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  1. Interesting too see Pope not even acknowledging Mckirdy after his goal...maybe the rumors' are true.
  2. I didn't think we'd get 1 goal today let alone 6! Hopefully this can be the catalyst to push us up the table.
  3. No way he's going to walk, we either sack him or keep him.
  4. Worrall is really p***ing me off with these corners now
  5. Surely that's a penalty for the foul on Brown. Either way, shambolic game, shambolic performance.
  6. Askey's been a good servant for us and steered us through some choppy waters in his time, but I do think it's time he went.
  7. Give it 10 minutes and one of Manny and Bris will probably get there second yellow.
  8. Games like this reinforce the fact that Askey's transfer business is abysmal. in 2 and a half transfer windows he has failed to get adequate replacements for the aging Legge, Pope and Joyce. This is the type of performance you get when you have more Askey signings in the starting 11.
  9. "There just rotating the same players in the same shape, something needs to change" Nail on the head Ben Purkiss.
  10. At least hes remember to go 3 at the back this week
  11. From what Bowers said earlier I don't think he can, I think he's run out of time.
  12. When we signed Robinson instead of Maynard a number of posters on here were getting ripped to bits for being disappointed in his signing. He's abysmal.
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