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  1. As a long standing Season Ticket holder, I think the club should make 2 or 3 offers per season to try to attract more supporters who may return after an absence. I think it would also help, in a very small way, those regulars who pay on the gate and were unable to get a ticket to the Etihad. Anything to get more fans in the ground should be seen as a good thing and unless it penalises ST holders in any way should not be seen as unfair.
  2. I think you'll find it is 37 games in EFL (32 in Premier League)
  3. He is one yellow away from a 2 match ban if he gets booked in any of the next 12 games
  4. He was probably hit by somebody who run off !!!
  5. Pope missed two guilt edged chances in the Swindon putting the second one past the post at the Bycars End
  6. Grimsby have a new manager, Ian Holloway
  7. I think they would be the games on most people’s list. A good post.
  8. Gibbons has to get through a further 13 league games without getting booked to avoid a 2 match ban - doubt he will do that somehow.
  9. Not particularly having a go at Popey as the overall performance was poor but zero shots on target suggests how different we play when Pope plays up front on his own at home. The last 20-30 minutes was back to hoofball.
  10. Although the game will probably not be screened live in the UK, it will get beamed around the world so surely we will get some of the income from that.
  11. Can somebody tell me why the Sentinel have started to call everyone in North Staffordshire ‘Stokies’. This seems to be common in quite a lot of their articles and as someone from Newcastle-under-Lyme and a Port Vale supporter, I find this term quite offensive on both counts. Perhaps someone should have a word with the Port Vale supporting Editor about it. Anyone else feel strongly about this?
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