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    I disagree, we could do with them getting a draw at least to keep him there, lose and theres a chance he will get the chop.
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    England’s number one????? He’s not even the best keeper in the Potteries!
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    True enough mate. Did he not play for Bury here in the friendly along with Anthony Kay ? It is strange i guess having been a first team regular for years at Crewe. Got to be Vale doing him a favour i'd reckon. Seeing as Maddison isn't even playing in the Paint Pot or whatever it is called i can't see a keeper being on our agenda.
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    There was no vote at yesterday's meeting. There was a discussion about how to return the EFL to 72 clubs. There appears to have been consensus to relegate only one club but this has not been officially endorsed by the league and has to go though a further process. Colin Garlick spoke about the meeting at list night's SC meeting.
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    Making him train in the old BLK kit from the lost property cupboard is a bit harsh
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    I once used a phonecard to ring up Clubcall from a French payphone to follow a match against Swindon when I was a student. They must have thought it was just some UK landline number because I managed to ring it a few times over the course of the 90 minutes. A week later I tried the same thing against Norwich I think but they blocked it.
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    Yeah could easily be, I think he would make a great signing. Wages could be a sticking point, and whether he wants to play second fiddle to Brown.
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    Could it simply be that we're a local club where he can keep fit? Didn't the same thing happen in the summer when James Wilson joined us for training as we were local to him? I seem to remember it was a done deal with some fans. p.s. having said that, he is a fine keeper, I've no idea how good Maddison is but Garrett would be a high quality back-up/successor to Brown.
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    Weirdest would probably be following twitter to keep up to date with Vale v Rotherham in our first year back in L1 in between Xmas and New Year, we won 2-0... I was on a whale watching boat in the North Atlantic off Reykjavik/Hafnarfjordur in Iceland. Cold, we were bouncing off rough sea's but got enough signal to keep track of the game!
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    Quilpie, outback Queensland. I was working away there and managed to catch somewhere with decent Wifi! We got smashed 5-0 by Cambridge
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    Settled down in a bar in Nuremburg airport, in a corner, to "quietly" watch on the laptop, A couple of typical Bavarians, complete with lederhosen asked what as I was doing, so I explained. Anyway they were curious, asked who they should be supporting, I said Vale, the ones in black and white. So they settled down to watch. The crowd began to grow, so the bar owner asked what was going on. Seeing as it was quite quiet and pretty much everyone was gathered around my laptop, he said he'd put it on the big screen. So there was me and about 30 new Bavarian Vale fans sat in Nuremburg airport watching on the big screen. It was the Lincoln game, we lost 2-6.
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    Agent Jones your mission tonight should you wish to accept it is to ensure Sjoke lose but not so badly that you get sacked just yet. As with recent defeats you need to ensure in defeat there is a glimmer of hope and something to blame, player sent off , lose on penos, totally awful ref. When are you available to attend sitting for statue we are planning to erect ? Please pm me. Mission possible.
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    You’re right there glen, I’ve heard youths / teenagers singing Stevo instead of steino.
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    Barry please can I replace my guess to 4645 thanks phil Mark's dad
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    It’s complicated, why does a team that have not played this season deserve an EFL spot over a team that has competed and financially soundly?
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    That decision is very tough on genuine Bury supporters,but it is the correct one.
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    People voted for various reasons apart from not wanting to be in the EU, CM, etc, to other reasons from the Eurovision song contest to a protest vote against Austerity, whereas remain voters would tend to be less particular. I gave it no thought beyond being happy that England had been at peace with the continent since 1945.
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    I was just modifying the Steino chant for Wozza. A chant for Wozza you wanted right? Now whether swearing is acceptable is a separate question. But the Steino chant does involve swearing. If you want a clean version; "Wozzer's not a bad chap, he's got no bad chap's hat, He plays for the Vale, and he's not a naughty prat, He drives don't the left wing. he drives down the right, He doesn't score that often, but Wozzer is alright."
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    I've just seen an article where Liverpool FC had the brass neck to try and trademark the word "Liverpool" - and were rightly rejected due to its geographical significance. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/sep/26/liverpool-fail-in-attempt-to-trademark-the-word-liverpool-footballI At least if Vale got to the upper echelons of football (it's surely a matter of time isn't it ) then at least we won't have the same issues with intellectually protecting our club's name...
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    Heard that the extra tickets have gone as well. Not a new one for me but a long time since I last went. Been twice before. Bernie Slaven's debut where he was sent off, Ray Walker took over the game and scored the winner and a 3-2 win with that rare thing a Vale hat trick by Martin Foyle. Hopefully my 100% record continues Saturday.
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    There is less chance to develop any players name songs now with the depressing, crappy, souless, decrepit song Glad All Over played over the tannoy. It is long overdue for goal music to be <ovf censored> off for good. It is an embarrassment clap like a seal moment.
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    This is reaching the stage of two bald blokes arguing over a comb. Tweak May’s backstop, put it back to the Commons, vote without three line whips and get it done.
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    Bennett scored yesterday ... Why would he be dropped. He is now the top goal scorer at the club with 4 from open play while Tom has 1 penalty. It would make sense to go to Orient with an attacking mentality and that would not be Tom Pope leading the line. I would start with Bennett and if it was deemed beneficial that he be substituted then I would go for Archer who would worry any defense more than Tom. I know there are folk who still say Tom is a 20/season man but that was a few years ago now and as I know very well, as you get older you still think you can do what you have always done but unfortunately father time has the last word and we all have to slow up. This is shown up by the younger, fitter and more driven people wanting your crown. Last night we had two midfielders who scored their first goals for Vale and showed speed and pace that we have been crying out for ......Why would we want to not promote that style of play all over the field. Bennett stays put for me .
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    Not this season, this is a season of Chemo to de-Norm the club. But, Stop trying to interfere with nature. This is happening.
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    This is a club that has had multiple 200+ page Vale relegation threads on there and were singing "shoot the Vale scum" seconds before Birmingham scored the second...but remember, they definitely don't care about us. Vale. Living rent free in shlt fans heads since 1876.

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