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  1. Corner defo from the Railway side Bycars End, Terry Armstrong took it, imo the best goal scored in my 51 years of supporting 👏👍
  2. Said this many times Smith is an average player , at best imo, and plays well when he has a dominant other CB playing with him Don't know the answer but what is the win ratio with him in the side, I suspect not good 😐
  3. Remember his debut i think it was away to Crewe?? but he ripped them a new one that day they couldn't play him at all Quote Replies236
  4. Good post, and I totally agree, DC did say that we had a good budget last season, I therefore would believe it would be similar this season, it suggests to me that we actually pay pay money, if we are for day 5/6 players less, then I would expect us to sign some better players 😉 As you rightly say, I will judge DC on his squad come Christmas time
  5. Why would we release a load of mid table players, to replace them with mid table players?, surely the idea would be to replace them with better players imo
  6. Just a thought, are they any better than we have just got rid of? Considering Mansfield, Walsall, Bradford etc have finished in or around where we are in the League? Imo there will be plenty of ex L1 and Champ, players available!
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