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    Bit over the top to read in to it that he doesn’t give a toss. It is football, you can go from one high to a crushing low. If the players dwelt on any defeat too much then they’d never pick themselves up for the next game. The right mentality is to forget about it as soon as possible but learn from it and be ready for the next game.
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    The whole meaningfull structure of reserve team football has been dismantled, thanks again in large part to the Premiership amassing such huge squads then farming the surplus players out on loan for other clubs to take care of on season long loans. The old Football Combination leagues had great quality because they were proper reserve teams, which was always sprinkled with a number of first teamers. There was always an emphasis on young players, but they had to mature quickly due to mix of older/hardened professionals. I'm not saying that it was as good as first team football, but we've all become very aware of u23 and academy teams and the cotton wool culture that it's manifested First team football is now referred to as "mans football" so it should be no surprise that players often find it a struggle to step up to the first team when most of their football playing time has been in the softer environment of u23 level. This is especially highlighted with league 1 and 2 due to the nature of the extra physicality.and where the ultra technical stuff that we witnessed against Man City, will never filter down.
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    Spot on. Don't see anything wrong in those comments. Dust ourselves down and hopefully get 4 or 6 points from next 2 games
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    If we lose this, playoffs can be kissed goodbye. Stevenage have always been awful but this year have no stand out players to pull them out of the mire. Westley to his credit makes limited teams hard to beat, I never remember us having an easy game even when at Barnet. 1-1 might not be too bad, but really we will need to be winning these.
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    You’d think so, that’s if it was a bit sharper standard jean. I’m not convinced though, that playing a reserve game once a fortnight against youth team lads is going to get them sharp enough for a first team game. I’ve had a conversation with few coaches at Vale and they’ve basically said the same. Its more a youth league now to give the scholars extra game time. didnt we win the reserve league last season? We had a strong squad it was virtually all senior pros, but when they played first team we didn’t look any better or sharper.
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    Some problems don't have an answer. Post the changes in the loan regulations and increase in the number of substitutes clubs need much bigger squads. Askey made a valid point that many reserve games aren't competitive. Getting younger players out on loan is good. It's what to do with the 8 or 9 players you need to keep around just in case you get an injury. Loan them out and you can't recall for at least a month, half a season if it's a league club. If there was a simple answer all lower league clubs would be doing it. If you look around clubs at this level we don't have a big squad. Discount first year pros and Pugh and I think we have 25, Macclesfield have 26, Mansfield 31, Newport 34.
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    Would like to think JJ that our first team would have done better, however none of our fringe players really covered themselves in glory. Surprised me as thought they would be chomping at the bit with a point to prove having been frozen out of the first team squad. Makes it easy for Askey as cant see many of those players coming knocking at his door for a first team shirt. Can imagine several will be released / moved on.
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    All the great games for me have been mentioned, except one. In 1969 we played Wrexham away in the league we were top of the league, they were second. It was Division 4, we were undefeated and it was late October. There were over 19,000 fans shoe horned into the Racecourse Ground. The atmosphere was intense, there was a bit of a bust up and Steve Ingle of Wrexham was sent off, along with our own wonderful John James. The game ended in a 1-1 draw, we scored through Tommy MacLaren. Back in those days Wrexham were really big rivals of us. That game was anticipated for weeks in advance and it did not disappoint.
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    5 games in 13 days. I think Saturday gone would have been more mentally draining than people think No excuses though but that’s football. Edit. It was actually 6 games.
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    I think you'll find it is 37 games in EFL (32 in Premier League)
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    On Radio Stoke commentary last night they were saying end of the week they expected news on Taylor
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    I'd also add the game away at Brighton last game of the season to gain promotion and Bristol Rovers promotion at Vale Park. Two games that stick out for me, Sept 1988, 2 consecutive home games beating Cardiff 6-1 with some block buster goals, then 2 days later beating Chesterfield 5 - 0.
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    Nice one OF! Really great memories because that game is definitely in my top 5 and was my first ever Vale game. At the age of 10 it got me hooked and I'm still a lifer. Another is the Autoglass area Semi Final 1993 vs Stoke at the Vic, under the cosh for most of the game then Van der Laan's flick header to give us a 1 nil and put us into the area final. Absolutely superb.
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    Our first team has been fairly stable in the last few months, we don't make a great use of subs, so probably unrealistic to make large scale changes and expect everything to come off. 2 or 3 players should slot in and their match fitness would not be such a problem. Unlike Prem clubs we do not have at least 20 odd first team players, but are still dependent on a handful of key players to be effective. Hopefully by the start of next season we will have 15/18 players we can rely on to achieve consistent performances. Hangovers from big cup games sometimes happen also. January will be a key month to keep our season going.
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    I think we can count ourselves fortunate that Brown, Legge and Smith have been ever present in the league this season because we don’t have a lot of depth in those positions but it hasn’t been a problem (yet). Last night wasn’t exactly the sort of game where somebody could drop in and shine. It was all a very narrow midfield battle and Salford did their best to keep it scrappy with lots of niggly fouls that the ref should have been wise to. Our first eleven picks itself at the minute. Outside of that, the squad players are either not quite up to it, or like Cullen in a 4-1-4-1 they’re just square pegs.
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    We have had this issue for years . In my mind ( probably wrong ) since Mickey Adams left. Page used to have huge squads filled with loanees who never played, ditto Bruno and Brown. Aspin also liked a big squad. I've read different managers saying quality over quantity but it rarely happens. It's a really difficult balancing act. If we are realistic the majority of League 2 back up players are going to be average . This will apply to most clubs not just ours. The transfer windows and change to the loan system have been detrimental to the lower league clubs. Are we just being a bit knee jerk after a poor defeat ? In the main a bench with Browne, Conlon, Atkinson, Bennett has looked far superior to one with Tonge, Elliott, Turner etc .
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    It's a bit rough to be so harsh on some of the players. This was certainly a game too far for the squad. We already knew that the squad depth was not very good but we are a league 2 club and not many league 2 clubs have depth. Askey has only had 1 Summer to sort things and I would say he made some good signings along with some not so good to make up enough players to hold meaningful training matches within a reduced budget.
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    That's a good point.
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    It will depend if Askey thinks he can improve any of them. We have known all along that beyond our first 11 we are struggling. Most League 2 clubs are in the same boat as us in that respect. In my opinion we should be working with 20 players and run an U23 side competatively giving us a few options to draft in a couple of youngsters as and when plus maybe a loan or 2. I do not see the point of us having half a dozen players nowhere near the first team all in there late 20s or older. They will command more money and if they arent good enough by 23 the chances are they never will be.
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    the endgame here is for tom to end up on i'm a celebrity , the timing is perfect .
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    I think it also shows that the 4-3-3 just does not work without energy in the midfield. Conlon (despite the criticism he gets) looks like his position is probably going to be holding midfield as he doesn’t have the energy to get about and look like getting a goal. Atkinson tried and didn’t have that bad a game, but it’s probably fair to say he doesn’t have the legs either that players like Burgess and Taylor give us. I’ve been critical of Bennett as I’m convinced he’s going through the motions, I’ve not changed that opinion and that’s exactly what he looked to be doing tonight, token efforts in going for a header, no desire to get back in the second half when he gave the ball away for the third. Just terrible. We Also have no cover for smith or Legge, maybe it was lack of game time but brisley looked rusty beyond belief. The majority of the squad that came in with the regulars looked way off it, maybe one or 2 would fit in and maybe it’s the fact that it was wholesale changes that didn’t help.... but the bare minimum we ask for is a shift in the shirt and I’m not some of them can say they did t
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    That's a nice example there Warren but, just to be add a little bit of context, the initial discussion was regarding a trope that contributed to the systematic persecution and genocide of millions of people. As opposed to an abbreviated form of your wife's christian name that she doesn't much care for.
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    As per usual The Sage sums it up pretty well, not being a professional footballer but I don't know how difficult it is to come into a side and play at the required intensity but it must be difficult,only required every now and again. If Askey had played Saturdays side and we lost he would have been hammered so he makes changes and he is hammered,this season is far better than last season and keeping things in perspective is required.
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    I think Cullen could do a job, but not in the system we play. Archer and Bennett are hopeless. Bennett has a shot on him but does bugger all else. Archer... done nothing. Conlon, never rated him, and has gone backward. Browne, was terrible tonight. Even Brisley was dodgey. Maybe as Sage says lack of reserve games does not help. But that was our choice. It was the sheer lack of ability and energy from these fringe lads that disappointed me. I'm not in the business of slagging off our players, just the way I saw it.
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    I’ll do it for you...Bennett, Cullen and Browne. Crap all of them.
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    Commentator said there is a fan banging on the back of the stand and causing some atmosphere. No he is trying to break out of the ground Archer warming up. Again - 1 striker and 2 defenders taking the ball off him. JA sort it out - can you play 2 strikers up front so their defenders have to mark each striker. Come on Vale.
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    Pope may have beaten Martin Foyle's goal tally but he lacks any of Foyle's class as a man and professional. Tom,grow up and shut up,you bring shame on the club, just as we are growing under new ownership. It's not all about you!!
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    Yes, I agree that is an issue regularly with this sort of thing. Surely someone directly affected by a statement should need to complain or if they are in the media where the level of referencing of them is too much to review they should have stated publicly what their own parameters for being offended are. So, for example, my wife is called Rosemary and that is known to everyone as the name she wants to be called. If some person then consistently calls her Rosie, it is clear that person is being deliberately offensive.
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    I think Twitter is an inherently negative place with little to offer except finding out what the team sheet is going to be. It seems to bring negativity out of everyone and it has an addictive quality. I haven't studied this closely, but another interpretation is that the Rothschild family have been high achieving in finance and in an exaggerated world of tweeting saying they might take over the banking world is a compliment. It only appears racist to me if one starts from a preconception founded on some past event or commentary or bias. It doesn't seem that Pope should be expected to know about that nor expected to explore in depth what he is saying in a lighthearted twitter session. I mean he is several galaxies away in offending from Trump, although I understand Trump should not be any sort of baseline to measure from.
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    Tom knows about football. His grasp of politics is not as strong so he should steer clear. His post is not anti-Semitic but it is bloody stupid.
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    There's no need for Tom to be tweeting things like this. That being said, his tweet is in no way anti semetic.
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    I am with most people here. Tom Pope has not learned his lesson by already being banned for one game for inappropriate use of social media. I think his earlier comments about John Stones were disrespectful, boastful and borderline bullying. The deleted tweet is completely unacceptable, based on the decision by Tom to delete it after a period of reflection. He is a good servant of the club, and a fine player, let him stick to that. Social media is a ticking timebomb, and its potential toxic outcomes could prove to be even more harmful to Tom and the club. If he missed a game because he turned up drunk and unfit to play there would be hell to play. What is the difference in outcome by missing games through a ban for social media comments? No difference at all, so bin it Tom.
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    Sadly there'll always be a few but I bet the vast majority of true football mad City fans will have left the Etihad pleased they won but impressed with the spirit of Port Vale Football Club, it's team and their fans and impressed with Tom Pope's goal and the build up to it. From the pictures/video I saw I only saw dignity, respect, and time shown by Man City staff, officials and players towards everyone from PVFC and that included one of the greatest ever coaches to manage a football team and some great, great players. Thanks to the FA Cup for giving Vale the chance to play Man City and make a few bob, it's a lifeline to club's like ours.
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