Gamcare: Features & beginner guide to safe gambling

If you have a habit of playing games of luck, you have to be careful not to develop an addiction. Not every player will develop a gambling addiction, but it’s important to take precautionary measures and not let things get out of control. Luckily, there are many services out there that can help you with this. One of them is GamCare.

In this overview, you will learn the following information:

  • What GamCare does and who is it for;
  • The features of the services;
  • Ways you can engage with GamCare.
  • What is GamCare?

GamCare is a free British service that promotes responsible gambling. The service provides various help and advice channels to players who are in danger of developing a gambling addiction and to gambling addicts. You can enter GamCare’s official website here, where you can find all the information that you may need.

Any information or details that you share with GamCare are absolutely confidential and they will never be shared with third parties.

What are the benefits of reaching out to GamCare?

Some players who usually join sites not on Gamstop are sceptical about using GamCare’s services: they think they don’t actually have an addiction and that advisers will only talk about ‘problem-solving’ and similar theories. However, it’s not actually like this. 

You can get as much from GamCare as you want to. First of all, you will have someone who will listen to you. If you’re lacking this type of persons in your real life, it might be quite hard to keep it all inside. Talking out your issues and possible gambling addiction can be really cathartic. 

If you’re open to the idea of getting help, GamCare can serve as a free therapeutic service. Gambling addiction is a psychological condition that requires care and supervision. However, in the UK, therapeutic services are quite costly and you might have to allocate significant financial resources to go through therapy. If you want to receive free, but high-quality help, you can reach out to GamCare.

What are the services of GamCare?

GamCare provides a versatile portfolio of services that aim to provide a comprehensive support system for all those going through gambling issues.

The first service that GamCare offers is support and advice, as we have previously mentioned. You can use some of the channels above to reach out to GamCare and have someone to talk to immediately.

Secondly, GamCare also offers self-assessment and self-exclusion software. If you’re wondering whether you have a gambling problem, you can solve the self-assessment test to find out where it is that you stand. This test can also be a real eye-opener if you have lost control of your behaviour because of gambling. You can also use the self-exclusion tools to ban yourself from gaming altogether.

How can you reach GamCare?

GamCare has made sure the engagement with users and community outreach is as convenient and easy as possible. This is why you have the opportunity to contact GamCare through various channels and choose the one you prefer.

You can call GamCare at 0808 8020 133 and speak to an expert adviser. You can call with any type of question, comment or advice seeking related to gambling and gaming, even if you’re not an addict. You can also access the live chat feature and talk to an expert adviser in real-time. If you’re going through a crisis or if you’re thinking about gambling after you’ve decided to stop, you can get instant advice here.

 Next, there is the group chat and forum, where you can share experiences and read about the opinions and experiences of other gamblers. Sharing feelings and issues in a group or via GambleAware is one of the best ways to feel supported, which is necessary for recovery.