1. Stan Keeling
    6th March 2021 @ 5:40 pm

    Followed since the 60s ,but I have had it with the Vale I don’t want to spend another week of agony. So of course I wish them all the best but I resign , thanks for the memories.

  2. Brian Emery
    6th March 2021 @ 5:47 pm

    Clarke once again changed team and system, I honestly thought Gannon would be our worst manager but Clarke is worse. Absolutely not a clue how to bring out the best in our players, they can play 4/3/3 but the manager will not accept this. Even with all our big players fit 4/3/3 is our best formation. Poor choice as manager by the owners and Flitcroft needs to be put in charge of team affairs asap. Players we have were good enough for top 6 let alone bottom 2 and if Askey had remained we would have been comfortable, injuries to top players hampered him. If we do not act quickly Clarke will take us down.

  3. Ian
    6th March 2021 @ 7:45 pm

    Clarke has never achieved anything on his own been part of a three man team with Marcus Stewart and Dutton. Also with Salisbury and definetly his First promotion with Bristol Rovers he had the biggest budget in the league. This situation is very different

  4. Bob Norbury.
    7th March 2021 @ 12:52 am

    I have said enough in the last few weeks. Things are certainly not getting any better because even though we scored two goals today we still got no points. The problem is that when you lose the ability to win it is very difficult get the winning attitude back again.

    It’s very disappointing and just scraping the odd draw, but mainly losing, is certainly spoiling my weekends and some Tuesday nights. My wife thinks that I have become a miserable sod but that is because she doesn’t understand the disappointment that you suffer as a committed supporter.

    Earlier in the season I thought that Vale had a good squad and was also very pleased when we finally signed Jake Taylor but things haven’t worked out as I thought they might.and I am now beginning to despair. I hope that Darrell Clarke’s presence soon begins to have some greater effect otherwise we will have some very serious problems.

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