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  1. I think the team we have right now would have enough to beat Fleetwood. Unfortunately the odds for players to score haven't been released yet on SkyBet, but if nothing changes this week with players in, i'll be having a few quid on Vale 2-0 McDermott anytime.
  2. I used to really enjoy having a good cut and thrust on here. Unfortunately you can't do that anymore without being accused of "knowing better than the manager" and "not trusting DF/DC". Think I'm gonna take a break from ovf, have a good summer all, maybe speak again soon.
  3. The last bastion of an awful argument, Correcting spelling [emoji42][emoji42]. At least Iron Curtain comes up with some reasoned points
  4. Is it worth the time and energy having to explain that you don't have to agree with every decision that the club makes ever? And that this is a forum? You know, a place of debate? To discuss things happening at the club?
  5. Unless we sign Les Dennis too #trusttheprocess #keepthefaith
  6. Only really been successful in a two with Les Dennis in behind.
  7. I think you've totally missed the point of my post but hey ho
  8. I wouldn't be totally against fletcher, but he's pretty old. Doesn't seem very processey. Cadden would be incredible but Sheff Weds also linked so I imagine they'd blow us out the water wages wise?
  9. I still more concerned about Burslem Academicals
  10. Unless an opinion is positive, your shot to bits on here. Gets very very boring at times. Gibbo the injury prone crock, so glad he's gone!
  11. Hmm, do I trust them 100%. Do I think they've got this wrong (as they have with Hussey, Amos, Johnson till they sold him) yeah I do. They can't get everything right.
  12. We could have had gibbo. He's been a very influencial member of this team, even if it is only 20 games a year. Every one on here seems extremely quick to dismiss him as an injury prone crock despite the fact that when he's fit he was one of the first names on the team sheet. However, if that's what DF thinks is appropriate then it's done now isn't it. My point is that it would be completely backwards to then go and sign someone like holden, who's played half the games at the same age due to his injury record. Unless he's happy on 350 quid a week then he's welcome (and probably a bit deranged)
  13. So considering this guy has missed a lot more games than gibbo (56 league games in his whole career) I'm assuming we will be offering him very little? There always seems to be a way of spinning any potential move into the best possible light. IF we sign holden after not having gibbo on injury grounds, it will be a bit hypocritical.
  14. If we binned gibbo for being injury prone this would be a bizzare signing.
  15. I did wonder where that wembley thing came from. Every man and his dog got a picture of Ramsdale, not one picture of Telford. I'm pretty glad he hasn't come to us. One good season in a system that fits him perfectly and suddenly he wants big money. Had bad news written all over it.
  16. Meanwhile vale announce the new signing of... A physio. Ah well, there's always next week. Maybe we'll get a few signings, or the away kit, or a few friendlies.
  17. I do think that Smithy stuff is rubbish, but if its true and the club have decided to get rid of Smith and Gibbo, the process will have officially lost its mind.
  18. His agent deserves every penny he's ever made. Miracle worker.
  19. Must have his eye on the Championship this year then 😁
  20. Who knows, probably works in our favour in a lot of ways. If he doesn't make the step up we can say goodbye and thank you next year.
  21. Good news on Benning, had a rough start to the season but finished very strong, hes a good age too, plenty of life in him yet.
  22. Interesting that its not a loan, thought we'd have been all over him if a free transfer was on the cards.
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