Quiz: ten tricky questions about John Rudge’s Port Vale signings

Test your knowledge and see how you get on with our latest quiz – ten questions on signings by legendary manager John Rudge.

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John Rudge Signings

Which of these made the MOST appearances for Port Vale?
Dean Glover
Neil Aspin
Ray Walker
Which of these was NOT signed from Leicester City?
Gary Ford
Nicky Cross
Paul Kerr
Which of these was the EARLIEST signing?
Ian Bogie
Steve Guppy
Jon McCarthy
Which of these cost the MOST money?
Jermaine Holwyn
Rogier Koordes
Nico Jalink
Which of these players scored the MOST Port Vale goals?
Lee Glover
Keith Houchen
Joe Allon
Which of these keepers made the MOST appearances?
Arjan van Heusden
Trevor Wood
Kevin Pilkington
Which of these 1990-91 on loan full-backs made the MOST appearances?
Nicky Platnauer
Reuben Agboola
Colin Gibson
Which of these cost the LEAST amount of money?
Tony Naylor
Lee Glover
Dean Glover
Which of these non-league signings made the MOST appearances?
Dean Stokes
Stewart Talbot
Gareth Griffiths
Which of these players was sold for the MOST money?
Robbie Earle
Darren Beckford
Steve Guppy
John Rudge Signings
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