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    Went today and it was notable that our passing and movement is massively improved from last season. Colchester are one of the finest teams in the division and we gave them a game. Last season each fixture home and away was over after 30 mins. We were miles away. We were less effective in the 2nd half but we stayed with a dangerous, attacking Colchester team who were no weaker than last season. Amoo and Crookes looked great. Worrall and Legge were unconvincing. Pope looked sharp...Cullen looks promising. Overall the clues are there...this will be a much better season.
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    Will card readers be issued to the homeless? Will charity boxes be swipe enabled? Will everyone be granted a bank account no matter what their circumstances? Markets/car boots/street vendors/school fairs/instant reissue of cards on loss...... just a few of the relatively minor problems..... add in the costs of using a card abroad..... rubbish exchange rates/high bank charges/certain cards unacceptable etc. An old adage...... if a computer can write it it can also rewrite it. The obvious problem is system failures/power outages/hacks.
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    I haven't seen or heard anything about the game but for me that's a marvellous away point. They twice battered us last season. I'll take a point there all day long. I'm happy tonight. A point away from home is always a good result. And it's always nice to get your first point on the board.
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    More importantly I'm concerned GB is okay.
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    Well done lads, absolutely brilliant result. Jordan Hughill the gift that just keeps giving
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    Stoke losing as well to a Hugill goal
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    At least we can focus on some football from now on! And regardless of our views, at the end of the day we all want what we think is best for our country. Hopefully the footie will give us all a bit of respite and something positive to concentrate on.
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    I've been cashless for ages..Just got no money.! UTV
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    As a matter of principal I'm against anything that allows the mass collection of data.
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    Older posters will confirm that back in the day we used to play a reserve team in another league - often 46 games - and they'd play on Saturdays and in midweek, home and away. We were in the Cheshire League I think and the West Midlands League, playing teams like Chorley, Ashton United, Rhyl, Willenhall and Lye Town. I thought it was great because if I didn't go away I could watch the reserves on Saturday at the Vale. They often played the same formation as the first XI so when there was an injury the reserve lad often slotted in with no shuffling players around. Happy memories of those reserve games.
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    Gibbons had a good game against a very awkward opponent, Nouble is tall, rangy and skillful, when he runs I bet his elbows are on a level will Gibbo's nose. Sometimes have to give an opponent credit, Nouble is one of the better players in Lge 2 and will cause many teams problems hence why much of the threat came down Vale's right.
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    Such a negative logic that is... by your logic thank god for Plymouth they scored three and Crewe scored none or they would’ve drawn
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    With all due respect you can have an opinion. This is a forum. Just because other fans haven’t been as positive as you and some others dosent mean they should be treated differently. I forgot this is ovf and you can’t have a view unless everything is 100% positive 100% of the time. I don’t agree with the comment the poster game regarding this match, but there is certainly reason to not feel over the moon with signings in the summer
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    There’s not being over the moon and then there’s been overly critical over absolutely everything
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    RS was a bit misleading second half. We were okay, not great, but they made it sound like they were all over us. They were not. They were for the last 25 mins of the first half.
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    I stand corrected, always good to hear from a first hand source
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    Just a request to the Praise and Grumble people. Will they put Carl on at 5:50pm every week then I can turn him off without missing too much of the programme.
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    It's no wonder after 3 wins in the last 22 league games?
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    One brief glitch today, then the commentary out of synch last 10 minutes, but yeah it was pretty good. Definitely improved.
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    Very happy with that result against one of the better teams in the league. plated excellently for 30 mins then the balance of power fell back in line with what I expected. I see Ray Williams is as miserable as ever... he will claim he is just calling it as he sees it... but for the first words out of his mouth after Pope scores to be “he missed two last season” shows his mind is always looking for the downside! Cheer up Ray for gods sake... the local press can help or hinder the new era. Try picking out the positives for once and see how it feels!!
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    Undefeated on the opening day of the 16th season on the trot..
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    The stokies are REVOLTING on the oatcake right now.......lol.
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    I think he’s done alright, he can’t go out of his shape and go right on the touch line to Nouble. I think we need change formation to get more protection down the flanks.
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    Absolutely. To be fair I think we’ve coped well in the main, defended any crosses they’ve got in very well. Their one tactic is to try and switch it to Nouble. Most of the time we’ve managed to force him backwards. Their right winger looks tricky too when he runs at a Crookes. For the goal their lad looked a bit offside. Overall I think we played better than I expected. Limited a good side to veg little too and had some good play with the ball ourselves.
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    Nouble, Senior, Brown and Bramhall are excellent players for L2. We're doing well though!
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    Money talks, and it talks loudest in the Greed Is Good League. Something to ponder while the fate of Bury and Bolton Wanderers are decided.
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    Massive sponsors make all the difference
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    I think Bobby Mountford scored a lot for the reserves around the time I watched it but he didn't find first team football easy. And it's true, it's not like a first team game. But at least it meant players having games every week, keeping up their match fitness in a competitive atmosphere, and trying out tactics and formations. I see both sides of the argument but if I was a player on the fringe of the first team I think I'd like to play 1-2 games each week rather than train, sit on the bench or in the stand, and play once every 6 weeks. But I follow Askey's logic.
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    Every developed country in the world belongs to a trading bloc. Everyone. America, Asia, Europe. Why do they do that if it's better to branch out on your own? Why do Norway and Switzerland pay big bucks to access the EU market? Can you explain why? Self evidently, economies of scale mean that big companies in 99/100 cases can undercut smaller ones. Look at the evidence. Amazon. Why is shopping cheaper in Aldi and Tesco rather than the corner shop? Just as obvious is that a free trade area and single market of 500 million customers will have greater leverage than one country of 60 million customers. It's a no brainer. Arguing the opposite is daft. You dismiss foreign companies investing here, like Toyota and Nissan. But they have helped our economy and employ over 100,000 people. They came for access to the EU. How you can dismiss this inward investment with a few expletives amazes me. Just as you reckon we can do deals with parts of the world where it is predicted that growth will occur in the future, so too can the EU. It recently signed deals with Japan and South America. But if I use your own argument that 90% of growth will happen outside the EU I might say that's fake news and you are making it up, because you don't know that it will happen. You can't have it both ways. Geo, I think EU trade deals are proposed by the Commission, then have to pass through the Council and through Parliament and are then ratified. They have a panel of experts who negotiate and member countries' have an input as well as votes. However, I don't know if it's all majority voting or 1/27 can veto it. I imagine it's the former but I don't honestly know. Clearly it's a joint decision and we are not acting alone (which supports those who argue around "sovereignty") but I'm pretty sure that in the last 5 years at least, for example, the UK has voted for 95% of what's gone through (all laws) and I doubt any country is going to argue against a free trade deal are they?
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    You've got to ask yourself why changes are made and who benefits. As is usually the case it's big business, banks and those in power who benefit. I have a card but will always pay cash for any in person transactions.
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    Apart from the obvious not having enough I've had 3 problems paying cash. I bought 2 pay as you go phones in Hanley, paid cash to be told I couldn't have them unless I provided my details.... after some discussion I took the phones without my details. I purchased some equipment, about £400, same as above, I went to another supplier. I booked a hotel for 3 days, UK, arrived paid cash to be told I couldn't have the room if I didn't have a credit card..... another discussion.... they agreed I could have the room if I provided my passport and driving licence... I found another hotel. If legal tender becomes unacceptable we have problems.
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    What about the fact that we can sign our own trade deals outside of the EU? That's a fact. What about all the other variables we have control over that can influence the economy? What about the failing economies in the EU? What about the fact that 90% of economic growth will happen outside of the eu? These are all relevant facts surely?
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    I like this signing. At least the manager has seen him in action and watched him against L2 pro's in training to assess his ability/character. He's a good age to develop so different than when we signed Angus and Daniels recently.
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    Welcome to Alex Hurst, maybe the most telegraphed signing of all time. Hopefully he develops into the player Askey hopes. Not having seen any friendlies no idea what kind of player we've got.
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    Can you pay me back by cheque please,Wrex?
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    That boat has sailed I think. Can we justify playing our stiffs against non league opposition in competitive games while we're objecting to having Championship U21 sides in the Football League Trophy? If John Askey thinks playing friendly games is worth a go then let's go with it. I'm sure if it doesn't work out he'll do something else.
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    As mentioned on a different post, Taylor is highly regarded by Forest! Spoke with a friend who supports Forest and says he has a good future ahead of him and would be a good move for all parties. Is very comfortable in centre midfield and just does the simple stuff and makes it look very easy, started playing left back last season at times and took to it like a duck water. Do believe he will sign, don’t just mention a player specifically and then not sign them! Very good friends with Adam Crookes and have come through academy together
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    Does that mean we can’t discuss something on a forum? What is the point in posting when that’s yours response.
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    It seems to me that the days of competitive 2nd string football have long since disappeared. The way clubs view reserve football is not what it was years ago. If non 1st team games are not going to be competitive, then I see little point having them at all. Askey says that he can judge the standard of the opposition, but it’s still a friendly. It’s a strange situation where today’s clubs have more players than ever before, but less opportunity for fringe players to get competitive games. What the answer is I don’t know. But more players on the roster and less opportunity for them certainly isn’t it.
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    Glad we don’t do it, it’s got to lose sales. I for one won’t be buying anything at Colchester.
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    Stupid idea, can understand the turnstiles being cashless but having to use a card to buy a cup of tea or bag of crisps, ridiculous.
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    Good to see the negativity has spread to the other side of the world [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]

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