Say it with roses…

Say it with roses…

Barry’s tale of late night treats has a twist in the tale as this latest memoir reveals…

Barry Edge writes…

Although this memoir remembers May 1997 the reason why it remains indelible in my mind dear reader will soon be revealed to you.

Mrs AR put the 12 long stem roses into a vase, but didn’t add water…

Not for the first time I’d ‘phoned Mrs AR to say we wouldn’t be finished at 1am and to expect to see me when she sees me, and not for the first time she would say she’ll be waiting with a ‘Tiffin’ treat – and would I call into the 24/7 convenience store near home to purchase some yoghurt for our mid-morning feast.

It was late autumn in the antipodes and approximately 2am when I was heading home, and although I was very tired I stopped by the convenience store as requested.

I was no stranger to the Chinese family who owned the store having previously shopped there in the early hours of the morning to buy a nice bunch of roses and a box of chocolates for Mrs AR. We would briefly chat, their eldest son would translate, purchases would be made, another brief chat, more translating – then off into the night, next stop home.

As I was walking from the garage to the patio my nasal senses were being teased by a delicious vindaloo curry – a gastronomic delight par excellence awaited. Following the usual hugs and kisses I took the yoghurt into the kitchen whilst Mrs AR put the 12 long stem roses into a vase, but didn’t add water.

We must have been half way through our ‘Tiffin’ treat when I asked Mrs AR ‘why no water for the roses?’ Her reply jolted me back to the convenience store and the concern shown that the roses purchased were what I needed and, wait for it, why I thought the price paid was an absolute bargain.

You see dear reader, they were artificial – and there they are above 20 years later and in the same vase.

See you later…

Barry Edge
Western Australia
May 30, 2017


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