Advert-free option for OVF forum launches

Advert-free option for OVF forum launches

The onevalefan website is now offering forum users two options – a paid option without adverts or free-of-charge membership with adverts.

It costs £6 per month to remove the adverts (from the forum section ONLY) and users can select a one-off monthly payment or a recurring £6 membership. Payment is via Paypal (which also accepts credit and debit cards).

To switch to advert-free membership you need to be signed in to your OVF forum account and then go to this link (or simply click the button on the top RH corner).

Follow the instructions to go advert-free…

Advert-free terms and conditions (OVF) reserves the right to end this subscription at any time.

You must be logged into your forum account for the advert-free option to take effect. If you are not logged on then adverts will still appear.

The removal of adverts only applies to the forum area and not the rest of the OVF website (e.g. blog posts or homepage).

If you do continue to see adverts please make a note of the URL and inform Rob Fielding via PM or

Membership of the Ad-Free subscription will not give you any additional privileges and the rules of the OVF Forum will still apply. If any ban is applied there will be no refund of your subscription payment.

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