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  1. Good?? Make them wear a yellow star aswell, maybe build camps until they come to their senses!! Doesn't anyone see how dark this is becoming?
  2. What short memories The title of the thread should be Political Sleaze I seem to remember that the last Labour Government had a problem as well What was the quote that Oliver Cromwell said about Whoremongers, thieves etc Not many good among the whole House imo
  3. Got to say DC got it pretty much spot on imo Also nice to see Scott Burgess get a game and do ok
  4. The feel of the club has changed for the better imo, from the people on the turnstiles and behind the counter , to the top with the owner, who deserves the upmost credit for the change of mindset 👏 Let's just take it whilst we can, God knows the last 20 or so years have been terrible in the main Well done CS , DF and DC
  5. Don't disagree with what you're saying, but Labour imo appear a spent force and no threat at present , therefore it is down to his own MPs to rein him in Which I'd why I was asking how our local MPs voted I get the feeling that they are followers of BJ, and scared to vote against the Government
  6. Interested in how our local MPs voted, does anyone know ? I have always voted Labour until the last election, beginning to think that the lot of em are corrupt, A career politician used to be a rarity, now its the Norm
  7. Love Conlon , really tidy midfield player, but look at the work Pett gets through, he may not be as gifted as Conlon, but the two of together are as good as we've had in 10/12 years imo
  8. Totally agree Up to that point they were still in the game, Thoroughly professional performance by Vale afterwards imo
  9. Let's hope the curse of MOM doesn't occur on this occasion
  10. The fact that the government are looking to extend Covid legislation suggests we have not seen the end of its Draconian stance, the fact that we have had weeks of pubs open, football open, social distancing slackened etc , without any real significant increase in hospitalizations or massive increase in deaths, appears to suggest more lockdowns when flu season is upon us They will not give up what they have taken away!!!!
  11. And do it without the consent of parents No end to what this world has become 💔
  12. Bad analogy imo, at least two of the people we will remember, good friends of mine, passed away from cancer, both diagnosed during the last 18 months, I would go further into one of them being maybe misdiagnosed or mistreated due to Covid
  13. Good performance for an hour, the changes have made a difference, and disjointed us imo
  14. Got someone from Phoenix Nights doing the half time round up , funny as 🤣🤣
  15. In fairness, it could be true for all 3 players imo
  16. When did I say they were conspiracy theories? You are making assumptions on my opinions The way you worded your post you "hate" that I might have an opposing opinion
  17. Thank you for your concern over my opinion
  18. Thank you for bowing so low and giving me my direction
  19. The French are obviously letting it happen 🙄
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