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    All good points, and I do think Smith is a good player. However, the goal aside, I have a few concerns with him against certain teams. He gives a lot of free kicks away in dangerous areas as he tries to make up for his lack of height by wrestling with the opposition. He let the player he was marking hold up the play too easily for my liking yesterday, enabling them to get down our flanks. Also, we rely on Legge to mostly defend the aerial ball from set-prices, when imo both CHs should be dominant in the air. The major problem yesterday was it just wouldn’t stick up front. Maybe the issue was Bennett, but (hypothetically) if Smith was marking Bennett yesterday, would he have been so quiet? Im not trying to make Smith a scapegoat, but I would be interested to see how we go on with Legge and Kennedy. It might backfire, in which case I will hold my hands up. I just think it is worth a try.
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    He isn’t that type of player, he’ll keep possession, keep it easy, put tackles in, link up the play from the back to the wings and if we had better midfielders I think he’d be linking that too. He is always an out ball and always available. Players like that are vital to a team IMO, they don’t get noticed much because some people are expecting every midfielder to be doing raking 50 yard passes or making box to box runs. His link up play to allow Gibbons and Amoo to play and make their runs is a vital cog of that right hand side. Conlon does not do that job as well on the left hand side. What we need is better midfielders alongside him too that can make their runs off him to get inbetween the oppositions midfield and defence. I remember watching him when Carlisle played us off the pitch a couple of seasons ago and he did exactly the same job, got the ball off the defence, played it back, played it wide, kept the ball, drew our players out of position and allowed their other midfielders the room to play in and behind us. My brother in law came to watch the Forest Green game with me, he’s a Stoke fan for his sins. But some fans around us were moaning as they do about Joyce and he said to me that he reminded him of Glenn Whelan, a player to keep things ticking over that doesn’t do anything fancy and a player that fans don’t appreciate or don’t understand what he brings to the side. For me (so far) Joyce has been one of the better and consistent players for us.
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    I like him. He's not that tall for a CB for sure but he has a good leap on him and is pretty clever with his wrestling and sticks his head in where hurts. Has a remarkable disciplinary record for a CB. This season I also think he has been stuck in the doo doo covering for Crookes as he plays as left CB. And Crookes is a makeshift LB to be honest. CB is not our problem at the moment. LB and CM are.
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    Seems like a the more positive posts are from fans that actually went to the game.
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    Today is the first time we’ve failed to score this season
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    Interesting, you've avoided the question yet again. Is that because you made it up and therefore cannot answer it?
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    I am coming round more and more to the fact that a leave vote would never have been accepted. "They" never thought that the public would win a majority hence the shenanigans Gina Miller Theresa May et al to stymie the result.
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    Have you heard of super mega cancer? Because that's what we'll all get after bexit.
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    It's just ValefaninAlsager who says it every time!
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    I see Smith is the sole player to blame from the usual suspect poster yet again. Firstly the midfield have switched off for the throw, giving their player a free run at the back 4, Crookes has been beaten too easily and Smith is a matter of being only a yard too far to his right than being a touch closer to the near post. In that position the centre half doesn’t just mark the player he defends the front post at the edge of the 6 yard box. One more step to the left and he cuts it out, it’s fine margins that can lead to a goal.
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    In recent weeks, I am enjoying reading the largely considered, constructive and thoughtful discussions on here. It is very refreshing. Thanks to all those who make the effort, you are making visiting OVF a worthwhile experience again.
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    On the whole if you take into content of the game Newport has a lot of shots at our goal but apart from in the first half a corner where there striker should have done better as no one picked him up and he drove it into the side netting and the left back unleashing a tremendous shot which luckily struck the bar and the goal which was more down to us giving it them through utter terrible concentration and Smith not knowing where is man was ,and not cutting the cross out and the penalty which was never a pen we were in no trouble whatsoever. We created the best footballing move of the game which Worrall should have buried,and the way we finished the game was very pleasing with Popey doing what Bennett failed to do all game and dominate there centre half’s . Just a query what does Conlon do ,was hardly involved in the game and apart from been involved in the Worrall chance did not warrant the amount of time he was given in the game . What I am noticing is that Gibbons and Legges side are doing very well and we are not conceding many goals from that side yet the other side always has a error in them . I think Askey does not change the side quick enough Evans should have replaced Conlon after 45 mins and Pope /Archer /Cullen two out of any them 3 should have come on when we were in the ascendancy in that second half . I was watching it thinking we can win this then disaster a quick throw in and Montoya Worrall and Crookes are flat footed however once the cross was put in a Vale shirt should have been first to it . A giveaway UTV fair play to all like a lad from work who went . SVA needs to be braver and I ain’t on about the support . Win home Lose Away just puts more pressure on the next home game .
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    By simple definition a deal and no deal can't be the same..... in this situation they create the same end result which is no choice. The leaders and prominent members of both leave and remain campaigns were in the know politician's, if you are asking why the leave campaind didnt bring up Ireland then you have to question why remain didnt bring it up either.... wouldnt that have been a strong argument to remain? Statements have been made that several options to a hard boarder have been put forward...... it's not up to leavers to find a solution.... it's up to parliament, that's their job, that's what they get paid for....... bearing in mind both of the 2 big parties vowed to honour the result of the referendum and they are all in the know. The leave voters didn't create this problem..... that's like saying if more remain voters had voted leave the problem would not exist because parliament could not afford to ignore 75% of the voters...... this problem actually started when both parties made the promise in their election manifesto to honour the result.... if either one had stood on a remain platform this whole mess would have taken a different direction..... if either one had said this decision is not in the best interest of the country, we can not support it... this mess would not exist...... surely that was their prime objective, they must have considered those consequences before they endorsed the result, they are the people with all the information, they are the people in the know. If either of them had made that decision article 50 would not have been enacted...... three and a half years would not have been wasted..... billions of pounds would not have been wasted..... the £ would not have been battered etc etc. I suspect that decision was not taken because of the fear of voter backlash...... both were afraid to alienate 17.5 million voters.... control was at stake.... seats could be lost.... salaries and positions would be lost.... that is party politics ..... not what's in the best interest of the country. The people did not create this screwup.... they were asked to make a choice..... they made it..... it went to hell in a basket from that point on because, as with most things in parliament, it became party political.
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    I agree Sage and have said the same myself, there was absolutely no need or reason for any of this. Farage has been the biggest champion of Brexit and together with Johnson have been most responsible for this mess arrived at by lies, lies and more lies. Farage failed to become an MP yet he's managed to create this monster by the backdoor, a testament to how polarizing and dangerous a person he is. What makes me chuckle is when Leavers claim they knew what they were voting for and what the implications were. Did Leavers really vote for people in the UK to become poorer, did they vote to re-instate a hard border in Ireland, did they vote for the pound to lose 20% of it's value in such a short time etc, did they "Heckers like" the majority of Leavers voted for the lies pedaled by Farage and Johnson.
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    I would make two changes for the next match- Taylor or Evans in for Conlon and Kennedy in for Smith. We have only kept one clean sheet, so I think out of Smith and Legge (based on performances so far), Smith is the one to make way. Conlon has been below par the last few matches, so I think one of Evans/ Taylor deserve a chance. Overall, I think we deserved something out of the game today, but we just aren’t clinical enough and always seem to have a lapse defensively. Real shame about Archer as I was looking forward to seeing what he could do in the league. Anyway, let’s hope we keep up our good home form and keep building steadily. UTV.
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    Pretty standard fare for an Askey led away performance. We don't look like scoring much but neither do the opposition. The game livened up in the second half after a scrappy first half not helped by a referee who blew for a foul against Bennett every time the ball came near him. The goal was similar to the winner against Cambridge followed by a soft penalty decision where both Smith and the Newport forward were both pulling each other. A huff and a puff by Vale at the end saw Legge hit the bar and overall Vale deserved a point against a unimpressive Newport team. Overall we look like a team that will end up about halfway in the league. Not good enough to threaten the play offs but not bad enough to get close to the likely one relegation spot and after the last three terrible seasons, I'm fine with that.
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    To deliver something you have to know what it is and how.
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    I thought Joyce was one of our best players today. Hardly wasted the ball all afternoon. The penalty was a complete joke. Looked to me like a foul on Smith rather than a foul on Matt. That was yet another of these new-to-the-League refs that we keep getting. Yet to see a good one.
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    It’s a question I’ve been asking myself all last season. I preferred Hannant, who I thought at least tried. He needs to be dropped, as he’s obviously too comfortable and thinks he’s worthy of a starting position.
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    What a shambles again and again! Do we have no batsmen who can play defensivel. Root looks washed out as a Captain and a batsman, we have to get a better mentality, we are constantly looking at lower order batsmen to get us out of the mire. And other than Smith this is a very ordinary Aussie side.
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    Poor result? Are you having a laugh? Newport are unbeaten in 17 now. Keeping 12 clean sheets and only conceding 5. We gave them a bloody good game today. Worrall had a cracking chance and there were a few others too. Unlucky today Vale
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    Sadly no matter how crazy a scenario anyone could make up the people in the know can make it happen..... it may take 3+ years but they will get around to it..... eventually... The really sad part is that probably over 50% of them don't know what they have done..... more probably dont know why they have done it.... and most of them couldn't give a rats ass. As long as they get their 30 second interview to bolster their ego and election chances.

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