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  1. Do you ever wonder whether it's worth the time and energy? Having to explain the same scenario time and again is like pulling bloody teeth...without a hen!
    Is it worth the time and energy having to explain that you don't have to agree with every decision that the club makes ever? And that this is a forum? You know, a place of debate? To discuss things happening at the club?
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  2. We didn't "bin" Gibbo - we apparently made him an offer commensurate to his last couple of injury-hit seasons, with an upgrade on reaching a certain number of games? It's likely that Holden would be offered something similar? He certainly wouldn't be offered £5k / wk based on his recent injury record!  I think you might be Rancid Debra - using inflammatory but baseless phrases?
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  3. Well so far on here it's been Fletcher and Cadden mentioned.. not sure on the first one but i have to be honest and say i would walk through fire to get the latter,a cracking wing back imo but one who was said to be targeted by a lot of clubs higher up last season,so not sure if that one has any legs in it,would love to be wrong on that one though
    I wouldn't be totally against fletcher, but he's pretty old. Doesn't seem very processey. Cadden would be incredible but Sheff Weds also linked so I imagine they'd blow us out the water wages wise?
  4. We could have had gibbo. He's been a very influencial member of this team, even if it is only 20 games a year. Every one on here seems extremely quick to dismiss him as an injury prone crock despite the fact that when he's fit he was one of the first names on the team sheet.

    However, if that's what DF thinks is appropriate then it's done now isn't it.

    My point is that it would be completely backwards to then go and sign someone like holden, who's played half the games at the same age due to his injury record. Unless he's happy on 350 quid a week then he's welcome (and probably a bit deranged)

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  5. Not at all. I’m genuinely struggling to understand how people are not getting this. 
    We didnt “bin” Gibbo… we offered him a contract that factored in his injury and the risk of him missing games.
    We would so the same for this lad. Genuinely what part of that are people not getting?
    Gibbo himself clearly didn’t feel confident enough about his hamstrings because he took a sideways move 2.5 hours away from his new fiancé and their life together in Stoke. None of the big league 1 teams or championship club came in for him… why not?
    His injury was potentially career ending… he would be on peanuts. But if we get his rehab right (we hired a new head of player fitness from Lincoln yesterday) he has then be potential to be a decent squad player. With 5 subs allowed, a creative number 10 might be very useful.
    This won’t be our only signing … the matrix will see a player with potential and assign him a tiny portion of our budget for potential upside. 
    Will it work… don’t know. 

    So considering this guy has missed a lot more games than gibbo (56 league games in his whole career) I'm assuming we will be offering him very little?

    There always seems to be a way of spinning any potential move into the best possible light. IF we sign holden after not having gibbo on injury grounds, it will be a bit hypocritical.

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  6. I have said all along that I didn't get the obsession with Telford signing,so many were convinced going off what one person said about seeing him at Wembley. We never been interested in him at all,at least now we know it will be 2 or 3 different strikers coming in 
    I did wonder where that wembley thing came from. Every man and his dog got a picture of Ramsdale, not one picture of Telford.

    I'm pretty glad he hasn't come to us. One good season in a system that fits him perfectly and suddenly he wants big money. Had bad news written all over it.
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