Vale Fail 8: Martin Paterson

Striker Martin Paterson was always going to be a controversial signing – and true to form, that’s exactly what he turned out to be…

Time at the club:


The case for the defence:

He was struggling with injuries during his spell

The case for the prosecution:

Previous comments about never signing for Vale didn’t help and he failed to deliver the goals he had been brought in for.





About Port Vale Fail 8: Martin Paterson

It’s fair to say that a fair number of controversial signings were made by Port Vale manager Bruno Ribeiro during the 2016-17 season. Perhaps the one which riled Vale fans the most was that of striker Martin Paterson.

It was unusual signing to say the least. Former Stoke City forward Paterson had been linked with the club in previous years but according to reports the Stoke City fan had stated that he would “never” sign for the Valiants.

However, he did sign for the club on the 30th August 2016. However, he’d made just two starts in the previous season and with a back injury he was some way short of match fitness.

It showed as he failed to provide the goal threat fans demanded with just two goals in eighteen appearances (and one of those coming in the much derided Football League Trophy competition).

The Valiants failed to take up a contract extension and he left the club on the 27th December, just 24 hours after the resignation of Ribeiro.

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