UKGC approves the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme for UK gamblers

On September 1st The Guardian reported that the UK Gambling Commission approves Gamstop – the debated self-exclusion scheme for online gamblers in the UK.

From now on, all casinos and bookmakers need to sign up to Gamstop as it’s a condition to keep their UK gambling licence.

Below, we will explain the Gamstop register in detail, as many readers don’t know about it.

The ultimate guide to Gamstop

To err is human. This old saying holds very true, even if we sometimes forget about it. As humans, we do not always act with intent or with enough consciousness, and might subsequently sometimes be drawn into things that are not good for us. Cue in our article about problem gambling and how to cut the habit when you feel like it is the right thing to do.

In this text, we are going to talk to you about GamStop and how this service can help you in overcoming gambling addiction. We will also cover what sites are covered by Gamstop

What is Gamstop and how does it work?

When dealing with addiction, it is never a matter of “just snapping out of it.” The problem is that an addicted mind can take a person over and convince you that you want to do something when, in your heart of hearts, you clearly do not. This is why people experiencing addiction cannot always control or trust themselves and could do with a little bit of outside interference.

Gamstop is a service whose goal is to protect those vulnerable when it comes to gambling. They have been active since April 2018 and can help you to put a stop to your gambling.

In order to use Gamstop, all you have to do is register with your personal information and choose the length of time that you want to self-exclude yourself from online gambling activities. The choices here range from 6 months to as long as 5 years.

The reason why Gamstop is so effective is that it works in cooperation with the UK Gambling Commission as well as online casinos and betting sites registered in England, Scotland, and Wales. In other words, if you tell Gamstop that you have a problem, they can easily block your access from every single gambling site under the UK license.

Are all casinos covered by the Gamstop Scheme?

No, at this stage not all casinos are included in the scheme. However, with the UKGC approving the self-exclusion scheme all gambling sites will have to sign up sooner or later.

Non-UK casino sites not on gamstop will however not join the scheme, as it’s only for UKGC licenced operators.

How exactly does Gamstop block gambling?

When you sign up for your 6-month to 5-year break with Gamstop, you will simply be excluded from every UK-licensed gambling site just like that. This included all the sites that you currently have open as well as those that you might want to sign up to in the future. If you forgot to withdraw your money from one of the sites, however, you will have to contact this site personally to help you get your money back as you cannot access your details by yourself anymore.

Even after your Gamstop hiatus from gambling reaches its end, your casino accounts will remain closed until you contact Gamstop and ask for them to re-open them for you. This is, of course, another security measure to keep you from counting down the days and making rash decisions.

Is Gamstop a foolproof way to stop gambling addiction?

As long as you are using legal UK-licensed gambling sites to play, Gamstop does indeed help you in curbing your addiction. Even so, it is important for you to commit to getting rid of your addiction as well and not try to find loopholes or gamble at, say, brick-and-mortar establishments around the UK.

If you are experiencing issues with gambling, we would recommend that you give Gamstop a try and contact organisations such as GamCare and BeAwareGambling to help you on your psychological journey as well.