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  1. I'm not really that fussed about Wickham either, he's just a proxy for my point. FGR have got an incredible recruitment record, so they must have seen something in it.
  2. You're presuming there that we're interested in the scraps. We're not, as has been said many times. If we miss every intended target, then we'll wait until January, it's as simple as that. But that won't happen I have every faith. Whoever comes in will be considered and have the confidence of the recruitment team to improve us. For every player we're in discussion with, there will be others lined up just in case of equal ability I don't think we are interested in scraps, far from it. But we run the risk of being left with no choice. There is no way that we can risk going to January with Proctor, Wilson, Holden, and Garrity as our realistic forward options. Three have got questionable fitness records, one is a midfielder who got pushed forward the last time all out forwards were unfit.
  3. Entirely possible. But what happens if we wait till the last week and the holding club turn around and say "actually we need to keep hold of him".
  4. Conor Wickham has been mentioned on here a few times, just joined FGR. It's certainly a dangerous game of chicken we are playing. Hold out for targets, someone else swoops in and were left with the scraps.
  5. Well, if car park bag man is still in the frame, he has been training with us since at least last Thursday. Don't see any reason he couldn't sign a deal this morning, do all his videos and interviews before lunch and be announced by 2ish. Hladky was on the bench for Ipswich Saturday, so doubt he will be in by the weekend. I'm not as concerned about the goalkeeping situation as I am keen to get a proper striker in. Stone will be fine till the end of August or till the end of the season if they chose to keep him as a number one.
  6. I've got a good feeling about today, two strikers and a goalie inbound.
  7. I would imagine we would be overlooked given our current capacity restraints and ongoing construction work need to bring the stadium up to code. However once we get a handle on that it would be good to get some games and bring in some revenue.
  8. Always quiet liked Chris Shuker, he was the smallest player I've ever seen at Vale.
  9. I thought Kiera Walsh was absolutely sensational both last night and throughout the tournament. The assist for Toone was only topped by the finish itself.
  10. Because its the Brit, wild horses couldn't stop me if it was at Vale Park [emoji846]
  11. No amount of national pride could make me go there
  12. If the club think we need Lowery, it can only be a good thing. 5 subs probably has an influence on the thinking in stocking up in midfield.
  13. What an absolute game changer of a signing that has been for us. Balances our defence, allows Smith to concentrate on what hes good at (being a stopper), fantastic range of passing, can drive the team forward, tall enough to be a presence in the air in both boxes. I genuinely feel he wouldn't look out of place in the Championship. How he was never picked up by another team either before we did or before Harrogate did is absolutely bizarre. All I can think is that he was never played on the left of a three before and its revolutionised his game. A lot of the positives from the first paragraph can also be said about Cass, I think he just needs a few years to mature but he's got all the tools to be a championship player too.
  14. Not sure, not even sure thats what Clarke was meaning. I would guess he was saying it purely from a training numbers perspective.
  15. I make it 23 including TMcD who probably is going out on loan?
  16. While I agree largely, Lowery is a great player and a good option to have, we've been told all summer that there's a rigid budget in place and we still have one fit striker and one keeper. We can only play so many midfielders...maybe someone is on the way out.
  17. Well if were thinking of replacing whoever it is with Lowery, it has to be one of Conlon, Charsley or Garrity?
  18. Before the Fleetwood game, i'd have been convinced Charsley was out if Lowery was coming in. Now i'd be pretty gutted if he went!
  19. Think we'll comfortably hit 10k, i'd be shocked if they didn't bring 3k+
  20. Is that not where they have put the training zone, and will be putting the sky television gantry etc? In an ideal world, i'd love us to level it and put a big sceen score board that actually works there. edit - @robf you beat me this time 🙂
  21. Good player but surely we have enough midfielders now. For those advanced midfielder roles we now have Garrity/Charlsey/Conlon/Holden/Funso if needed/McDermott if needed.
  22. Same team for me unless we bring a new striker in. Tommy did well under the circumstances but he needs easing into professional life and its not his natural position. 0-1 Vale.
  23. That's about as damming as it get's from a Fleetwood perspective. I know it's only the first game but I've had Fleetwood in a relegation treble ahead of the season, and after watching that yesterday i'm pretty happy with my choice.
  24. If that really happens then Exeter will go right to 24th in my predictions for this league. His agent is a miracle worker
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