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  1. So you want me to make up an answer/oppinion to satisfy you. Strange person. I don't have one..
  2. Perhaps does not usually preceed a statement, it's normally a suggestion, a possibility, a perhaps. Im not avoiding anything, you asked I answered.
  3. One example..... there are many more..... warning swearing in video
  4. Of course I have an agenda...... everyone is equal under the law
  5. I know I wouldn't react by booing that's all I care about, what other people choose to do is their business. What I would think about the booing is a different issue. But then I believe in free choice, freedom of speech etc. I don't gamble.
  6. In a lot of cases they are. How many NHS workers or fire chiefs enforce the law? If hundreds of police have been prosecuted how many haven't. How many received comparable sentences? How many times have cps refused to prosecute? How many times has IOPC failed to act? How many police officers who have witnessed other officers breaking the law failed to arrest a colleague?
  7. I can't speak for others..... I wouldnt
  8. Could they? Im not advocating they should..... or when taking the knee.
  9. Overall yes..if a police officer is found guilty of a misdemeanor they are sentenced by the courts...Why pick on the police what about the other public services are they immune? How many police get prosecuted? How many police were arrested in the child sex scandal? Why are cps so reluctant to prosecute police offenders? Why are complaints about police investigated by police Why are a large proportion of sentences imposed on police suspended.
  10. More serious than you are. You really think the police are dealt with in the same way as the public?
  11. Where did I say defund the police? Where did I say stop policing? I would stop the police abusing their powers and make them accountable, as they make the public accountable under the law. It would help if you read what I say not what you think I say.
  12. Are you serious? Why just your best friends wife? Why not anyone's wife, partner, husband? That inbuilt inhibitor you think humans should have is the weakest part of humans. Made weaker by the other frailties we have.
  13. Sorry but that is rubbish. If you apply the law equally to all you are on the road to equality...... if the law is wrong change the law..... if the enforcement of the law is wrong change the enforcers, make them accountable. Would you advocate a proportional increase in the abuse of none black people to make it equal? The fact that police are abusing people is the problem. The fact they are abusing more black people is a consequence of the problem. Take away the problem.
  14. Perhaps, and it's only a perhaps, they are not booing the players. Perhaps another question to be asked is why would you do something to upset the people who pay your wages. For equality to exist it has to apply to all, not one side or the other but both equally, which means accepting someone's right to dissagree with what you choose to do, in whatever way they choose to do it. I neither condemn nor condone taking the knee or voicing an objection. Each side has a right to take the action they choose. In this situation it appears that one side can do what it chooses and criticise anyone who doesn't agree while the other side has to be quiet and take it..... is that the equality we want? There is a strong possibility that there are people "out there" who just see a player who just happens to be black and a victim of police brutality and murder? who is a man who happens to be black. Is this police brutality more prevalent against ethnic minorities? Possibly. Surely the goal should be to stop it all not make it proportional.
  15. Then don't argue just capitulate and agree, like you expect others to do. Is a 3 word slogan of "white lives matter" racist? Acceptable?
  16. I thought the message was black lives matter too?
  17. What I find difficult to understand is.... If black lives matter means black lives matter too and your support could increase significantly if you included the word "too"...... why wouldn't you?
  18. If a racist knows.................. then they are racist? I would assume whatever a racist knows is irrelevant because they are already racist. I doubt it's possible to make child abuse laws to prevent child abuse on OAPs or anyone who isn't a child. It's designed to protect all children in an age range.... similar to the state pension only pays to people over a certain age determined by the government. It is illegal to engage in sexual activity with a child..... is that ageist? Should we prevent all ages from engaging in sexual activity or scrap the age limit completely? Are child protection laws a detriment to anyone in society?....... except abusers?
  19. So if you prefer the movement to be called another name, for whatever reason, you are a racist?
  20. Perhaps because the legislation was directed at one age group and restrictive circumstances? I wonder why it wasn't called black children matter?
  21. Perhaps I have a different perspective. The fact that the police killed a member of the public in the way they did is horrific. The fact the person was black is secondary. The objective, in my opinion, should be to stop the police abusing the powers we gave them. If we can do that everyone will be safe from such abuse, whatever colour their skin may be.
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