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    I think the club learnt from last season that ostracising players just caused discontent. Askey has said both remain Vale players and he will play them if they come back and prove him wrong. Interesting that Whitfield came third in the endurance tests as he's never looked capable of lasting 90 minutes in either of his seasons with us. It wouldn't shock me if both have good seasons. Rawlinson looks clumsy but he's brave, strong, tall and prepared to battle with a big centreforward, which we need at times in this league. We've had worse centrehalves so If he stays I wouldn't lose too much sleep and as the window moves to its conclusion it will get harder to replace him. I'd rather have him than take a last minute risk on an under 23 loan signing who might not be capable of handling the physical side of the game.
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    Many people honestly believe something because an "expert" says its true, which eventually turns out to be false... there are no "experts" when predicting the future, if there were the bookies would be bankrupt. There is a danger, economically, of not leaving the EU. There is a danger of such wide splits politically that coalitions may have to be formed to govern for many years to come, which in itself hobble any party to the whims of its conspirators, e.g. the DUP. That would be financially damaging. Although I disagree with regal beagles assessments I also aknowledge he could be correct.
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    I quite like the ritual of driving up there having a look around the shop if I am able. Even if it's just to collect a receipt I see it as tradition, I think that I've only ever had to order over the phone after leaving it too late to get up there.
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    Remember that you can also buy/renew season tickets over the phone. 01782 655821 I've just renewed 2 from the comfort of my back garden.
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    To be honest mate at the moment there is bugger all she can do, no respect, no authority, no support, no influence, no power... like a limp lettuce on a bad salad.... pushed to the side of the plate.
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    I think the figure at close of play on Friday was 3,075. Two days to go and as you say it doesn't include VPs or boxes that I think have all gone. Last year we'd sold around 2800 by the end of June and 2900 the year before so with 48 hours to go and the "posh" seats selling out we should - hopefully - be pushing upwards from 3500 and maybe towards the magic 4000 but I don't want to run before I can walk. Suffice to say, after the three worst consecutive seasons we ever had in our history, this is splendid and very welcoming good news. I'm as pleased for the new owners as I am for the fans as they've taken a huge gamble, put their faith in Burslem, and their money where their mouth is. Delighted for them. Anyone wavering still - get up there and buy into the new era! Two days and counting...
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    Joe Berks a highly rated youth team midfielder. I can imagine he will get a loan this year to gain experience... has an eye for a wonder goal! https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/joe-berks-amazing-goal-best-2211047.amp the other is Lucas Green-Birch
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    Former Manchester City, Leicester City, Motherwell and Macclesfield defender Kieran Kennedy is part of the new Port Vale squad View the full article
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    The game has moved on from old school wingers hugging the touchline
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    My wife pulled a face like that when I said I was taking her away for surprise night out and she realised we were on our way to the Johnston's Paint Trophy game at Morecambe.
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    Plenty of so called wingers play in a front three but they have to also be able to play as an inside forward and in short score goals but equally many a number 10 or inside forward must also have the mobility and work rate to track back and supply width as well as goals. Anyway its good to know that Barca/Bayern/Citeh/Pool all play 4/3/3 also known as"Askeyball". ("Askeyball" is a system of 4/3/3 football whereby a midfield three move side to side and a front three move side to side and is believed to have been discovered in a public house on the Staffordshire/Cheshire borders in an alcohol enthused vision while playing Space Invaders.)
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    I'm happy with what is going on now at our Club. Having rid ourselves of the vermin that was killing us it was refreshing this morning to renew my 2 season tickets after 5 NEW fans purchased theirs. Askey is attempting to build a squad of players that will work with and complement each other. A speedy winger and maybe a box to box midfielder and hardened defender will see us in a million times better place than when the last season ended. Thanks Carol and Kevin, alongside John, we are rebuilding a hope for the Valiant faithful.
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    One of those dreaded hedge fund companies from London. From memory, SISU’s bid was fronted by former Man City player Ray Ranson, who made millions in selling sports companies I’m led to believe.
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    That is why it was so important that Carol and Kevin ousted Mr Smurthwaite and put the ground back into the club. This story underlines how important the Shanahan's have been. Whatever the future holds for us we still have our home for our team. Thanks again Carol and Kevin for ensuring this was not a Port Vale story.

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