What can I still bet on now many sports have been cancelled?

The Coronavirus has affected the whole world in recent months. It has also wreaked havoc on the 2020 sporting calendar but nevertheless there’s still some sports events you can place a bet on.

Since the global outbreak of Coronavirus, the world has rightly concentrated on containing the pandemic. As a result, it’s only right that sporting events should take second place to the precautions needed.

Why have sports been cancelled?

As a result most major sporting events such as the Premier League, the Football League, the Euro 2020 championships, the boat race, the Grand National, London Marathon and Test match cricket have all been suspended. The Olympic games, which take place later in the year, also look to be in considerable doubt and are also likely to be postponed or even cancelled.

Our club Port Vale, like many other sporting organisations is playing a waiting game and awaiting news on if and when the season will be completed. However, there are still some events taking place out there. Let’s have a look at some of them.

What events are still on?

Well, to be frank there’s not an awful lot of sporting events to choose from. In football, the Brazilian State Championships are still being played, there’s some limited horse racing in the United Kingdom and the United States and there’s even odds being taken on (of all things) eSports.

So, what horse racing events are still on?

In the UK there are still horse races happening at places like Taunton, Wetherby and Wexford. These races are taking place away from crowds to comply with the regulations restricting gathering in public places. However, they are still competitive horse races and there’s plenty of chances to win if you know your racing. You may want to check out the odds on an expert website such as Sporting Life before taking a punt on the horses.

And can I bet on eSports… really?

Yes, eSports betting is a relatively new form of (mostly) online betting that has experienced an exponential growth in the last couple of years. With several groundbreaking eSports franchises seeing the light of day, eSports and eSports betting doesn’t look like it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. This may be the time to try it out.

But what if I know hardly anything about these sports?

Unless you’re a betting pinsticker and want to trust purely to luck, it’s a good idea to have some sort of knowledge about the sports you are about to bet on. But that can be tricky as these are admittedly those sports still standing are arguably some of the more obscure sports around. So, you may need to ask the betting experts for some advice instead.

What betting experts should I visit?

Our recommendation is to pay a visit to www.bettingtips.net/. This well established website is an invaluable resource for punters. It contains a host of information including football tips, odds comparisons and even articles on betting strategies. You’ll quickly find the best betting offers on this website.

Can you give me any more advice?

Yes. Our friends at Betting Tips don’t just cover essential betting advice. They also have a whole host of betting sign-up offers. In the current climate these may be the ideal way to minimalize the gamble by getting things such as bonuses, free bets and much more besides. If you’re new to betting it may be the ideal place to begin and get some great new offers to use.

And finally a few words of advice

These are worrying times and we’d like all of you to stay safe and well. If you do fancy placing a bet, please consider placing it online so you are not exposing yourself to potential carriers of the virus and remember that you should always bet what you can afford to lose and to know your limits.

Good luck!

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