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    Anyone who thought we would progress from poor to good in a season was deluded. This season we are much better than last on a marginally lower budget. The challenge will be to make progress to being a good side on what will probably be a top 10 budget.
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    Fantastic second half from the lads last night. I can understand why some players were getting stick at HT. We were awful first half. But we have to remember we’ve only had one summer (where Carol & Kevin had only just taken over the club) since our worst season for a long time. As a club, we’re on a journey and we’re very much moving in the right direction. JA and staff are doing a brilliant job and deserve a lot of credit, as do the players. Yes we have poor games but who doesn’t at this level? Amoo was unplayable second half & stats wise, must be our biggest contributor for assists + goals. Also special mention to Tom Conlon who drove us forward with his balls to Amoo and to Brisley who hasn’t played much and must be rusty but gave their dangerous forward line absolutely nothing all night. Monty continues to confound his critics at left back with another great performance & Wozza having looked off the pace first half, had a great second. I hope in future we can have more constructive posts from some. When we’re losing, we don’t suddenly become a bad team and JA a hopeless manager and some would do well to remember that.
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    Everyone has a right to their opinion. Carol also has the right to ignore those opinions when the posters are talking total bo*****s. You and Kevin are doing a brilliant job, lass. Don't let anyone tell you any different.
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    I was one of those who said 'be careful for what you wish for' in the beginning, knowing what chancers there were out there - see the previous owners of Blackpool, Bury and Leyton Orient for starters. To me the Shanahans were an unknown quantity and could easily have been as bad as the foregoing and worse than Smurthwaite. I'm pleased to admit I was wrong and Carol and Kevin are every bit the owners we as fans craved. I'm sure that once we're rid of the burden caused by Norman we'll be looking up instead of down.
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    Average sides tend to be about the middle of the league, maybe with a glimpse of the play-offs but not in danger of relegation battles. Steady progress takes time.
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    On reflection I think we have a set of fans on this forum who need their own chant. Never mind the “where were you when you were sh*t” song we sang at Man City. For them it’s “where were you when we were winning”... it’s a shame they all seem to disappear after enjoyable games where we win
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    Thinking of putting you on ignore, coming on OVF speaking calm, common sense. No place for you here.
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    Regardless of what anyone may think about social media, it's a fact that people like Pope know fully the consequences of saying certain things, irrelevant of joking or not. He is under the spotlight now as this is his 2nd ban so obviously he needs to learn a lesson. Vale are bigger than one player and his actions are bringing our club the wrong headlines that our new owners are attempting to eradicate. It is not a matter of Pope being a "legend", it's common sense that he now needs to act and prevent this happening again.
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    A night for the oft-maligned; Brisley, Conlon, Amoo, and Bennett have all faced criticism (some due, some undue) this season and yet were the 4 best performers in the second half. Brisley, Conlon, and Bennett particularly dispelled the 'lack of depth' argument that has become accepted fact in recent weeks. Another good side vanquished at VP and 3 goals scored against a side that hadn't conceded on a month. Bar an early stop, Brown had nothing to do, and they visibly crumbled under some great attacking play. Keeps us alive. A signing before Friday and the return of Crooks, Manny, and Taylor sets us up nicely for a good end to the season. Disappointing attendance but I couldn't care less when we perform like that. UTV
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    I love being shut up this season. Absolute pleasure. That’s the debate settled. This squad can do it, we don’t need any players, the manager is great, owners are great. That’s it.
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    A potential investor, around 10 years ago, who would have been fantastic for the Vale, once told me and my Dad that you 'simply can't engage with some people' when we asked about some of the stick he was getting. Never has that statement rung more true than at the present.
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    What a silly post. Garlick is doing a steady job and to suggest he is useless, is plain stupid. Askey has already stated that the price of players in this window is way overpriced. What’s the point in paying over the odds for someone who wouldn’t necessarily improve us? The contract situation with the likes of Smith and Gibbo, there is only so much the club can do. At the end of the day, it’s their decision, not ours. We can’t force them to stay. People need to calm down. Yes, we are five points off the play-offs, but realistically we won’t get them. We have overachieved massively this season. It’s come to soon for us. Remember this is a transitional period. Personally, I’d rather not waste money on quantity in January. We can then use it for the quality in the summer. it’s very rare you’d get quality in January. If you don’t believe me, just look at some of Norman’s signings. I’ll take 10th right now.
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    You'll never please people owning a football club. It must be a horrible job at times.
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    As you know Jean it has always been the way. A proportion of our fan base get their kicks from moaning. Fair enough, they pays their money. The term "Lorne St Moaners" didn't come from nowhere. I remember Terry Bailey getting stick because he kept chickens (?). The classic was one time our keeper (Mark Harrison maybe) rolling it out to Mark Chambo in the right back position. He bombed it down the wing, full length of the pitch. "Cross it, cross" cried my neighbours. He didn't, he cut inside and curled it into the top corner. Response "Greedy black effer, should have effing crossed it". It is a hobby for a part of our fan base. Always has been. Another example. I got a lift down Vale with some people when we were in what it is now the championship. Their entire discussion in the car was how Rudge had lost the plot and was overrated and should immediately be sacked. I demanded they stop the car so I could get out and walk to avoid this bull. With the advent of social media it just spreads further than the bloke stood next to you on the terrace or the fair weather fan giving you a lift. Any old gob <ovf censored> gets noticed, many of whom rarely even go near VP.
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    The next test in the summer is to gauge whether recruitment has improved, and we can sign genuinely proven League 2 operators as well as some undervalued players which our scouting system unearths. Last summer was clearly Askey going through his phone contacts for lads of good character who would come in, fill out the squad, do their job, not moan, cost next to nothing, and be fit. This can be excused considering the challenges we faced in the summer. The squad is infinitely more professional than last season and we appear to have dropped onto a decent player in Burgess. This summer has to be infinitely more slick, proactive, and professional. No fan questions that. The budget is there and the club is 100x more attractive.
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    He was being criticised unfairly I thought. Yes it was his fault he got suspended and missed games but it's pretty common that footballers take a few games to get to the pace of games. When Conlon came back he hadn't played for a while and was castigated by some for being off the pace. To criticise him for being off the pace when he hadn't played was a bit rich. However, he showed his class last night. I think a run of games will do him the world of good and only increases competition in central midfield.
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    Just don't think Worrall is excelling on the left; is he needed to protect Monty though? Since Taylor's injury we lack some of the line-breaking ability in the middle; Burgess and either Conlon/Atkinson simply can't carry the ball/beat a man effectively. Putting Worrall in the middle with a mandate to get forward, then having two pacey wingers in Browne and Amoo might give us some impetus on the break in a difficult game tonight. We're at our best playing high-pressing, high-tempo football on the break against good sides. Tonight is the night we need to see that re-emerge.
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    "We've had some bad games" "Stoke are now doing well so this should somehow be intrinsically linked to our performances" I'm the first to criticise bad performances (like Saturday) but that has nothing to do with the overall good running of the club by Kevin and Carol. I don't like League 2 football but we have no divine right to not ply our trade here because we had a good spell in the 1990s. The vast majority of our time since 2008 has been spent at this level, and for the last 2 years we were one of the worst teams in the league. Would also say were are miles out of life support; club is now financially self-sufficient with an additional revenue boost, attendances have been nudged above 5,000, and we're now looking as to how to get promoted from this league as to how to avoid getting relegated from it. All of the above are direct consequences of sound business running by Carol and Kevin.
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    You answer some of you’re own questions. 5 is the reason for 2, 3 and 7, perhaps even 6. Given 2 to 7, surely that contradicts 1? 5 was caused by the previous owners well documented breaking up of a steady League 1 side and his actions thereafter. The cup half full view would see a club that has massively improved, both on and off the field, under better ownership. A team currently tenth, still in sight of the play offs and a million miles off being relegation fodder. A team with an great home record, which is a complete reversal from last season. What’s your problem?
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    To me a lot feels like an over reaction but in the day of “snowflakes” things are very different now to even just a few years ago. If a bloke on twitter threatens Popey and he basically says he looks like Sloth it’s hardly something that should be punishable by a match ban and a £1500 fine, I mean seriously? Football federations have been fined slightly more than that for outright mass racism! This may be an eye opener to a lot of footballers and possibly people in other professions and Pope is the fall guy a little bit because it seems to be very harsh for this particular incident. Granted he crossed the line with this previous tweet which resulted in a ban, the Rothchilds one we will have to wait and see but again its one open to interpretation. Everything and everyone these days seems to be looking to be offended or finding underlying motives in things and that’s the sad way society is going overboard. I think this particular indiscretion has been very very harshly punished and imagine a lot of footballers and probably nervous at the level of social media post that is now deemed as punishable.
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    Wow, still buzzing after that second half. What a transformation. I challenge any Vale fan to honestly say that they saw that coming. First half, we were awful, there's no escaping that. All of the players were getting stick, including Bennett who quickly attracted the attentions of the minority of idiots in the RS, who jeered sarcastically when he won his first header. That would never happen to Pope in the same circumstances. Yes, Bennett should win more headers, given his size, but I thought that was out of order. Our passing was atrocious, we were fourth to every second ball, and I feared the worst at HT. The penalty changed everything (as well as whatever JA and DK said to them at half time). You could clearly see the change in attitude and confidence of every Vale player, and we went for it. Switching play, winning the midfield battle, and getting the ball into dangerous areas. Poles apart from the first half. Thoroughly deserved in the end. Special shouts out to Bennett, who scored 2, and should probably have had a hattrick, Amoo, who was on fire in the second half, Burgess, who delivered a peach of a ball for the third, and Brisley, who grew into the game and by the end was winning everything (though he does seem to have a square head!). The main difference between the teams at the top of the league and those not is largely down not to a gulf in quality, but consistency in stringing together above average performances. If we could just maintain the level of performance that we know this side is capable of, more often than not, we'd be up there. Win on Saturday (which is not a given, as I think it will be a very difficult game), and we could just start to believe, with Taylor, Manny and Smith all to return. UTV.
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    they're out celebrating the win! Sure they will be back on today once the hangover is gone congratulating Askey and Kegan for an inspired team talk at half time. This vale side are consistently inconsistent. It doesn't help fans frustration to see us only loose once at home all season and be 3 points off the playoffs but still be played off the park by Morcombe. However people need to realise the club is moving in the right direction and risking next season's finances in this window for some a next season gamble with over inflated prices is not the right move. I still think we will bring one or two players in before end of the window. Back to back wins on Saturday would do us the world of good!
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    Next step is to not need shutting up because you don’t moan when things aren’t going perfectly!
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    No, but they are in favour of the Oxford comma.
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    Just to make it clear, loan players don’t come free.
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    So overpay, take the gamble and try and get promoted as soon as possible?
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    The very fact that Carol felt the need to comment is staggering,absolutely staggering,what goes on in fans minds? Demanding we spend money on new signings,accusing the club of being tight fisted, unbelievable,if the Shanahans are going to be put under pressure because we had a bit of a cup run, then maybe it would be better to get knocked out in the 1st round and then they would have genuine reason to moan.
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    Seems the majority of the so called fans on FB forgot to post about our 2-0 win against Swindon the other week ,but we’re out in force after Saturdays defeat . The same names cropping up when we we lose , posts moaning that “seasons finished” “ no ambition” “ spend some money” Thought that this season was a season of STABILITY for the club , and the owners . Carol and Kev ignore these minions you are doing a fantastic job . UTV
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    Carol claims she's received direct messages from fans, which are negative/critical. Its all well and good us telling her to ignore the mindless few, but when they're literally popping up in her inbox, spouting off about ambition and the Robbie concert, on a medium in which she uses to great effect for her community work/networking, it really winds me up.
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    You said..... just the plaything of the far right of the Tory party.... jezza has been against the EU and second referendums for many years, that's slightly left of far left... that's the point. Isn't it time you offended someone?
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    Sorry..... don't drink. Not sure leaving the EU is the high point whereas democracy is.
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    its the opposite to what you got...as a conciliatory gesture do you want to come to our street party I will even give you a flag(union) to wave.
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    Leicester, playing for the U23s. Signed a 3 year deal when he got released by Villa in the summer.
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    Carl from Wolstanton is up there with Rob Ebborn and Neilpvfc on Twitter as the most moaning, spiteful, negative Vale fans I've ever come across. Rob was moaning about our Man City performance today; 'we only scored one goal ffs'. I don't know how these folks get through their day to day business with outlooks like this. Sick of reading/hearing their utter tripe.
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    He will certainly be a more than any in our squad.
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    So are we signing Perry Deakin?
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    Calm down everybody we'll spend at least another two seasons in this league !!
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    Give over. What level you’re at has no relevance to your ‘legendary’ status. It’s all relevant to the level you’re at at the time. he was the top scorer in the whole country when he won us our only promotion in the last 25 years and his goals have saved us from relegation out of the football league on 2 occasions. 2nd highest scorer in our entire history. and he is a die hard vale fan. he’s about as big a club legend as you can get. And I’ve been going for 35 years.
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    Fans /Football supporters are notorious for having short memory syndrome,this time last season we were looking into the abyss,this season we are tenth and we've had a couple of cup games to enjoy. I'm beginning to think we would be better off say in 16th place and then the unreasonable expectations wouldn't surface.
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    The Scumthwaite money is already collated and ringfenced. Effectively already paid for. No, the income from this season is not contributing towards it. Average is not the word I'd use to describe the incompetence I watched today, one particular phase just before the 3rd was truly horrifically bad, but over the course of the season it's there or there abouts because it's a crap league. Write this season off, spend some of the money on resigning our better players now and then in the summer replacing the deadwood. OOC - Maddison - 1 year Gibbons - Sign Smith - Sign Evans - 1 year Montano - 1 year Legge - he'll be 35 soon. At least one dangerous mistake in him every game. Consider releasing if the market is right tbh. Brisley - release Kennedy - release Joyce - sign Burgess - sign Conlon - 1 year Worrall - sign Amoo - sign Browne - 1 year Lloyd - release Atkinson - release Cullen - release Archer - release Wouldn't be too disappointed to see Crookes and Bennett get offered mutual termination.
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    Apparently,certain woke folk are now offended by facial expressions such as rolling of the eyes. Thornberry should be worried?
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    She didn’t tweet it. The post said she had just “liked” it.
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    I wish she would keep off twitter as well. Thats something Norman would come out with. If she got a problem with him, then keep it behind closed doors. This kind of tweet wont achieve anything.
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    Fancy being outnumbered by Acrrington fans on your home ground - attendance 1401, Away following 764. They really are tinpot with a big wallet.
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    Roy Sproson was only 6 ft so can't have been up to much as a centre half!
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    Taylor loan extended, clubs wanting astronomical fees for loan players. I’d say we’ve done our business so let’s shut up shop and concentrate on the players we have out of contract. It would be good if Nathan became our modern day Roy Sproson, however the game and life have evolved immensely since then. Perhaps the promise of a statue of him outside the ground when he retires might just swing an extension deal.
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    Got mixed up with my grinder profile
  50. 1 point
    Bought as in paid for with his own money?????

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