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  1. 23 points dropped from winning positions this season. What dont you understand? Just dont let Askey walk your dogs, because he cant hold a lead.
  2. Now Smurf as gone we can attract better managers than Askey. This squad is capable of promotion this season, but not with Askey in charge.
  3. 23 points is it now Askeys dropped points from winning positions, 10 games weve bin winning? The stats are just horrendous under Askey. Get a manager in who can keep a lead and they know what theyre doing.
  4. Itll be touch and go if they go on general sale now tbh, and even if they did go on general sale, i dont fancy queueing at 06.00 on the sunday morning..lol..Plus the junior 10 gamer is over £100 cheaper too..
  5. Looks like im going have to either purchase a junior 10 gamer for my daughter or an adult 10 gamer for me to guarantee i get 2 tickets meself for me and my daughter..
  6. The extra 320 tickets given are the same price as behind the goal.
  7. Could Stoke be the next Bolton? Over £100m in debt..
  8. All these chances we're creating, yet no win in 9 for Vale now though.
  9. The police are to blame for the trouble in Oldham. As if they escorted them to Tommy's election campaign. Just like football hooligans, i assume their will be a few knocks on the door for a few of the muslims. Or maybe not eh.
  10. I heard yesturday that somethings going come out about Smurf thats going fu ck him over big time.
  11. Yep with us, County n Morecambe all winning teams in the top 8 in the last week..
  12. A point would be massive here as we not got the best run in of games. 7 out the 9 teams we currently have are in with a chance of promotion or playoffs. Lose this, and County win, its back to 5 points from safety..
  13. Away games are close to £150 for me, with matchday ticket, transport, taxis, bookies, ale and a greasy kebab at the end of the night. I just love my away games.
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