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  1. Certainly was on 19th October 1970. I stood in the Railway Paddock (because of the heavy rain) with some Villa fans who berated Brian Tiler for the whole match. Our goals were scored by the wonderful John James and Bobby Gough.
  2. I’m 2 missing Jean (Chelsea and Salford) but hoping to catch you up in 2020. Can only find 7 just in cups (Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, Everton, Southampton and Man Utd). Suspect your other one may be Villa who I saw in 2 league games at Vale Park in 1970 and 1971. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
  3. Does this count? http://thechels.info/wiki/Port_Vale_2-5_Chelsea_(2007-08_FA_Youth_Cup)
  4. I think that is correct although Conlon was suspended from the first EFL Trophy game after being sent off last season v Bristol Rovers. Maybe that was because it was for 2 yellows or just as it was carried over from last season. Still confusing though.
  5. Apparently so according to The FA website. He is banned from all the next 3 first team games. Having said that, the website states that Port Vale’s Luke ‘James’ is on four bookings. Mind you we are not Premier League so they don't really care do they?
  6. I only attend home games but have been to all the league games at Vale Park so far this season. Two things stand out to me in every game. Firstly a Vale player receiving the ball in his own half immediately tries to find Joyce which in turn slows the play down but if the pass is on for Joyce, Joyce then invariably goes sideways or back to Legge or Smith further frustrating the fans and gives the opposition time to regroup. Secondly, all visiting teams target our left hand side which exposes Crookes as he isn’t a natural left back. Along with terrible referees, the past three home games against Mansfield, Morecambe and Stevenage have produced three poor performances but the positive is that we haven’t lost any of them. Whereas we were known last season as ‘Port Vale Nil’, we are now ‘We would have lost that last season Port Vale’. Disappointing stuff today.
  7. Unfortunately, we seem to have a lot of these when on the road
  8. We all have our different views but the half time chat yesterday was all about why did Pope start? Pope up front on his own does not work and if we were to play two up front, we would need 12 men. Fortunately yesterday, their lad got sent off which meant we could add an extra one up front. It’s not Pope’s fault, we just need a stronger midfield to be able to allow us to play two front which suits Pope much better. Good game though especially as Morecambe did not come just to defend as many other teams do and we deserved the win in the end. But the sending off was definitely the turning point, why he kicked out we’ll never know.
  9. You’re a brave man tempting fate when the Vale are playing at home against a team below them in the league. Hope you’re right though and we give them a real hiding.
  10. Four outfield players out of the ten must be a qualified player which means any player who: 7.4.1 had started the immediately preceding First Team Fixture (as defined below); 7.4.2 subsequently starts the immediately following First Team Fixture; 7.4.3 is in the list of ten Players at the Club with the highest number of starting appearances in First Team Fixtures in the same Season; 7.4.4 has made forty or more starting appearances in First Team Fixtures or international equivalents (and not limited to the same Club or Season); or 7.4.5 is on standard loan from a Premier League Club or any EFL Club operating a Category One Academy.
  11. I must admit that at half time, I would have taken a draw from the game. However, second half we were by far the better team and all of them should take a lot of confidence from an excellent performance. Thought Legge, Bennett, Browne and Montano were excellent apart from Monty’s moment of madness when he should have scored but blasted over. Don’t recall Brown having a save to make and the rest all put a good shift in.
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