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Who are yer: Quaker Valiant

Who are yer: Quaker Valiant

Sam, username Quaker Valiant joined OVF recently and tells us of an emotional first visit to Burslem.


About this series

In Who are Yer we profile some OVF forum users and look at how they came to support Port Vale and join OVF.

This profile features Sam (pictured right)

On onevalefan.co.uk:

I have “lurked” around on this website since before the Admin days, and have always admired the work Rob and the rest of the admin team do to provide news and updates on all things Port Vale, especially in the objective, fair, and honest approach you’ve taken in holding this club accountable…

On his background:

Being based across the pond in Pennsylvania it is a challenge to follow the Vale, but when its your team, you do what it takes to support them.

On visiting Burslem:

I was fortunate enough to visit Burslem while I was working in the UK back in 2015, and made it a point to travel to Vale Park. One of my fonder memories was walking from the Britannica to Vale Park. When I stepped foot in Burslem, the community was friendly, and even started a Port Vale chant as I walked down Hamil Road toward the grounds. That kind of passion endeared this club to an outsider 5,000 miles away, and its that kind of communal support which will see PVFC rise from these darkened days to prominence as a club the Potteries will identify with for generations to come.

Welcome to OVF Sam, let’s hope you’re right.

If you want to be featured in a future “Who are yer?” feature please contact robf@onevalefan.co.uk


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