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  1. Don't know if anyone else has pointed this out but so far this season Vale have scored 11 goals at Vale Park including the Chickenpot game putting us one goal in front of the number Lincoln have scored at Vale Park this season.
  2. I would argue a different view of left and right as I think a fundamental outcome of capitalism, and more so British capitalism because of the class influence, is limitation of opportunity. Land, Labour, capital; the lower down the economic scale you are the less of those resources are available to you. The politics of the left looks to level that playing field somewhat, especially through education. It could also be argued we've never seen a truly left wing state as highlighted by your references to the palatial lifestyles of the Kremlin politburo or Mao, none of which is in line with left wing philosophy. Either way, the failures you level at those systems are no different to the failures of far right capitalism and in the cases of the Soviet Union and China for all their failings life for the mass of the populations massively improved from what it was, it was that bad before. Anyway, that debate is miles off topic and as I've said in previous posts I'm left of centre but against all politics of the extreme, left or right. I believe in a mixed economy and free private business with some level of state management / control of standards, e.g., safety laws, employment laws, environmental laws, etc. and a fair and balanced welfare state, e.g., national health care provision, state pensions, public housing, unemployment and disability benefits, etc. That doesn't mean providing an easy life for wasters, contrary to the propaganda of much of the right wing press, but it does mean not brutalising people genuinely in need of assistance in the way the new Universal Credit system does and is designed to do. All these things are contributory factors as to why I don't want to leave the EU, though far from perfect it's a political alliance that is generally centrist and socially balanced and helps prevent lurches to either extreme of the political spectrum and it's good for trade and business allowing us to compete with the mega economies of the USA and China. Going back to the references you made about left and right I fear Brexit may well give rise to political turmoil within the UK as many leavers are pushing for a far right free market economy and slashing of welfare & employment protections, there will be a reaction to that and we could end up back where we were in the 70's with poor industrial relations, poor business investment and poor productivity, etc., all resulting in our being generally much worse off.
  3. I think Porky got rid of Page because a) he didn't like him personally, b) he probably thought he was expensive and c) he thought progress towards getting promoted to the Championship where he could sell the club at a profit (laughable now isn't it) wasn't going fast enough. A lot of fans didn't help Page's cause but he really wasn't that bad and plenty of people on this board could see that. When the Bruno fiasco started it was obvious what was coming even if many of us, including me, tried to give the blubber coated cabbage the benefit of the doubt and hope by some miracle it'd come good. If he doesn't go we're on a one way trip to oblivion.
  4. What a shocking state we're in, that was the worst I've seen since we lost 7-1 at Huddersfield in 1979-80. Some of the defending was unacceptable by Sunday pub league standards. I actually predicted the 3rd & 4th goals just before they happened, it was that obvious what was coming. Lincoln's gamesmanship for their 3rd was superb, messed about to upset our childlike concentration even down to the point of the free kick taker waiting until the messing about in the box was over before the secondary assault on concentration by tying his boot laces. Result - goal conceded in the manner of 12 year old schoolboys. Leaving aside for a moment the debacle on the pitch and thinking from the technical area we need to be careful not to lose sight of the core problem, a certain morbidly obese poor man's Phillip Green who's made disasterous decision after disasterous decision and is now trying to recoup the cost of his mistakes at the risk of the club ceasing to be, which bothers us but is of no importance whatsoever to him. He's strangling the budget, demonstrated by a couple of things; rate him as a manager or not I know Aspo's on less money here than he was at Gateshead and Askey was getting more at Macc than we offered! The wages Vale pay must be relatively poor because yesterday's starting line up only had three experienced players who have previously played at this level or above, one being young Nathan Smith, all the others have played 12 games or less at league level and some were out of position. That's too many in the team who're still adjusting or discovering if they're good enough. Aspin is partly responsible but not wholly, I doubt he'd have done almost all his recruitment from outside the league unless budget dictated. He probably had to spend to get Brown & Legge then had limited ability to get further experienced proven players. I'm sure if the Hugill money were utilised Aspin would have recruited differently. Also, if Aspo goes don't expect a proven manager to be employed, it'll be someone cheap. We have to be rid of Bibendum's blue brother but the big problem with getting rid of Slimcia (one for the older generation) is he owns the whole club and wants all the money he's wasted back. He doesn't give a toss if the club ceases to exist. What's needed is someone to do a deal with him to aquire the club but maybe let him have the Hugill money as it comes in, painful but at least it would get rid of him. If he hangs on until he's got his money back the club will be a dead duck most probably in non league. post edited to remove offensive language at end - robf
  5. Fundamentally that is the issue. Pep Guadiola wouldn't be successful working for the man who is happily sucking the life from the club.
  6. I can't see the system changing anytime soon either, however, that doesn't mean I accept the status quo as being ok. As I said in an earlier post any system of selection for a head of state is a whole separate debate, doesn't have to be a President or even a politician. Whatever the confines of a constitutional monarchy it's inaccurate to claim it's apolitical as it supports and represents a system of position by right of birth and through that right of birth the royals have direct communication and therefore influence over politicians, something you, I and any other average subject of the crown doesn't enjoy purely because of who our parents are. Fancy adulating people because they're born into a certain position, affording them ridiculous deferences such as 'your majesty' and 'your royal highness', it's farcical and the population of republican countries must be laughing their heads off at us and quite rightly so. I've certainly met plenty of Yanks who find it very amusing.
  7. I'll be very brief as I'm off to the match but my idea of an 'equal society' isn't where everyone's the same but one where we have equal opportunity to succeed - a true meritocracy, something that terrifies Tories. There will be inherited wealth but what's the limit? No limit or, say, a maximum inheritance? How about £100m tops? No one needs that much. Say what you like about the class system and unelected state figures but hereditary monarchy is a system of unchanging and unfair privilege. An elected or appointed head of state system is a whole new debate but how people harped on, inaccurately, about unelected EU representation then don't wish to be rid of a monarchy is laughable.
  8. BTW Mr Economic Genius, how a small builder / developer like me is driving up house prices I'd love to know. By building & renovating I increase supply to satisfy demand which reduces prices. All academic though as private builders, including the major companies, can not meet demand and never have. The only way we can get back to a 'normal' housing market is through large scale public housing as per the post war years. Simple supply and demand equation. Our housing market is a disaster but is kept that way because the ethereal value of property has offset the asset decline in our industrial base. More wonderful Tory policy directly attributable to the traitorous hag Thatcher.
  9. As usual you've got it wrong because as usual you choose to interpret what's written in a way that you want it to read. I didn't say many people voted leave because of the monarchy, I said the conditioned thinking they're influenced by as a result of monarchistic, imperialist influences was a factor in their choice. There's an underlying superiority complex amongst many English / British people whereby they see themselves and us as a nation as superior to other nations. This, I believe, had an impact on the vote to leave the EU and is to the great detriment of the nation. There's a great jealousy of, for example, the Germans in this country which is ironic as our royals are German but rather than promote anti-German sentiment our press and politicians should be looking at why they're more successful than us and what we need to do to catch up with them. Instead all we get is jingoism about two wars we fought them in, both of which we'd have lost if we hadn't had such strong allies. Another irony of that is by defeating Germany in WW1 we contributed to the demise of their monarchy and dismantling of their traditional class system. Britain will continue to decline outside the EU, it's been in decline since the 1870's in the view of many historians and economists and we won't reverse that trend by retreating into our island and maintaining a system of thinking steeped in feudal monarchism.
  10. You might know your station in life and be glad of it but I don't, you're a victim of class conditioning and I feel sorry for you. If you honestly think tourism to Britain would significantly decline if we were rid of the royals you are utterly deluded. BTW France is the European country that attracts most tourists and London is always going to be popular as with any major city. Also, what an abysmal reason to maintain a system of hereditary privilege that reinforces a rigid class system! How on earth anyone who not only doesn't benefit from having a monarchy but is actually considered a pleb subject within it's hierarchy can support such a system is beyond me. Think about it, you'd have to be mental to want to be a lesser person in society than someone else purely by accident of birth. These people are put in a pedestal by our sycophantic media wheras in reality they're like characters in a soap opera; Phil the Greek supports the WWF having spent many a trip blasting endangered species from the face of the earth, Andrew is a playboy and paedophile funded by the British state and Charlie is as thick as a plank and arrogant with it and if he were born into an ordinary family would be in a menial job requiring little ability. People from wealthy backgrounds will always enjoy privilege, relative to those unfortunate enough to be born in places like Chad or Laos anyone born in Europe enjoys it, but to add political and societal status to that, protected by the constitution of the state, is gross inequality and injustice. I honestly think the imperialist, monarchist, class conditioned influence on British society has had a great deal to do with why the leave vote gained the slight majority it did in the referendum. The majority of those voting leave certainly didn't consider the consequences from a logical or factual perspective and the posts throughout this thread demonstrate that.
  11. Esther McVey is a horrible woman, she typifies the Tory party to me. The idea of simplifying the benefits system is a sensible one but the way they're going about it is punitive, on purpose in my opinion as they believe people are unemployed, poor or long term sick because they're lazy.
  12. Sorry but I fundamentally disagree, I don't believe in hereditary political privilege in any form. Whatever system is employed for an elected head of state at least they'd be the choice of the population and would serve a limited time, plus they can be removed, ie, they're accountable. Donald Trump may be a clown but he's the choice of the US electorate and will only get 8 years maximum. As for hereditary goons & despots England has a massive list of them, e.g., Henry VIII, George IV, Edward VII and next will be Charlie, a grade A useless half wit if ever there was one.
  13. Being a republican doesn't make me unpatriotic.
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