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  1. I must admit that at half time, I would have taken a draw from the game. However, second half we were by far the better team and all of them should take a lot of confidence from an excellent performance. Thought Legge, Bennett, Browne and Montano were excellent apart from Monty’s moment of madness when he should have scored but blasted over. Don’t recall Brown having a save to make and the rest all put a good shift in.
  2. I would have gone for Gibbo or Legge too. Didn’t think Amoo did much apart from the one bit of class in setting the goal up. Some felt Worrall should have got it for his energy but his corners in the second half were nothing short of pathetic. The rest were all average performances, nothing more and nothing less. A great three points thoroughly deserved though.
  3. With the signing of three players, does that mean that Whitfield has been fixed up elsewhere I wonder.
  4. Sorry, don’t agree as I was right behind it, not sure how he missed. Think Richards would have put it in had it have been him.
  5. They did miss a sitter with a header in the first half, which from behind the goal looked easier to score than miss
  6. A scrappy game in which I felt a bit like I did watching us last season thinking we would make a substitution after they had just taken the lead. But this is this season and we showed plenty of resilience to battle it out and claim three well deserved points. Looking at the video of the penalty incident, definitely looked like a penalty but why do players go down so theatrically making the ref’s decision a lot easier.
  7. You’ve never really liked Smith have you? Well it’s one thing that I agree with you about. Every time he gets the ball, it either goes into touch or back to the opposition. He’s also a bit of a jinx in my opinion as Torquay had a terrible season when he was there on loan and the last three seasons since he came into the Vale team have seen us relegated and two of our lowest ever finishes in the league. However, not many seem to share our view.
  8. No extra time anyway, would have gone straight to penalties. No Marc Richards in their squad tonight, are they saving him for us? The good news is that Swansea made 11 changes from Saturday and still won easily.
  9. This thread was started almost three years ago by robf but was anything done about the club's issues. No, they carried on spending what they hadn't got to achieve promotion and the EFL just sat there and watched it all go by..
  10. We have three good strikers in Pope, Bennett and Cullen and we only ever play at a time per game. We have one left back who is really a centre half (he played well on Tuesday) and gets a load of stick on here and we have Manny who is a bit of a box to box midfielder and is injured a lot. I would rather have a potential replacement for them two than another striker who won’t get a game.
  11. The fans seem to want a left back and a box to box midfielder. The management want a centre back and a striker. What can they see that we can’t?
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