Sources: did Gavin Gunning reject Vale over contract paygap?

Sources: did Gavin Gunning reject Vale over contract paygap?

Sources have told OVF that Gavin Gunning was offered a contract length that could have left him unpaid for two months.

Vale manager Neil Aspin was keen to keep the 26 year-old at the club but Gunning left under freedom of contract earlier this month, a move that left Aspin “disappointed.”

According to several sources from outside the club, Gunning wasn’t offered a standard six month deal but instead was offered an extension to his deal that would only taken him just to the end of the season.

As he would have been a contracted player he would have faced the prospect of being released and unable to sign for another club from the end of the season until July – in effect leaving him unpaid and unemployable for two months.

It’s therefore even less surprising that the Irish defender took up Forest Green Rovers’ alternative offer of an eighteen month deal.

It’s likely Gunning would have opted for a longer term deal elsewhere anyway but if the alleged terms of Vale’s offer are true is it any surprise he moved elsewhere?


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