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    Agreed on that, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Durrell is in a Vale shirt next season, especially if Whitfield leaves and frees up his wage. Anyone who thinks we should are could challenge for promotion next season is daft. We're coming off the back of 3 years of neglect on the playing side and many more years of neglect on the non-playing side. We've only just appointed a proper physio for crying out loud. As long as we have some stability, some better/attacking performances at home and some kind of strategy other than 'hope Brown keeps us in the game for 60 mins then we'll have a few shots and see what happens' then we should all be fairly happy. This season is about putting the foundations in place to build success upon in the future. Rid the club of the bad eggs and create a winning mentality. If you're expecting us to be giving Nicky Maynard 7k a week then enjoy the drive to Mansfield because that's not how we're going to do things.
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    To be honest, I didn't think it was very becoming of the club captain to go on about having sex with opposing fans' mums and whatnot but I guess I'm in the minority.
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    If fans demand rapid improvement at a high cost then they will be disappointed. its very very clear this is a slow and steady development. If that’s not what people want then that’s down to them... I hope they enjoy their Saturdays out shopping. Carol and Kevin have the best interests of the club at heart... that’s what people will care about.
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    They sold Jayden Stockley to Preston for 750,000 in January so obviously have some money to spend The Hugil money could help us the same , oh hold on a min someone trousered it all and left
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    Colchester have had a load of cash in from Bristol City for Szmodics. All our transfer income has disappeared into a black hole in Leicestershire.
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    Actually Dangerous Dodds is better than some of the signings.(Ryan Lloyd.)
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    Jevani Brown and Paris Cowen-Hall are superb signings for Colchester. They have a LOT of debt I believe which has probably funded them which we can't compete with but it's the type of signings we need (pace + creativity out wide). Until we sign a couple of pacey wingers I don't believe we're any better than last season.
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    I don't normally take much notice of visiting team's players but I thought that Durrell stood out in the game at Vale Park. Didn't go to the game at Macc so cannot comment on that game
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    Dunno what it is, and admittedly i'm saying this with little substance to back it up, I just get the feeling we aren't quite done in terms of bringing players through the door, and I have a feeling that one might not be a trialist. Macclesfield's players took to court yesterday in an attempt to add their unpaid wages to a winding up petition. That being said, I would hope that Elliott Durrell wanted to get this through to court prior to deciding his own future. That is due to return to court in mid August, so with it being filed, I can only assume he will now resolve his own future, possibly signing for the Vale??? I wonder if this is why Askey has said, a couple of times over the past few weeks, that he is "prepared to wait" to get deals done. I'm probably putting 2+2 together and getting 5, although Durrell is a decent player at this level and did well in (no disrespect to Macc) a crap team. Would like to see him come in... Other than that, I wonder if the forward players he's brought in on trial, who all strike me as being out and out centre forwards (Brown maybe the exception) would be there to replace Miller, giving us Bennett, Pope, Cullen and A N other. Just wonder if we've brought these lads in on trial as they offer something different to the lads already on the books. Cummings coming in on trial is probably the most likely signing, if he performs well, and barring Mitch Clark doing a U turn and not joining Real Madrid or Bayern Munich ( ) the right back opening in the squad is there for the taking. As for the goalkeepers, again a chance for them both to impress, two lads from very different backgrounds who are essentially fighting for a deputy's spot. Wouldn't rule us out doing a little more transfer business just yet, so I'd urge patience KTF
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    With the additional season ticket sales, I would like to think that the budget might be able to be reviewed, although I suspect it is more likely that once Askey has his squad in place, it will be a case of trying to strengthen in January if we find ourselves at either end of the table. I'd like to see some kind of 'statement' signing - someone that would get bums on, and then off seats, now that it looks like there will be a few more of them at Vale Park. For all the encouraging noises coming from Askey, it's clear that we are not going to suddenly start outplaying teams with the same players that we finished last season with, unless Askey is a lower league Guardiola! The good thing is that his promoted Macc side were clearly better than the sum of its parts, so we should expect to see improvement. But we are still lacking quality - and in a smaller squad, with all of its versatility and togetherness, that flash of quality is what is going to elevate us above the humdrum pack around us. We should be positioning ourselves as a big player at this level.
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    Leaving the EU wihout a deal would break up our country. It'll lead to independence referendums- and I thought you were anti referendums.
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    Honestly, you're wasting your time trying to discuss anything with him. I know he'll come back wittering on about hypocrisy or whatever but I've never come across a more myopic and stubborn poster. He demands proof yet litters his posts with 'in my opinion' or 'I believe', there's no compromise or regard for what the other side believes, just endless drooooooooning on about democracy. Anything that supports his view is 'fact' and doesn't need questioning and anything supporting the other argument is dismissed with any number of excuses. I keep kicking myself for engaging but I strongly advise you just to sidestep him. As I've said before, he's not going to change my mind and I'm not going to change his and he's so dug in to his arguments, there's not even any interesting or thought provoking debate to be had.
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    To improve the team we need better players. Not replace the players who have left with the same or even worse players. The top teams have improved their teams by signing better players than the ones who have left. Micky bought in better established players in when we went up. We don’t need another season fighting relegation like the last 2 seasons. I don’t expect us to break the bank throwing away money that we haven’t got on expensive signings. But also I don’t expect us to waste the budget signing squad players instead of established league players who can claim a first team place.
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    I'd love us to "do an Accrington" and I hate to be pessimistic but I'm very much being a realist too. It's all very well cultivating a professional environment but good attitudes won't score goals, ability does. I will be patient and hope someone can pull a couple of rabbits out of the hat in 4 weeks! I'll be there 1st game of the season regardless though!
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    On paper we haven't improved the squad. We've just made it smaller and added unknown quantities (perhaps baring Cullen). Time will hopefully prove the old saying "you don't play football on paper"
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    Relegation it is then. Quite like Boreham Wood away and Solihull Moors anyway so welcome your pessimism greatly.
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    We've never really replaced Grant - a player who can help the back four, win headers and tackles and interceptions and break up play when we don't have the ball. Griffith did that a few years ago but since then we've made do with an aged converted centre back (Kay), even more aged Tongue and Pugh, and then Joyce who, for all his qualities in passing the ball and making space for himself, isn't a midfielder with tenacious tackling ability nor very good in the air. I'd like to see us find another strong lad like Grant but I guess they cost money. We don't really know what our XI will be in 4-5 weeks time. I suspect both Bennett and Cullen will always be in the squad. Kennedy might oust one of the centre backs. We could have a new right back. Most people agreed that Worrall and Oyeleke were shoe-in first teamers and were delighted that they both signed. Pope remains - the best target man in the league, or the one at least who won most high balls last season. And I'm sure we'll see another winger and a midfielder arrive. I'm not as pessimistic as some. We'll have a competitive team. The spine is decent and we've added two lads who are capable of getting double figures to help out Pope. Monty I forgot. On his day he's an excellent player at this level and we've still got 1-2 loan players to add. Don't jump the gun. Patience.
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    I have met Elliott Durrell and his family a few times so would know him if he sat next to me on a bus. He is a very likeable chap. And on his day he is a very exciting player to watch. He scored the goal that kept Macc up last season. Unfortunately he is injury prone. And therefore would be a risky signing. He reminds me of a lower league Shaqiri, both in build and style of play.
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    I totally understand and agree with the perceived philosophy of JA and the new owners that this is time to get the club going in the right direction, consolidate and build for the future and anything above a mid table finish would be a bonus. However, I do believe we need some decent/quality Lge1/2 players, a RB, a CB, a powerful central midfield player and a forward or else we are looking a tad thread bare on experience and quality at Lge 2 level given the bulk of this squad missed relegation by not much this last two seasons. If the unthinkable happened I would fear the worst for PVFC.
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    Kieran Kennedy and Scott Burgess played for Askey at Macc but dropped down into non league.Also Rhys Browne (Ex Macc,Ex Yeovil) is on trial.
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    rightly so. I am all for banter, some of his industrial language and posturing is a tad embarrassing i find.
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    There must be loads of decent players who are now not being paid and are desperate to find a club.About time we thought about signing quality not quantity.
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    Half the players we have signed couldn’t get in the Macc first team but are suddenly going to be changed into world beaters by Askey. Get real.
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    Ask the Macc fans,that what I base my opinion on and that of a scout I know
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    For the very first time in my life I felt ashamed to be British after the antics of the so called MEP's from the Brexit, Liberal and Green parties at the European Parliament the other day. What the heck were these idiots thinking, it just shows the dearth of political talent in the UK. If these goons think this is a way to negotiate a better deal for the UK they've got a rude awakening coming, disgraceful, childish, disgusting behavior and as for the T-shirts beyond belief of supposed grown up humans.
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    at last !! simple and cheap to do but it just makes it look like someone cares .
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    On the Macc forum he is consistently voted into the all time Macclesfield XI. As well as being described as a terrier who hassles defenders (something vale fans love), a game changer and a scorer of important goals. He is also recognised as having excellent delivery from out wide... making the prospect of him dropping pinpoint crosses on Popeys head very exciting indeed. I also thought he played well against us.
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    He was their standout player and bossed the midfield, but I do think there are better options out there.
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    Why don't some of you open a thread on Corbyn since you are totally obsessed by him, and anti-semitism? This is supposedly about May, the government, their Brexit policy and what the two candidates are like and stand for.
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    I see where Ajose has signed for Exeter. Where are they getting their money from?

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