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  1. Totally agree Imo we have been worked out by the better managers They know that we will start 5 at the back and so press our midfield if we go behind DC changes, I've seen us go behind then Totally dominate games, get back and then revert back to 5
  2. A Vaccine that doesn't Vaccinate , is that a Vaccination?
  3. Agree Imo he is a really good defender but needs a leader along side him
  4. Why the need to apologise for not doing anything wrong? Almost an admission of guilt imo, his body language says it all
  5. We are all disappointed I get that, but for some it appears its the end of the world imo
  6. Hiw fickle some are We would have given anything 12 months ago to be in the top ten
  7. Boris has gone undercover, little leaks coming out this morning about relaxing restrictions Deflection Deflection Deflection Unfortunately the electorate have short memories and even shorter options imo
  8. From yesterday I can't help but get the feeling that we have been "worked out" by most teams If you have a high press against us ie: Rochdale, Walsall Swindon etc we tend to crumble
  9. Agree with most of this, but I doubt if DC will start with 4 at the back, that seems to be his fall back position when we are losing I was surprised from his interview the other day when he referred to Wazza as a wing back, for me he's a right sided midfielder or winger, who can play wing back Re Wilson if you look at most of his goals, they come within the 6 yd / penalty spot area , imo whilst he does loads of hard work running the channels , dropping deep etc, we don't play enough balls in an area for him to score
  10. Play like yesterday and we're screwed There did seem a lot of players off the pace We need to win our games in hand
  11. Imo we have been "worked our" High press our midfield and we're screwed Imo DC starts with the same flawed system, and then changes it when we go behind Not being that critical because he's the best manager since MA I.o
  12. It's not rocket science really, just get there in plenty of time 😉
  13. When the rule makers don't follow the rules, it tells you that the rules are made up and meaningless
  14. Totally agree 👍 Absolute slime ball imo, only interested in the slippery pole of the Tory party, I'm afraid I was one of the fools that was fooled
  15. Just can't please some , we have had this problem for years The paddock in general isn't fit for purpose (in the modern era) but without massive investment it won't change, some believe there is a bottomless pit of money
  16. Imo, today was a "free hit", didn't expect much from the game but was a little disappointed with the first half, as it was obvious that we were being hammered in the midfield, when we changed to 442, wow what a 20/25 minutes, proper gave it a go and the 3rd goal gutted us, hopefully gave the lads some game time Great atmosphere, like the old days , love it
  17. Totally agree 👍 spot on imo
  18. It is the lack of proper government that is to blame. Too little too late. And very weak opposition imo,
  19. Been the same for the last two years, no balance, no questions and the belief in the Scientist's, ( not the Science), a Ministry of Propaganda perpetuated by a compliant Media whipping up hysteria At last we are having some questions
  20. With all the big guns being bought out, we are being primed for something imo
  21. No Flu deaths? No Pneumonia deaths? No other SARS deaths? Just asking if anyone knows?
  22. Once a variant has reached a certain level of cases a few more relatively will not make much difference is the theory. There are other factors like the high cost of quarantine, etc take your pick. Still doesn't make sense to me, but then non of it has
  23. ???? Where did I say China was in Africa? The variant Omicron was purported to have developed in Africa!!
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