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Euro 2020 Prediction League - "Euro 2020 Football Championship street lights at Bucharest Christmas market" by wuestenigel is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Euro 2020 Prediction League

It may have been delayed by a year due to the global pandemic but the Euro 2020 football competition is still eagerly anticipated. Who will end up winners and how will home nations England and Wales fare in the competition?

Our completely free competition is very simple – just predict the scores of the matches before they take pace. The more accurate you are, the more points you will accrue.

So are you ready to test your powers of prediction by entering our competition and pitting your wits against fellow football fans? Entry to our popular free Euro 2020 Prediction Leagues is completely free. This is a special one-off summer league but we’ll be publishing our usual Premier League and League Two leagues at the start of the new season. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this competition over the summer months! Why not discuss your progress in the popular OVF forum too?

How the Euro 2020 Prediction League works


  • Points are calculated as 3 points for a correct score, or 1 point for a correct result.


  • You can make predictions up to an hour before kick-off.
  • You can change your predictions as many times as you like up until this point.

If you have an account for our other League Two and Premier League games, please log-in to our Euro 2020 Prediction League with those details. If you haven’t played the Prediction League before, you will need to register a new account (please don’t use your forum login, it won’t work).

By the way, you’ll also find the Euro 2020 fixtures and group tables further down the page.

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Euro 2020 Fixtures

Euro 2020 Results

Euro 2020 Tables

The Euro 2020 Prediction League is hosted by Stats FC. The OVF website is not responsible for the accuracy or availability of the game.