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    Give me where Vale are today compared where we were this time last year in every aspect of the club and playing staff, we are miles better off. Keep up the good work Mr and Mrs S and JA.
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    Brown Atkinson Brisley Legge Monty Amoo Joyce Taylor Worrall Archer Bennett
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    Always makes me ironically smile when people want Smithy dropped. Most consistent defender we've had for years. The only one not to drop a bollock for any of the goals Sat. But yeah, let's drop him. RS are very anti-Smith for some reason. He's decent and the least of our problems.
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    As in Mother, She is the Mother of the Mother town Club hence Mutha
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    Don't recall the Almighty having posted on this thread.
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    On Friday last , it was promotion places. On Saturday night , it was sack the manager. It must be the times we live in.
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    Brilliant idea... revert to the formation that has delivered us our two shockingly bad, dog turd performances this year. Ignore the successful unbeaten run at home playing 433... experimenting vs Macc went so well we should do it again. Jesus Wept
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    Isn't that a bit sexist? Agree or not with Jean but she know's her stuff.
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    Macclesfield were physical but I couldn't see there were fouls that were breaking the rules .Long ball football is easily contained these days and that's why we will finish below halfway !
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    In my opinion mate, Smith and Legge are fine at CB. Our problem is more at full back and a system that defends as a team.
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    Something needs to be tried as we can’t keep clean sheets. The only reason Smith gets a rest for me is that I don’t think we can’t afford to lose Legge’s arial ability, given we are a pretty small team anyway. It might not work, but we need to try and find a solution to keeping clean sheets.
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    So are our promotion bonuses to be paid in Cadbury's Dairy Milk?!!
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    That he wasn't is his own fault for chickening out of the leadership election in 2016.
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    I think there is a degree of over-reaction in that fans seem to be ready to pounce on Askey and blasting the team somewhat based on only our 4th defeat. I was livid and have calmed down a bit now and its crucial to then re-look at it. It was a huge bugger up tactically and the first real time the lads didn't put enough endeavour in and can't then suggest that is it for the season... a win and decent reaction Saturday and things will look entirely different. Crewe have carried on where they left off last season however we (and Askey in particular) schooled pretty much the same Crewe side in April with the system and high press and we battered them (their home record is average also) so to say we will get smashed in this or that game would be harsh, we've only been smashed once this season in all competitions (16 games) - arguably 1 half of those 16 games. Macclesfield have an identical record to us so are no mugs either which is worth considering, yet we are reacting like we've been done in the FA Cup by a minnow. It will take time, there is plenty of work to do but the progress so far is pretty much what we most expected and said we would be happy with at the start of the season, less defeats, more goals, better football in the majority of games. If we lose to Stevenage and Oldham then maybe its time to panic but hopefully Saturday was just a bad day at the office and no more, no less.
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    Can’t see us selling out again for this one after that load of tripe yesterday. It seems big away followings usually equal a crap performance and/or result for Vale these days.
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    Plus they weren't owned by an asset stripping toss pot for seven years.
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    Personally they are not my cup of tea . I'd rather go on the train or drive depending on distance. Think I've been to Burnley and Burton on the official coach in the past 10 years and I go to maybe 10 to 15 aways a season. 6-25 on train yesterday and could come and go as I pleased at my own leisure. I understand that the club is missing out on fans money but it's all down to individual choice
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    Absolute poppycock mate. You really do watch different games to most of us. Bennett may not be the header of a ball that Tom Pope used to be, however his endeavour and movement cause no end of problems in opponents defences. However we do not have the required attackers to complement a ball winning centre forward. I like Bennett's effort. He actually can hold a ball up and does lay off to others, watch him closely. The vast majority of teams we play have "sussed out" Popey and its a different game for them having to mark a more mobile leader of the line. Before anyone crucifies my opinion and says Pope ought to be the main striker, please, please accept he is past his best days , as yesterday proved again. I'm not slagging him off, just posting common sense that it is high time now for our manager to realise we need something different as the service to Tom or Bennett does not allow them to show their best form. Yesterday, imo Bennett was one of the few players who gave us fans anything to cheer.
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    Maybe Brisley will get a game next weekend? as for people saying get rid of Askey,really??? we will more than likely finish mid table which imo after all that has gone on will be a massive improvement,of course we all want promotion but it will take steady progress...….I hate to say but look at crewe,they were desperate to get rid of Artell and we were all desperate for him to stay,they have a small budget and have made steady progress. Of course Askey makes mistakes,most managers at this level will BUT imo he has got us playing better than under Aspin and Brown(not hard I know) especially at home. Cant wait to hear who those wanting him sacked want to replace him with,any idea peeps?
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    So what is your question? "I can’t say the comments coming from around me were very complimentary. That’s is why I ask the question". What does that even mean? I have not a clue. Pope was crap along with rest. Stupid thread man.IMO.

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