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    However misleading the stats are one thing for sure is we wouldn’t be in with a chance of the playoffs without Bennett’s contribution.Time for the imbeciles to get off his back.
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    Maybe the games were won because Bennett chased and chased and tired the back line out. I don’t know... but the point isn’t that Bennett is better than Pope... they are both different players. The point is that Bennett doesn’t deserve to be the whipping boy and he doesn’t deserve the abuse he is a starting to receive.
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    We couldn't be in better safer hands and everyone is noticing, the difference at our club in the last 12 months is staggering.
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    Some of the stats on here are quite misleading. Three of the games we won when Richie started, Crewe, Carlisle and yesterday, were won after he had been subbed.
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    In the sentinel Askey says he is after bringing in around 6 players in the summer... nice and steady. Looking good!
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    great to see the club sorting contracts out this early and the players happy to sign not just the triggered contract but 2 year contracts this will help us massively when we are trying to bring in new players as they will see that players are committed to the club. we are certainly on the up off and on the pitch
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    Way off the mark with this post. I know who Joe is also his mother and father who are members of this forum, and neither of them are Norman fans.
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    Park Inn Hotel is about 100 yds from the away end car park.
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    Not having this; where's the tactical innovation? Fuming. Conlon in the hole will have to suffice. By your excellent standards this is a dull line up VFIA.
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    I can confirm everything Joe says. I spoke to him at Northampton on Saturday. He is a knob but he's not REP!!!
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    https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/james-gibbons-port-vale-contract-3830408 The Vale have an option to extend his contract. Next years squad is slowly coming together!
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    2000 behind the goal and overspill of 1000 into the side stand. I think we'll do well to fill behind the goal but we've done it before so entirely possible.
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    Nice to see you are still representing us on oppo sites James. Enjoyed your interview with the Cobblers. Not. REP, you are so obvious. Go away. You can try to hide it as much as you want. But your smug condescending attitude gives you away, You are Earle Sperm, and a Smurf fan. Go away. The way you keep creeping back on here after your bans is poor form James.
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    We have a year option on Gibbo! Great news!
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    Anyone see the Ian Dale GMB interview last week where he walked off because he was basically ambushed by 2 morons and the presenters of the show did nothing to police their debate. It is a familiar tactic on there, I think terry Christian was posted on here somewhere the week before.
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    Ah so there was no room for MORE remainers because there was so many remainers on there?
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    The way our season is going I can see us Drawing or losing against FGR to awaken the beast of supporters who think its just not good enough... Only for us to then win against Colchester to keep us 9th. 9th is the new 10th.
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    In back to back league games, Crewe A and Carlisle H. In all competitions, Crewe A, MK Dons A, Newcastle U21s H, Carlisle H.
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    Does that mean one leaver was invited every two weeks to face 3/4/5 remainers? Does it follow that the weeks leavers were not invited only remainers were? Is that the number invited or accepted? Statistics..... statistics......
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    I have seen it at the Vale, a 70 plus year old bloke pushed to the floor by a police officer for trying to walk up a street to his car. The street was cordoned off by police god knows why, and he was pushed over. His son then had a go at this police officer for pushing his dad over and was arrested. I think he ended up with a 3year ban from matches. Shocking
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    After the Kay / Tonge / Pugh trilogy I thought we’d had enough of immobile midfielders.
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    I still say that Gibbo and Clark should be the right and left backs when they are both available. At the end of the day we are making do with Monty there.
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    #SuperValeAway | Northampton Town vs Port Vale View the full article
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    There is no justification, except for preservation of life, for a copper twātting someone in the head with a metal baton. Their own use of force rules deem it to be deadly force and consequently its banned. Sheffield has posters up all over the city centre reminding of the risk that it only takes one punch to kill - a copper can not build up even more momentum with a run and then strike someone’s skull with a metal baton. He’s lucky the 16 year old isn’t dead. That was GBH in the video. “we don’t know if the actions were justified.” is bôllocks mate. Speaking of that copper, he’s from Rotherham and is well know around there and Sheffield as a hothead with a temper, lots of people who know him openly discussing his attitude on social media where the videos been posted. Evidently he shouldn’t have gotten through the system as far as he has if when faced with a confrontational scenario he can’t restrain himself from trying to fracture a teenagers skull and inflict who knows what kind of permanent brain injury with an aluminium pole. You’d be gone for 6-12 years if you’d done that.
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    Enter stage left Jimmy Hill ! As late as 1961 wages were capped at £20 a week and that was only during the 9 month playing season ! Pay was even reduced during the summer months ! Hill and the PFA got the abolishment of the maximum wage rule, which resulted in fellow Fulham & England defender Johnny Haynes becoming British football’s first £100 a week player !
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    Still significantly higher scores than the rat deserved.
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    i reckon depends on next 2 results ? i was a bit disappointed Saturday at 461. Only an hour and a half maximum journey.
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    But it's tom pope. So we must find a place for him at any cost. When he's 40, some will be saying he can be the goalie. Then, of course, we must retain him as a coach
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