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  1. 2 minutes ago, 1 said:

    With 5 at the back we create nothing. Got to go four across and get some width in the team. Desperately missing Worrall. Why Whitehead was chosen over Taylor, who knows. The thing is there will be 5 odd changes now to the team for Saturday so no settles side learning their roles. 

    Clarke is apparently renowned for chopping and changing. It never works. I'm worried 5 games in. Original thoughts were he was full of sh*t. I do hope he proves me wrong.

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  2. To not have a shot on goal as a professional side is appalling. Clarke and Flitcroft have to take responsibility for that. I just wish we could get in the ground and tell them all just how we feel. Disappointed is not the word, cheated by the effort of some if I'm honest. Others just crocks, others just not good enough. If it gets close at the bottom, we're gone.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, soothsayer said:

    I’m struggling to recall a worse run and a worst set of performances for any Vale teams.

    Its bad but this squad is not on a poor budget. we should be doing better with Flitcroft and Clarke. We look disjointed. Plenty effort but nothing.

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  4. 9 minutes ago, philpvfc said:

    Reminds me of Sinnott so far, he could talk a good game but the worst manager I’ve seen at the Vale. 

    Me and my mate spoke with Sinnott at the AGM just after he was appointed. He told us he was targeting 64 points from 32 games. We got relegated!!! Spoke well though - nice fella!!

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  5. On 27/02/2021 at 21:05, rider1308 said:

    Don’t think Arthur Askey would have been so stupid and a lot of the muppets on here wouldn’t have any idea who Arthur Askey is !!!! 


    On 27/02/2021 at 22:59, TJHValiant said:

    He is awful. To think people got slated for moaning saying “give him a chance”....anyone who had ever seen him play for 5 minutes at any point in their lives could see he was not good enough. Who is scouting these wasters? Holds the ball up? Yes he does....to enable the opposition defence to sort themselves out and get the ball back. 

    Theo Robinson will be delighted to see he has another year of free money with Cullen going and Guthrie for competition in the team. Pope will be going too. That leaves Rodney. 


    On 25/02/2021 at 20:49, 1 said:

    Who you keeping, assuming you can re-sign anyone and move on under-contract players?

    Darrell may be mulling it over, but we’ve seen enough to know who we would keep.

    Next season starters:

    Brown (maybe bench)




















    That’s a lot of new players, but I reckon that’s what we need to be serious about next season.



    23 hours ago, 1 said:

    I don’t mind him being given a coaching role. I think there’s a big difference between a player who happens to have finished up at Vale staying on, and a Vale fan who’s done so much for the club and is a lifelong fan. He’ll put everything into any role he has at the club, and that’s worth it’s weight in gold.


    4 minutes ago, darren1810 said:

    Add to

    Manny Cullen and Amoo 

    It's an absolute joke 



    Feel sorry for Gibbo, the rest just f*ck em off. No right back now for 5 weeks. Clarke has plenty talk, let's see the walk

  6. Just now, 1 said:

    Crookes is actually playing well.

    we had the best chance from Hurst’s pullback apart from the goal.

    they look dodgy passers at the back, and slow.

    but we have no width, can’t keep the ball, no quality. <ovf censored> whitehead is <ovf censored> <ovf censored>.

    Two crocked defenders.

    <ovf censored> Robinson, can you kick the ball at some stage please?

    Robinson, f*ck me. Needs a kick up the jacksy!

  7. 1 minute ago, darren1810 said:

    Stinks of relegation.

    Played well, comfortably the better team.

    Same old players made of Papier mache getting injured. 

    First mistake punished.

    We don't deserve to be losing but all I'm looking at is Grimsby and Southend scores now. 

    I've said before, look OK, no cutting edge, lose. relegation fodder. had the better half. henderson will murder em now. Shame but worrying tbh. How long will those 8 points last?

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