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  1. National Rail bulletins simply say trains subject to retiming, and only 1 train per hour. 🤞🏻 it doesn’t affect me too much.
  2. It’s not until 22nd January but for those who go via train, Avanti advance fares are now out. No saving from Stoke but there is from Stafford.
  3. Went down at 1pm and went straight into the ticket office, no queue whatsoever.
  4. I think it’s painted on a large piece of wood that was put there early in the season, not on the actual toilet wall itself.
  5. Spot on, we were more or less in line with it and it was definitely out
  6. You’re not going mad mate, I couldn’t actually believe it, fully expected a goal kick to Vale.
  7. Youth team beat Warsaw on penalties in FA Youth Cup tonight with Joe Collinge saving 3 penalties
  8. Yeah I remember that, didn’t John Coleman instruct his player to do that? I could be wrong though
  9. I just seem to remember we had a few Friday night FA cup games, moved because the lardies were at home on the Saturday, in the days when they were in the greed is good league.
  10. I’m sure we’ve played them before in the FA Cup, I remember it being a Friday night match at Vale Park
  11. Few years since I’ve been but I remember The Wig & Pen and Malt Shovel as being decent pubs
  12. Kelleher signed for Bradford. Derek Adams making some decent signings for them.
  13. Alex Gilliead signed for Bradford, wouldn’t have minded him at Vale
  14. Correct, I remember going the bookies to put £100 on the draw but the match wasn’t on the football coupon
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