Port Vale need experience not another managerial gamble

Port Vale need experience not another managerial gamble

OVF editor Rob Fielding believes it is vital an experienced manager takes charge of the club.

Rob Fielding writes…

It’s been another fractious period in the history of the club but there is one thing that most fans will agree on.

After the appointments of Bruno Ribeiro and Michael Brown both ended in failure, the club needs to appoint an experienced manager.

Regardless of whether Micky Adams becomes Director of Football or not, another inexperienced manager would be a gamble and with the club’s position towards the bottom of the Football League – a huge one.

On Thursday, owner Norman Smurthwaite said he had three “exceptional” candidates but his tweet gave no indication of whether any of the trio had experience.

Yes, it’s true that an inexperienced figure could thrive and may become a valuable asset but with the club’s Football League future in the balance surely this is not the time to take a gamble.

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