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  1. This is like one of the government graphs (not easy to follow). It looks as though only just over 14% want to retain Nathan Smith !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Definitely poor old Alan Boswell. Many last minute goals conceded as I recall plus many many fumbles. I’m sure he got booked one game by Clive Thomas before the game had even got started for marking out his area. Having run a newsagents in Shrewsbury after finishing, he sadly died in 2017. Even though he was a poor keeper, I’m sure that he is fondly remembered by most Vale fans.
  3. Even though the FA website has him listed as LukeJames
  4. Thought it was Grant! Maybe Griff as well but not sure.
  5. Sorry but can I change mine to 4127 please, thanks
  6. Sounds like a one match ban coming up for you Santa.
  7. As a long standing Season Ticket holder, I think the club should make 2 or 3 offers per season to try to attract more supporters who may return after an absence. I think it would also help, in a very small way, those regulars who pay on the gate and were unable to get a ticket to the Etihad. Anything to get more fans in the ground should be seen as a good thing and unless it penalises ST holders in any way should not be seen as unfair.
  8. I think you'll find it is 37 games in EFL (32 in Premier League)
  9. He is one yellow away from a 2 match ban if he gets booked in any of the next 12 games
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