GambleAware: Company Information, Features, Duties

The UK is considered to be the capital of the remote gambling and with the incredible growth of this field there, the number of gambling problems has risen about 50%. According to the survey, it is estimated that 430,000 people meet a problem related to gambling and 2 million are at risk to develop one. 

Gambling addiction is the most common problem known also as gambling disorder or compulsive gambling. Unfortunately, with the gap of the specialist services, only fewer than 2% of those who have gambling issues can follow a treatment. That is the main reason why charity GambleAware was created to reduce the harms related to gambling in this sovereign state.

About GambleAware

GambleAware is an independent charity that has the role to minimize the damages associated with gambling in the UK by funding the treatment, education, and research services. Directed by the National Responsible Gambling Strategy, this organization aims to educate people about the problems caused by gambling and progress the prevention as well. 

This current National Responsible Gambling Strategy was published by the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB) in April 2016 and approved by the UK Gambling Commission. Besides, GambleAware helps also those who face gambling problems by supporting them and finding effective solutions that meet their needs.

GambleAware Features

One of the features of GambleAware Company is the vision that minimizes people who suffer from gambling issues. Additionally, to achieve this mission, they have to work with the vision by giving more information about casinos not blocked by Gamestop and broaden public knowledge of the harms related to gambling. They also progress the prevention in order to build resilience towards vulnerable and young people. 

Finally, the organization helps also those who have faced gambling problems by supporting them and providing as quickly as possible effective solutions. Furthermore, their charitable activities consist of three main points such as research, education, and treatment.

  • Concerning the research, this body broadens the harms associated with gambling as a public health problem and supplies prevention, treatment, and education. Leading by the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board Research Programme and supporting by the National Responsible Gambling Strategy, the independence of this body is agreed with the UKGC and the Research Governance and Commissioning Procedure.
  • As far as the education concerned, GambleAware cooperates with public health bodies in England, Scotland, and Wales. Since its website gives effective advice about the gambling issues for the public, it is surely the best solution for those who are suffering from gambling problems.
  • As for the treatment, this body helps also the gamblers who develop issues related to gambling. Actually, it gives effective support to meet the beneficiary needs.

GambleAware Duties

As stated above, GambleAware considers gambling as public health and hence, it applies an approach that plans three aspects of prevention. The first prevention is Primary or Universal which has the goal to promote a safe environment at the whole population. It aims to highlight non gamstop casinos in an informative way.

The second prevention is Secondary or Selective which is for the groups with a prevalence of suffering gambling harms. Finally, the third prevention is Tertiary or Indicated that targets at people who suffer from gambling disorder. Moreover, to reduce gambling-related harms in Britain, the organization has the specific duties to:

  1. Help the vulnerable people and communities
  2. Raise awareness of the challenges to the public policy’s development.
  3. Collaborate with other organizations like Gamcare, experts, and agencies.
  4. Invest in research to give positive results on minimizing these problems
  5. Invest in education, prevention, and interventions
  6. Supply information and advice concerning gambling’s nature. The body has also to find the risk and other solutions to solve the issues if necessary.

Final words

As a conclusion, minimizing problems related to gambling in the UK is a great challenge and thanks to the charity like GambleAware, gambling issues will be reduced. This organization has the value to work and act with integrity, fairness, decency, and honesty. 

Even, in the absence of evidence, the company will always apply the main precautions so that the targets can be met. With the clear goal to be the primary ‘knowledge hub’ in the UK, this body makes its best to meet the beneficiary needs by providing evidence of truth and giving voice to lived experience.

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