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    I'm quite happy with things as they are. After the turbulence of the last few years, with relegation and flirting with non-League football it will be great to not have to sign half a team...again! Realistically, those first-teamers we want to keep will be asking for more money to sign renewed contracts - this is fine. If all our transfer kitty goes on retaining their services that continuity will be better than chopping and changing, again! I also feel Taylor has signed a new contract at Forest may be to ensure they get a fee from us in the Summer?? I trust in the Shanahans and JA...so much better than the last regime!
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    Cullen should have kept his place anyway whether Popey was banned or not.
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    Carry on scouting, sounds like one of those awful films starring Sid James....
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    Established secure manager, well-run club, evidence that we look after our players, incremental increases in attendances (regularly topping 5k now), more money in the pot, hopefully a top 10 finish. If you're a League 2 footballer we won't be a bad option next year. Would be great to keep all of our players but as I've said, bar Worrall, I won't lose too much sleep if we lose any of them.
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    I think its time for the club to get tough with him. 2nd time he's been banned this season for breaching FA rules on Twitter and it doesn't even take into account his infamous tweet. We need to give him a final warning , breaches rules again then I'm sorry he's got to go. Legend or not!
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    No sympathy for Pope whatsoever,he had been warned and banned before, in my mind he's disrespecting his employees.
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    Awful!!!???? How very dare you !!!
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    Couldn't tell you the exact minute, but either late on during half time or early second half. I heard him say something along the lines of "A few hundred quid" I forget who was doing the commentary was it Blakeman? he commented that it was a ridiculous situation for the club to get into and it should have been sorted out months ago. Its a funny situation at the Vale, Denis Smith for Stoke wont say a word against them because he's on the pay roll at Stoke as an ambassador or Peter Morse at Crewe who does every game and wont offend the hierarchy in any way shape or form and then we get Ray Williams Phil Sproson and Chris Birchall who seem to have an axe to grind in one way or another against the Port Vale.
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    Fundamental thing to remember is these same players we're now lauding were consecutive relegation scrappers. Good coaching has improved them as a unit. A rebuild wouldn't be ideal but if we do have to go out and sign a few, all but Worrall are replaceable at this level for realistic prices, and he has actively and publicly stated he wants to stay. Smith's a good centre half but definitely there is equivalent quality out there; maybe not from Madeley or 23 years old, but we got promoted from this league with Clayton McDonald a defensive lynchpin for half of a season, and Liam Chilvers seeing us over the line (I rated them both, but they were hardly anything more than bog standard League 2). We'll be sound. Competent people in charge, these days.
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    In other words, the world has gone pc mad.
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    Port Vale’s leading scorer Tom Pope has been banned for a second time this season for an inappropriate tweet. The 34-year-old forward has also been fined £1,500 after a breach of FA Rule E3 was found proven by an independent panel. In November, Pope was given a one-game ban relating to his social media use. As a result of his latest suspension, Pope will miss Saturday’s League Two match away at leaders Swindon Town. Continue reading Tom Pope banned for second time this season for Twitter post at onevalefan.co.uk. View the full article
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    The world has gone completely mad
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    Fancy being outnumbered by Acrrington fans on your home ground - attendance 1401, Away following 764. They really are tinpot with a big wallet.
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    We will finish 4th. Believe it or not I think we will do better the 2nd half then the 1st half of the season. We are not that far off.
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    Precisely. And I believe Boris Johnson is a lying bas****.
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    its all a case of who/what you believe, before, during and after the referendum the 4 horsemen were saddling up, now its not so gloomy theirs a light however small at the end of the tunnel, i'm a leaver and i'd rather go for even a small light than all that gloom.
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    Well if P Sproson has anything to do with the extension, I’d like to say thank you. If Forest get promoted will they still want to keep Jake.? If nit should we go back in for him.?
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    It was all a little bizarre - no Birmingham bid but they are watching him. Then suddenly Birchall decides a couple of hundred quid a week would solve the problem and Smith wants to spend his whole life in Madeley. A little like Chris Birchall wanted to spend his whole life in Stafford .... or was that Coventry, L.A. and Ohio when the chance to make big bucks came along.
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    I'd hazard a guess they have completed their investigation and decided he's been stupid but not (deliberately) anti-Semitic. Much like the conclusion we've mostly drawn on here. It shouldn't take more than 2 weeks to conduct an investigation into a tweet.
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    Got mixed up with my grinder profile
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    This is a thread for the Swindon game mate
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    So most sensible folk take the view that we're not league champions if we win a game and we're not heading towards non league if we lose a game, though this time last year, it was a distinct possibility. We are talking about football fans [emoji4] I am sure this morning a Stoke fan is thinking of the play offs. But I agree steady and stable progress is the best way.
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    Not really, different team to us that tells us nothing in an isolated game. So far the season tells us that Crewe are better than us, but we've already beaten them. Does that logic make us better because of one game, or does the fact that they are third in the table give a truer reflection? Likewise, are we better than Swindon, but worse than Morecambe? Vale are in a steady progress transitional period, that will see erratic performances, with steady and gradual improvements on and off the field, despite the guaranteed setbacks. So most sensible folk take the view that we're not league champions if we win a game and we're not heading towards non league if we lose a game, though this time last year, it was a distinct possibility.
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    If its true , great gesture. In comparison it would be like us playing Leek Town and giving them the gate receipt. As Vale fans would we applaud that as a decent act by our club , like to think so. As a Vale fan im not offended by Man Citys act quite the reverse. Sure Carol and Kevin wouldn't be sending the money back. The claim thrown at Premier clubs is they are only interested in themselves. if the extra money is true then lets not beat Man City up for proving that statement wrong.
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    the most disappointing thing for me isn't the fact he tweeted it, I believe Popey is genuinely thick enough not to know the historical connotations but the fact there are those on this forum defending him, either through sheer blind faith, or through a lack of intelligence of their own
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