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    Very reasonable performance considering the 7 changes and them having a few decent names out. Played some good football and two well taken goals. I believe Taylor is out of contract in the summer and I read on a Forest website that its not thought he'll be given a new deal. Special mention to the utter freaks who cheered Lloyd getting subbed; he didn't play well but was far from disastrous, and actually had 3 decent attempts on goal in the first half. Absolute weirdos who shouldn't be allowed out on a school night. Have your little vendettas all you want but please do your very best and get it into your thick skulls that denigrating a Vale player's confidence every time he steps out in a Vale shirt is proper strange behaviour, and you all need your hard drives checking. WAAAAAAAY Bazza chuckles to his mate, another destruction of a Vale player complete. "That's my job done", Bazza thinks. Well worth the tenner entry, managed to give Lloyd another mental kicking, as he leaves before penalties to take to Facebook to give him a bit more stick. Rant over. Great week, great time to be a Valiant.
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    I'm one of the aged brigade and recall, fortunately happy FA Cup days with Vale. This tie now gives the younger generation of our Valiant family the opportunity of memories that will last forever. Frankly I accept we my get tonked on the day but what a fitting and tremendous thank you to Carol and Kevin in their short tenure at Vale. Whatever cash may be made out of the tie (or replay, lol) it should give back some faith and acknowledgment to the brilliant owners that they most certainly did the correct thing, putting their heads and beliefs on the block. We have started to build a Club that rightly should achieve promotion very soon and after so many horrid, worrying seasons it is a pleasure now being associated with Port Vale FC. Long may it continue. As for the game itself I will absolutely enjoy the whole day, come what may and I call upon anyone who might have an ounce of Vale in their blood to get a ticket and show the nation that we are on our way back. UTV. Forever black and white.
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    Carol has just been on Radio Stoke and confirmed the Lorne Street will have seats installed prior to the Robbie concert. Also hinted at other ground improvements. What a sight that will be after all these years! Think I might even shed a tear when I see it. Things just keep getting better and better UTV!
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    25th game of the season, and we've only lost 5 of them - impressive. 13 wins and 7 draws. If we can roll that forward in to the second half of the season, we will be there or thereabouts. Thank you Carol, Kevin and John, and the squad - you have restored some pride quicker than I thought you could. We're going to need a bigger biscuit tin at this rate....
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    Brilliant. It's good to have a team who can come back from being a goal down to lead, and I know they were frustrated by conceding late, but to go on anyway and win on penalties is reassuring. Well done lads - the momentum keeps building.
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    I thought I would see the DFS sale end before Lorne st got completed.
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    Robbie concert Possible play offs Pope hat trick Man City Cup draw in the words of Jim Bowen - Norman, look what you could have won
  8. 4 points
    What a difference in our club since the Shanahans came in. So proud to be a vale fan again.
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    Vale win 4-2 on penalties (Joyce, Taylor, Burgess, Atkinson)
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    Amazing. We now have a terrific pair of owners who genuinely want the club to do well and are passionate about doing things correctly. We have a sensible manager who talks a lot of sense and was also tied with the club before taking up the position, what with his Father playing for the club and him being born I believe in Milton. And we also have a team to be proud of. They won't always perform every week and will slip up here and there, but we are no longer littered with foreign chancers and genuinely have what seems to be a close knit squad of old and young pros from these shores that are all chomping at the bit to do well, and want to work for each other. This tie is just the icing on the cake, and in the end it could well be the difference in January whether we finish respectively in mid-table or in and around the play-offs come the end of the season.
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    Your comments really make you look very silly. Good heavens Popey has just become the joint top post war striker and in less games than Foyley who was also a fantastic servant to Port Vale. You will no doubt argue that Martin did it mainly in a higher league but I counter that by saying he was playing for a lot of that time with better players and several super wingers. How many would OUR TOM HAVE GOT WITH THE LIKES OF GUPPY McCARTHY AND AINWORTH PINGING THEM OVER ON TO HIS NAPPER.? I RECKON HE WOULD HAVE PROBABLY TAKEN WILF KIRKHAM'S RECORD.
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    Labour will not win an election until they get middle England on board. You may not like to hear that but it's true. If Corbyn doesn't win next week he will effectively have lost three elections - 2017, next week and the appalling performance in the EU elections. You need the centrists on your side. That's what Blair did and that's why he won three elections in a row. You need someone who will look trustworthy against a cretin like Johnson. You need someone who is intelligent and charismatic. I'm afraid Corbyn is neither.
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    I called them all cretins. Corbyn may be a nice man who works hard on his allotment but he is NOT a party leader. He is weak and seems to be manipulated by the likes of Milne and his cohorts. A leader with any backbone would have sorted the anti-semitism rubbish ages ago. He only got on the leadership ballot paper because Margaret Becket was persuaded that they needed a left winger on there to give it a bit of balance. He was a joke candidate and the joke's now on the Labour Party sadly.
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    Don't care about the result. Just thrown limbs in my living room with my old man and shouted down the phone at my Grandad. Big day out for the Super Vale Away, £100,000s of money into the club, a repayment of the faith and work of what Carol and her family have done for us. Robbie's coming home; the Title and Cup holders away; edge of the playoffs - legitimately shaking. One of the best few weeks in our recent history. Up the Whites; up the Vale. Can't believe it
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    Would be great if we could keep Taylor until the end of the season - he has made such an impact.
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    He also said he didn’t know Prince Andrew.
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  18. 2 points
    Has there been a better time to be a vale fan since the 90s than right now!?
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    Remember to add in the £135k prize money we will get [emoji12][emoji12]
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    Fair post for me, Heatwave. Was that Patrick Cormack's seat? You might as well pin a blue rosette on a pig there. Like you, I find it almost impossible to comprehend how anyone intelligent would vote for Johnson. Some would say the same for Corbyn but Johnson is streets ahead as an immoral, pathological liar. And it's a wide choice not an either/or. Johnson looks odds on, so the only way to stop him is to vote tactically. There is a tiny chance if that occurs. I could cope with a coalition of Lab, Lib, Green, Independent and nationalist parties. But, like you, a Johnson, hard-right Tory government worries me. And not just me but Heseltine, Major, Grieve, Stewart, and a whole host on one nation, right of centre politicians who have deserted the sinking ship and allowed it to be taken over by a nasty intolerant cabal.
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    Be good to see smithy gibbo and conlon against quality opposion. City play 2nd string, we park the bus, scrappy draw, back to the park and win on pens!! Simples.
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    I'm sorry the word offends you but it is how I feel about our current tranche of politicians. They are a disgrace. The fact that a lot of people think Corbyn is intelligent confirms what I said earlier about all of them - you can fool some of the people all of the time. His academic record is poor and he struggles in interview when faced with a difficult question. Contrast him with the likes of Blair, Heseltine or Tony Benn and he doesn't look very bright at all.
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    Memo Joe B et al: Be nervous, get excited, enjoy Christmas and, if at all possible, get to the game. Whether we win, lose or draw you will have your personal memories to share in the future - especially should we win Always Port Vale.
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    Holy crap..... is that it? .... I was hoping for a bit of a challenge..... ah well maybe next round.
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    I, along with no doubt many other fans, saw us win twice at Citeh inside 11 months in the 90’s. What could possibly go wrong ?
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    Talk about being elated, I had to spend the last hour listening to my “Carl from Wolstanton” tape just to bring myself back down to earth.
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    Somewhere, Carol is sat, rightly proud and beaming; a good chunk of the extortionate fee she paid simply to keep us alive, to give us all something to do on a Saturday, to carry on the weekly traditions of the generations before us, is going to be paid back with one fell swoop. Revenue from cup competions will probably exceed £500,000 this season. The buzz for the City game will probably boost walk ups over the Christmas period. Genuinely couldn't be more pleased for the Shanahans. They well and truly deserve a heap of money and a day in the hospitality of one of the biggest clubs in the country. Please all, keep in mind Norman Smurthwaite; I'm sure some of you don't like to recall him, or even read his name, but stay with me. A man who willing to see us liquidated out of spite; a man who would have happily rented Vale Park back to us; a man who single-handedly took us to near oblivion. He'll be sat, probably crying, in the lonely and sad life he leads. Reviled by all, the club he refused to care for now has a monumental money spinner within months of him being forced out. Just picture his face when number 62 was drawn away to the Premier League and FA Cup holders. Then picture Carol's smile. Up the cheeky whites.
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  29. 2 points
    Man City are a team in decline. Good time to play them!!!
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    He wasn't even our worst central midfielder tonight but some folk couldn't wait for the self satisfactory "told you he was sh***" nonsense. I know I bang on and I don't particularly rate the lad as a footballer either, but he's working hard and doing a job in the cup games for what will be a pittance. Politely applaud him off for his effort, go home, and stop celebrating his struggles.
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    That was bizarre behaviour. The other 90% of the crowd clapped him.
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    Taylor for LLoyd, that should make a difference.
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    Just having seats in will make the ground look 100x better. This is all getting out of hand now.
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    Fully fit I still think he's the best we have. Let's see what happens in January.
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    He's a legend because for anyone under 30 he's probably the best Vale player they've seen. Morsy and Hugill became better players after they left. Pugh, Tongue, Kay Eagles and probably a few others were better players in their day just because they played at a much higher level; though were past their prime when we signed them. Every striker misses more than they score. I have a friend who is mates with Ian Rush. When I lived in South Wales we went out for quite a few meals. Rush was the best finisher I've see and he said he scored a goal every 3.5 chances he got. I suspect you were correct in your post about Pope's next hat trick as scoring 3 is partly ability, partly one of those games everything goes in. Given his age it's probable he won't have another one of those games. I think he's scored 4 hat tricks in a 14 year career. As long as he can carry on averaging one goal every 3 to 4 games he will remain an important part of the club, even if he doesn't play every game.
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    Are we talking about the lad who ran on the pitch at Crewe? I don't know who would want to buy him.
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    When you are in a hole, stop digging. The posts are getting mor stupid even by your standards.
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  39. 1 point
    It was Sat 4th January so will now be a night match . Swindon away clashes with the 4th round so that too might be rearranged !!
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    I just like to apologise to all my neighbourhood for when the draw was made . Its a magnificent draw financially and with a good away following for certain then who knows what will happen as Vale tend to play very well v Man City who are let’s face it are a tremendous team who hammer most sides . I do not go along with we will lose heavily as every Vale player will be pumped to the extreme and with a massive vocal away following backing them every step along the way then expect the unexpected. My gf says she will go with me this game her first game (she’s not a football fan by any stretch of the imagination). Its a wonderful story and can be the start of a present which is so much more enjoyable than the past and it’s mainly down to all the staff at the club and the supportive owners who deserve this payday . Feeling proud and we ain’t even stepped on the pitch versus them yet Aguero /sterling ,silva /be Bruyne. Little Port Vale taking to the field with these exceptional footballers . Fantastic UTV
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    No recriminations? Where is the fun in that?
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    I thought we were unlucky that day.
  43. 1 point
    Gate money is pretty irrelevant to the likes of Man City.
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    City probably quaking in their boots but Pep telling ‘em now’s a good time to play us after the defeat to Scunny a couple of weeks ago. Potential banana skin for us we need to treat them with respect.
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    I don't think anyone would disagree with that, Sage. I've never known a time when our so called leaders were such a bunch of hopeless cretins.
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  47. 1 point
    Wonderful draw. Maybe some cash in Jan to have a little crack at the playoffs, but keep most of it back for a proper push next season!
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    Money spinner and double digit defeat but who cares!!!!
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    Some truly idiotic comments on here just to try and wind people up. Unless Cullen can only play 1 game a month then I’d be starting him tomorrow as he doesn’t need a rest. Rest Popey ready for Saturday too. How many players actually score regular hat tricks in professional football anyway? Id be resting Legge and maybe even Gibbo too. I’d also start Worrall over Amoo as well.
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    Give Bennett a run out, cos he ain't going to replace Popey on Saturday

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