Can I get therapy at home during the Coronavirus Lockdown

It is still possible to engage in therapy during the current Coronavirus lockdown in the UK.

The global pandemic will result in stress for some of us while those of us with existing issues may struggle to get normal therapy help if they are unable to leave their house. However, it is still possible to get therapy while you are at home and we’ll take a look at some of the options available.

How can therapy help me?

Yes it can. Undertaking a course of therapy can help people with a range of mental disorders to:

  • Understand the behaviour, emotions, and ideas that contribute to their illness and learn how to modify them
  • Understand and identify the life problems or events – like a major illness, a death in the family, a loss of a job, or a divorce – that contribute to their illness and help them understand which aspects of those problems he/she may be able to solve or improve
  • Regain a sense of control and pleasure in life
  • Learn healthy coping techniques and problem-solving skills

Can I afford therapy?

It’s clearly a good idea to find out if therapy is affordable before you undertake any. You can find plenty of guides to how much therapy costs online. It’s worth considering that if you have heath insurance you may well be able to claim back the costs through your scheme. However, you should always check first though just to make sure it is possible to claim the costs back.

What types of therapy are there?

There are many types of therapy available. Psychoanalytic therapy is one of the most well-known treatment modalities while Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy where two or more clients work with one or more therapists or counselors. If you’re interested in seeing just how many types of therapy are available take a look at the long list on Psychology Today.

You’ll see that there’s not just the traditional face-to-face therapy (which would be impossible if you are self isolating) but literally dozens of different types.

One type of therapy is CBT or cognative behaviourable therapy. This is a type of therapy that can be practised remotely either over the phone or via video link software which will enable you to undertake a therapy session while still at home. It’s an ideal type of treatment for the current global conditions.

What types of CBT remote therapy are available in the UK?

There are plenty of websites out there who will help. You may want to check out E-therapy which is an online platform that specialises in the delivery of emotional, behavioural, and psychological therapies using high definition, secure live video.

E-therapy is an online platform through which emotional, and behavioural therapies can be delivered in a secure, confidential and effective manner and the system caters not only to those who would benefit from such therapies but also to the practitioners by enabling them to expand their practice to reach a wider audience.

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