Dear James (aka REP)…

Barry Edge has returned from his festive sabbatical and has a message for a fellow OVF regular.

Here’s his verse…

Dear James aka REP

We’re home again, back in the ‘West,
And our trip north east was simply the best,
But the ‘Yule Tide’ and the ‘New Year’ fare
Added inches to my waistline ‘spare’

We know that you will understand
When saying we walked on sacred land
Where once the Mianjin* did camp
And the place that we now call South Bank

It’s across the river from Eagle Street –
The ideal place to meet and greet,
To share a meal, to chat awhile
The way they do Bohemian style

For twenty days we’ve been ‘Net free –
Not even emails did we see,
But now it’s time to let Rob know
I’m home again and raring to go

Ann & Barry Edge
Kewdale, Western Australia
12th January, 2017

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