I had my own sporting stuff to do It was a bit of an eye opener seeing weeds growing on the terraces and some parts of the ground looked like a decent storm would blow them away, but the football was 'honest' and the wit and so forth from the fans was infectious and that was
  3. Beating Notts County away 4-0 about 1984 Vale fans celebrating in Yates' wine lodge with a more than slightly drunk house violinist and lots of mean looking scantily clad ladies propping up the bar Points-with-Bone
  4. They are horrible, but it's their fans I feel for Points-with-Bone
  5. I do feel sorry for Barrow fans, all those years out of the league, they get back and can't go and see their team play So on that basis I'd like to see them stay up Imagine if they'd have been back for 1 season, got relegated, and their fans didn't get to attend a single one of those games Points-with-Bone
  6. What's that game going on behind Scott Brown's goal? Anyone know the score? Points-with Bone
  7. With goals like that the Vale should be in some kind of super league Points-with-Bone
  8. Presumably, as this seems to be based on the American football model, teams will change locations and names So if Arsenal decamp to Brazil, they could be the Rio Gunners Points-with-Bone
  9. She was fit enough to constantly keep up with play, which in the modern game [at this level] quite a few refs can't - that allowed her to have a good view of play and award decisions correctly She also had good positional sense, which many refs at this level don't have i.e. she had a knack of being in the right place to again have a clear view of play and award decisions correctly And she let the game flow as much as was possible Really good performance Hopefully it will just become a normality that doesn't need any commenting on as to whether it is acceptable or not
  10. ...or maybe the 'Dolls' House'... Points-with-Bone
  11. What's the name of the ground? The postage stamp? Points-with-Bone
  12. Good half of football that; very fluid and excellent commentary to boot Points-with-Bone
  13. Listening to the commentary on Radio Essex, really knowledgeable and actually accentuates the visual feed They're purring about the quality of the Vale Points-with-Bone
  14. Grooving in a cave with a Pict Points-with-Bone
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