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  1. A gutting result, But we still have had a great start to the season. Only 2 teams wouldn't swap places with us at the moment. Bounce back Tuesday.
  2. I really enjoyed today. Two decent teams for the level and a great atmosphere. Fair result in the end.
  3. Hopefully a change of goalkeeper happens. Always a tough place to go.
  4. I didn't want to comment until I saw the goals back on tv. But having seen them again I'm not sure what our keeper is doing. He seems to have a habit of diving backwards, and was caught in no man's land for the winner. Dury is well and truly out on him after a very poor start to his league career.
  5. We need a striker with some pace that's for sure.
  6. At least we finally scored. We warned by the manager that we would start slowly, he wasn't lying.
  7. We are getting there. Clarke did warn us his team's start slowly. At least we are not conceding goals at an alarming rate like we used to. I just still feel there isn't loads of goals in this team. Early days yet and I hope to be proven wrong but Wilson looks a real plodder to me, not the type of player I thought he was. I can only assume his serious injuries have changed him as a player.
  8. Agree with this. My only concern is will we score enough goals. I hope so.
  9. As a few people have already posted, I didn't think we were that bad yesterday. We weren't great either. Overall I thought it was a poor game of football. Clarke did try to warn us that his team's start slowly.
  10. Good luck lads. I have a strange feeling we might have a good season.
  11. Way of the pace today. Forest were far superior. Midfield worked hard. Plenty of sloppy passes especially out from the back. Luckily there are no Forest teams in league 2. It will take time for the new team to build and take shape. There will be plenty of highs and lows this season I'm sure.
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