National and International press cover disgraceful scenes at Checkatrade game

The shameful scenes at Vale Park on Tuesday evening have been picked up on by the national and international media.

Eleven Stoke supporters were arrested as bottles, seats and flares were thrown, windows and toilets smashed in the away stand.

The story has been covered in the Russian and Irish media as well as British publications.

The headlines

Move over River Plate! – 12 arrested as chaos ignites at rare English JUNIOR football derby
Russia Today

First Potteries derby in 16 years ends in 11 arrests with seats ripped out
The Irish Times

‘It was like the 80s’: Stoke City fans pelt POLICE with bottles, flares and seats as 4,000 turn out to see their Under-21 side take on bitter rivals Port Vale in first derby clash for 16 years – with at least 12 arrested
The Daily Mail

Smashed toilets, seats ripped out from the stands and 11 arrests – welcome to the far-from-friendly Potteries derby
The Telegraph

Port Vale vs Stoke City under-21s match derby descends into chaos as rampaging fans rip out seats and smash toilets
The Independent

Port Vale Checkatrade derby with Stoke U21s ends in violence and 11 arrests
The Guardian

Port Vale vs Stoke marred as police are attacked and stadium vandalised
The Mirror

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