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  1. Personally I can see an experienced goalkeeper coming in Maybe one or 2 of them going maybe out on loan etc
  2. It appears that we have virtually sold out again apart from the Bycars Are we going to have the usual whinging when the ones who turn up at 14.59 can't get straight in
  3. To be fair, Carol is the best owner we have had in that 20 years
  4. When DC took over we were in danger of getting relegated, 18 months later we're all gutted because we have dropped out of the top 3 with 2 games to go, just let that sink in, imo top 10 would have been good going this season
  5. Don't expect anything I wrote to him before the time he said he "voted with his conscious " Where is his conscious now?
  6. The Electorate in General have very short memories, my guess is they try and stick it out, They have no shame !!! They will not get my vote next time, Gutless is as as bad, bet he hasn't , wonder how his conscious is ?
  7. Agreed 👍 It's all to play for
  8. Never more so, has promotion been in our own hands, 20 points from 30 must be the target imo
  9. Is a vaccine that runs out, a vaccination?
  10. COVID-19 deaths and autopsies Feb 2020 to Dec 2021 - Office for National Statistics WWW.ONS.GOV.UK
  11. Imo Gutless is in it for himself, he's just trying to climb the greasy sleazy Tory pole By the way I did vote for him, but I won't be fooled again
  12. So allocate NHS resources based on status? Even if those people have paid into the system all their lives? So where would that end ? Smoking, drinking, eating red meat, etc The clue is in the name National Health Service!!!!!
  13. Imo, it's a sad fact, backed by the discussions on this forum, that there has been no balance from any sides wether it be the Government, MSM et Al It appears opposition to the narrative is closed down by belittling and derising the opposite point of view Why not question everything There are certain people on here imo, who would willing set up camps for the unvaccinated and force them to into an invasion of there will, how far away are they from some people 70 or 80 years ago ?
  14. Totally agree Imo we have been worked out by the better managers They know that we will start 5 at the back and so press our midfield if we go behind DC changes, I've seen us go behind then Totally dominate games, get back and then revert back to 5
  15. A Vaccine that doesn't Vaccinate , is that a Vaccination?
  16. Agree Imo he is a really good defender but needs a leader along side him
  17. Why the need to apologise for not doing anything wrong? Almost an admission of guilt imo, his body language says it all
  18. We are all disappointed I get that, but for some it appears its the end of the world imo
  19. Hiw fickle some are We would have given anything 12 months ago to be in the top ten
  20. Boris has gone undercover, little leaks coming out this morning about relaxing restrictions Deflection Deflection Deflection Unfortunately the electorate have short memories and even shorter options imo
  21. From yesterday I can't help but get the feeling that we have been "worked out" by most teams If you have a high press against us ie: Rochdale, Walsall Swindon etc we tend to crumble
  22. Agree with most of this, but I doubt if DC will start with 4 at the back, that seems to be his fall back position when we are losing I was surprised from his interview the other day when he referred to Wazza as a wing back, for me he's a right sided midfielder or winger, who can play wing back Re Wilson if you look at most of his goals, they come within the 6 yd / penalty spot area , imo whilst he does loads of hard work running the channels , dropping deep etc, we don't play enough balls in an area for him to score
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