Would you or your company be interested in being an OVF sponsor?

Would you or your company be interested in being an OVF sponsor?

This website has a limited number of places available for local sponsors at prices that should suit every budget.

OVF has a history of using local sponsorship over the year and we are both grateful to everyone who has been a sponsor on this site and also happy to provide awareness of local businesses to our wide readership. OVF needs advertising to meet our costs but we’d rather be promoting local firms rather than using international advertising networks.

Case study

In recent months, Boden Roofing joined us as a sponsor. They are sponsoring the Port Vale Present forum section, the News section of our blog and also have a prominent advert on our homepage. After a trial, they told OVF they were very happy to continue with the sponsorship and we are pleased to promote their business to our audience.

We can offer FLEXIBLE sponsorships so you can:

  • Have a FREE trial period to test it out.
  • Select how long you want your sponsorship to last. Minimum period would be two months but we can offer any timespan up to a year. The longer you commit to, the more you’ll save as we offer reductions on longer term deals.
  • Pick one or more areas to sponsor (e.g. you may just want to sponsor one forum section or you may want to sponsor half a dozen areas on both the forum and blog, it’s up to you)
  • We can offer free advert design as part of our package
  • Rob also has extensive experience of building successful WordPress websites so if you’d like to combine sponsorship with the design of a new, improved website (all our websites are responsive and work on both desktop computers and mobiles). We offer competitive prices so if you want a website at the same time, get in touch.

OVF is an established and long-running website. What will you get out of the deal?

  • We’re an award-winning Port Vale website
  • We’re completely independent
  • We were established in 1996
  • We’ve had features in the Guardian, 442 magazine, When Saturday Comes and World Soccer magazine
  • We have a loyal and dedicated audience with very long visit time and high page views per session
  • We run a very busy forum
  • We also produce a well-regarded Port Vale news blog
  • We maintain a popular social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

We won’t give pricing indications on this feature as it really depends on what you want to sponsor, how popular the content is, how long you want to commit for and so on…

But if you’re interested, please get in touch with robfielding@yahoo.co.uk

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